sprint 12

11/13/2018 (Sprint start date 10/30/2018)


23 issues   (23 closed — 0 open)

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Bug #14466 [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] Handling an error which occurs when trying to upload a big file into the collection 1.0
Bug #14268 [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] Item type Filters do not work in Shared With Me main menu 1.0
Bug #14436 [Bug][Files tree] Expanding file tree in collection stopped to work 1.0
Feature #14129 [Running a workflow] Inputs modal 5.0
Feature #14430 [Navigation] Shared with me tree 5.0
Bug #14421 [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] "Last modified" filtering does not work properly 1.0
Feature #14270 [Running a workflow] Do not change inputs after going back during running a process 3.0
Feature #14431 [Data operations] Metadata 3.0
Support #14425 [UI] Update material UI to 3.3.2 and fix side panel icon sizes (they're too big after upgrade) 1.0
Bug #14463 [Bug][Details view][Graph] Graph content stays the same, cumbersome nodes moving 1.0
Feature #14424 [UI] Storing splitter position in local storage 1.0
Bug #14432 [Bug][Search] Main search display [object Object] after using search inside the table 1.0
Bug #14317 [Bug][Main Container][Layout] A flicker can be observed when accessing an empty Trash 1.0
Bug #14037 [Data operations] Collection file operations menu should be selection sensitive 1.0
Bug #14401 [Bug][Main Container][Layout] Inconsistent sequence of More Options menu items 1.0
Bug #14400 [Bug][Side Bar][Functionality] View Details shows no data if triggered as a first thing in a fresh session 1.0
Bug #14315 [Bug][Main Container][Layout] Name column in Trash view is to wide 1.0
Bug #14279 [Bug][Main Container][Accessibility] Tooltip appears again after closing collection's More Options list 1.0
Bug #14319 [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] An error occurs when trying to browse the contents of a Project in Trash 1.0
Bug #14422 [Bug][Functionality][Main Container] Item sorting in "copy to project" modal is improper 1.0
Bug #14320 [Bug][Main Container][Graphic] Improper alert color when creating a new item 1.0
Bug #14416 [Bug][Top Bar][Functionality] Search Results only shows records from main Projects folder 1.0
Support #13800 [Workbench] Snackbar - Notification