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10/03/2018 (Sprint start date 09/19/2018)


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Feature #14228 [Running a workflow] Dropdown field 3.0
Idea #14225 [Running a workflow] Merge running a process elements 3.0
Support #14041 [Workbench] General UI improvement ideas - upload icon 1.0
Feature #14253 [UX Design][Looking for data and advanced search] Structured search
Feature #13857 [Navigation] Workflow view 5.0
Feature #13935 [Workbench] Log in page 1.0
Feature #14120 [Data operations] Project description - rich text editor 5.0
Feature #14121 [Data operations] Project description - details panel improvements 3.0
Feature #14244 [Data operations] Context menu for collection in trash
Bug #14224 [Bug][Running a workflow] Correct shell quoting in command modal 1.0
Bug #14266 [Bug][Collection][Functionality] It is impossible to upload data into a created collection 1.0
Bug #14265 [Bug][Top Bar][Graphic] Search icon in Search bar is misplaced 1.0
Feature #14271 [Running a workflow] Search facility 2.0
Idea #13861 [Running a workflow] Run a process - workflow selection 3.0
Bug #14043 [Data operations] Switch the "tagging" (adding properties) to use the collections API instead of the links API 3.0
Bug #14187 [Bug][Side Bar][Functionality] The Side Bar items are not sorted numerically 1.0
Bug #14163 [Bug][Main Container][Performance] A screen flicker can be observed when accessing Trash 1.0
Bug #14222 [Bug][Main Container][Layout] Context menu is opened in a wrong spot when opened with ENTER key 1.0
Bug #14209 [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] Redundant functionality to add item to Trash when already in Trash 1.0
Bug #14207 [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] Collection "Add to favorites" does not work when trying to perform it from Trash 1.0
Bug #14221 [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] User is moved to Shared with me after opening a project in Trash 1.0
Bug #14167 [Bug][Side Bar] If the vertical size of the side bar gets larger than the window, there is no way to reach the trash item 1.0
Bug #14185 [Bug][Side Bar][Performance] A page flicker can be observed when accessing any of the Side Bar sub-menus for the first time 1.0
Bug #14179 [Bug][Main Container][Layout] Trash View layout is re-arranged when no search results are found 1.0
Bug #14062 [Workbench] Landing Page Improvents 1.0
Bug #14216 [UI] Replace React Favicon with Arvados one 1.0