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01/01/2021 (Sprint start date 11/20/2018)


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Support #14434 [Running a workflow] Display workflow name inside info card inside process view
Support #14604 [Worbench] UI Improvements
Support #14652 [Workbench] Admin - API Tokens - Pagination 2.0
Feature #14648 [Collection files] Move image file preview to details panel
Feature #14281 [Tests] Add missing tests
Feature #14653 [Refactor] Refactor route-change-handlers
Feature #14348 [Looking for data and advanced search] Structured search - Advanced view - Clusters 3.0
Feature #13540 Custom pluggable viewers for certain data types 3.0
Feature #14478 [Workbench] Log in into different clusters 5.0
Feature #14500 [Workbench] Admin - API Tokens 2.0
Feature #14280 [Looking for data and advanced search] Structured search - query language 2.0
Feature #14498 [Workbench] Admin - Virtual Machines 2.0
Feature #14605 [Data operation][UX] Collection versioning
Feature #14504 [Workbench] Admin - Users 5.0
Feature #14566 [Workbench] Admin modal 2.0
Feature #14512 [Workbench] Admin - Links 3.0
Feature #14505 [Workbench] Admin - Groups 5.0
Feature #14603 [Global search] Add controlled vocabulary to properties form in advanced search
Feature #14602 [Workbench] Admin - compute nodes - create pagination 2.0
Feature #14502 [Workbench] Admin - Compute nodes 2.0
Feature #14480 [Data operations] Show Link to Process which created a collection (if the information is available) 1.0
Feature #14563 [Data operations] Preview of image files in a collection files tree
Feature #14499 [Workbench] Admin - Repositories 2.0
Feature #14501 [Workbench] Admin - SSH Keys 2.0
Feature #14503 [Workbench] Admin - Keep services 2.0
Feature #14490 [Running a workflow] Workflow presets 5.0
Feature #14452 [Workbench] My account 3.0
Idea #14248 [Data Operations] Support assigning properties to Projects during creating of the project 2.0
Idea #13708 [Running Workflows] Workflow Runner Ram
Idea #13966 [Data operations] Removing process (moving to trash)
Idea #14393 Provide support for using controlled vocabulary/terminology service when setting properties on collections 3.0
Bug #14654 [Bug] Favorites, trash are empty 1.0
Bug #14639 [Improvement][Main Container][Text] Replace variants that will be removed in the next major release in material-ui
Bug #14637 [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] It is impossible to access Trash contents 1.0
Bug #14644 [Bug] NANh NANm in subprocess view 1.0
Bug #14638 [Bug]Main Container][Other] Remove the option to click "Actions" sorting method 0.5
Bug #14649 Search-Bar ui improvements
Bug #14642 [Bug][Main Container][Other] Redundant "sign-in" modal appears when entering any Collection
Bug #14489 [Bug][Main Container][Layout] More Options modal persists after using browser's "back" option 1.0
Bug #14614 [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] Outputs option does not work from More Options list 1.0
Bug #14615 [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] Placeholder message displayed instead of Inputs link 1.0
Bug #14616 [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] "Link to process" in process output view does not work 1.0
Bug #14491 [Bug][Main Container][Layout] Graph field is too big when no workflows were chosen yet 1.0
Bug #14553 [Bug][Main Container][Performance] Infinite loading occurs when trying to access any sub-folder of Shared With Me section
Bug #14195 [Improvement][Main Container][Layout] Length of collection name can alter the layout in certain circumstances
Bug #14582 [Bug][Main Container][Text] Missing output link inside process view 1.0
Bug #14581 [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] It is impossible to edit Process description after creating it 1.0
Bug #14496 [Bug][Main Container][Performance] Infinite loading when trying to share a project without permission 1.0
Bug #14534 [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] Bread crumbs are not updated after searching 1.0
Bug #14533 [Bug][Side Bar][Functionality] "Copy to project" does not work from Side Bar's context menu 1.0
Bug #14524 [Bug][Running a process] White screen 2.0