2015-07-22 sprint

07/22/2015 (Sprint start date 07/09/2015)


94 issues   (94 closed — 0 open)

2015-07-29 sprint

Arvados Contributor Wiki

This wiki has information related to the open source project. It's a work in progress, so come back often for updates and feel free to become a contributor.

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Related issues
# Subject Story Points
Bug #6497 [Deployment] Separate package upload portions of to a separate script 2.0
Bug #6499 [Documentation] Review 6438-multiplatform-install-guide-wip 1.0
Idea #6264 [CWL] Prototype Arvados CWL pipeline runner 1.0
Idea #6473 [SDKs] arv-ws supports an option to show events starting from a given time 0.5
Bug #6589 [Documentation] API installation guide needs to set ARVADOS_WEBSOCKETS in Puma sample script 0.5
Idea #6465 [Tests] Optimize workbench integration tests
Idea #3408 [Keep] Implement Production Data Manager 1.0
Idea #6617 [Workbench] [Documentation] Display https url in repositories panel in manage_account page. Update documentation as needed. 1.0
Bug #6604 [Workbench] Notification menu should not prompt the user to upload an SSH key when a Web shell is available 0.5
Feature #6619 [Deployment] [Documentation] Install system-wide git credential helper for arvados-hosted https git-urls
Bug #5898 [Tests] Race condition in test_KeepProxyTest1 (tests.test_keep_client.KeepProxyTestCase) e.g. build 1550 0.5
Bug #6610 [API] [Webshell] shell accounts should be created even if the user has not added an SSH key 0.5
Bug #5288 [Documentation] Write user guide for arv-copy 2.0
Bug #6219 [FUSE] [Performance] Add performance tests for FUSE 0.5
Bug #6484 [FUSE] fsync on read-only collection returns EROFS 0.5
Bug #6014 [Documentation] Document repository creation in the Arvados tutorial 0.5
Idea #6096 [OPS] Implement a process to regularly deploy a Docker image for running jobs to Arvados clusters 0.5
Idea #6279 [Workbench] Integrate a Web shell client 1.0
Idea #6218 [SDKs] [Performance] Add performance tests for Python SDK collection methods 0.5
Idea #6477 [Documentation] Clarify the use of Docker within shared and private VMs 0.5
Idea #6265 [CWL] Contribute to the CWL specification 1.0