Arvados 2.7.2


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Closed Sprints

Development 2024-01-03 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
21059 Bug Getting eight copies of the "account enabled" email from each Playground sign-up
21128 Feature Display toolbar for currently selected item
19675 Feature Panel that lists configured instance types 3.0
21309 Bug Upgrade dependency to address security issues
21283 Idea Make Python arvados.api importable
21214 Bug Virtual Projects inside regular Projects are not exposed via keep-web (S3/WebDAV)
21277 Idea Review Java SDK PR #221
21219 Idea Review Java SDK PR #220

Development 2024-01-17 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
21379 Bug arv-user-activity crashes on file_download event for remote collection
21315 Bug Row select should deslect all other rows
21316 Bug left panel collapse issues
21285 Bug Add MaxGatewayTunnels config, separate from MaxConcurrentRequests 2.0
21349 Bug arvbox sets fs.inotify.max_user_watches
21036 Feature keep-balance should publish all balancerStats 1.0
21200 Bug Breadcrumbs issues
21350 Support Merge java sdk PR to 2.7.1 and build a 2.7.1 of java sdk
21290 Bug sync_past_versions is too slow
21278 Bug Redirect loop when refreshing search results
21301 Bug Mark ruby SDK 2.7.x as incompatible with Ruby 3

Development 2024-01-31 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
21366 Bug Outputs panel spinning forever when CWL output parameters are not available
21317 Bug multiselect toolbar overfow should go to dropdown menu instead of scrolling
21353 Bug I/O panel flaky test

Development 2024-02-14 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
21452 Idea Option to apply arbitrary filters to arv-mount listings
21158 Feature Display process list on Workflow page
21432 Support Review github Java SDK PR
21457 Idea Review, merge GitHub PR #224
21384 Bug faraday dependency can break new gem installs on Ruby 2.7
21359 Bug WB2: Create project in project right-click menu creates root-level project instead of subproject
21440 Idea Process panel reorganization
21304 Bug redundant user update events
21370 Bug /groups/contents API very slow when searching for string
21216 Bug Fix "memoryRetryMultipler" misspelled name 0.5
21429 Bug ensure-encrypted-partitions should remember and restore Docker service state 0.5
21427 Bug Collection panel test "shows the appropriate buttons in the toolbar" is failing on main
21417 Bug Stop trying to read image timestamp from docker metadata in arv-keepdocker 0.5

Development 2024-02-28 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
21386 Bug Loading Projects should not show "Project not found"
21371 Bug Progress Bar not spinning when waiting for global search results
21249 Bug Paging doesn't work for group members and permissions tables
21416 Bug Document mail-releated configuration options
21288 Bug Can't launch workflows not in the first 100 list response items
21441 Bug Progress bar tooltip should list all counts
21501 Bug debian11 package build Dockerfile fails installing dotenv gem 0.5

Development 2024-03-13 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
21552 Bug [AbbVie] IMDSv2 need be enforced on all running EC2 instances
21504 Feature arv-mount reference page 1.0
21461 Bug Undesirable scrollbars appearing in log view
8294 Bug [FUSE] arv-mount usage message shows incorrect order for [--exec ...] option
21221 Bug group panel Members count is inaccurate

Development 2024-03-27 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
21603 Bug Not recognizing subnet error returned as InvalidParameterValue
21357 Bug Names of my favorites are not resolved
21412 Bug User profile bugs on refresh
20455 Bug Add rel=”noopener” to anywhere we use target="_blank"
21449 Feature Implement -W RUNLIMIT support in LSF dispatcher
21507 Bug Long project titles in Collection view overlap with Responsible Person field
21585 Bug Installer's Terraform code sets IMDSv2 to required on EC2 service nodes

Development 2024-04-10 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
21639 Bug Python client keep cache is inefficient
21448 Feature Reorder and group context menu/toolbar
21508 Bug Browser struggles with very large number of input or output parameters
21651 Feature Use virtual lists for panels with large amounts of text
21568 Bug arv-mount double free or corruption with many concurrent accesses
21541 Bug arv-mount KeyError during cap_cache - Seemingly lost track of parent inode
21613 Bug JWT-derived tokens in federated clusters expiring too fast and causing 401
21636 Bug keepstore S3 driver gets TokenExpiry errors when using automatic credentials / IAMRole feature 0.5
21598 Bug Local keepstore invoked by crunch-run should never do EmptyTrash work
21617 Bug Timeout error reading content from collection on a remote cluster

Development 2024-04-24 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
21692 Bug Exclude .build-id from rpm builds
21463 Support Release Arvados 2.7.2