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Support #15216 [Workbench] Report after usability sessions 8.0
Feature #15054 Use pdh and uuid to navigate to collections
Bug #15165 [Running a workflow] Running a process from workflow section doesn't contain values in advanced
Bug #15120 [Data operations] Content from shared with me cannot be added to Public Favorites.
Feature #15020 [Data operations] Collection with the same content address.
Bug #15160 [Data operations] Replacing files during upload
Support #15083 [Data operations] Tooltips for icon inside the table
Support #15166 [Running a workflow] Size between columns with icons inside the workflow section is too wide.
Bug #14915 [Data operations] After "move to" inside tree panel, the project is not visible after this action.
Support #15134 [Workbench] Usability session 5.0
Bug #15077 [Data operations] After deleting the project from the tree it's not disappearing in the table
Bug #14859 [Bug][Workbench] Admin - Filtering by name inside user panel is not working.
Bug #14760 [Looking for data and advanced search] Searching into "Projects" is not working
Bug #15076 [Data operations] Link to process - only when it's necessary
Bug #15085 [Navigation] Breadcrumbs are not presenting names of processes and collections.
Bug #14855 [Bug][Data operations] Downloading has different behaviour in a specific environment.
Bug #15057 [Data operations] Content from Shared with me is not displayed in Favorites
Bug #14869 [Data operations] Change the name from "Universal browser" to "Open in new tab" inside collection view
Bug #15039 [Looking for data and advanced search] Inappropriate search results after going back
Feature #14941 [Data operations] Public favorites
Feature #14876 [Data operations] Copy selected into the collection.
Bug #14932 [Navigation] If there are too many projects in "Shared with me", the system does not display all content inside the tree panel.
Support #14917 [Looking for data and advanced search] Searching by properties
Support #14971 [Data operations] Filter icon
Bug #14909 [Data operation] "File Type" property is not working on ardev environment.
Bug #14856 [Bug][Data operations] Actions on selected files inside collections are not working.
Bug #14910 [Data operations] Uploading file to an existing collection is not working
Support #14901 [Data operations] Sorting by date
Support #14875 [Data operations] The inappropriate format of the project description.
Bug #14857 [Bug][Data operations] New Workbench affects files content.
Bug #14852 [Bug][Data operations] Changing the name of newly uploaded files and collection is not working after a while.
Bug #14848 [Bug][Running a workflow] All process are created inside "Projects" no matter where we are currently in.
Bug #14709 [Bug][Data operations] "Create Collection from selected" is not doing what it should do
Support #14815 [Data operations] Remove the limit of subprocess in a process view
Feature #14785 [Data operations] Selection of table content
Bug #14801 [Bug][Workbench] API Response is not complete
Bug #14671 [Bug] Download file from collection view ask for authentication
Idea #14721 [Running a Workflow] Cancel running workflow
Bug #14759 [Bug][Data operations] Cannot share with groups
Bug #14783 [Bug][Running a Workflow] "Go to Log collection" in process view is not working
Bug #14722 [Looking for data and advanced search] Global search is unable to find projects or collections only by uuid.
Bug #14781 [Bug][Running a Workflow]Font color of Process logs is Black on Black background
Bug #14744 [Bug][Looking for data and advanced search] - Inappropriate results 5.0
Bug #14643 Re-Run Workflow does nothing
Bug #14730 [Bug] Redirect to workflow from process information card
Bug #14830 [Bug][Running a Workflow] Some processes are failing while trying to get a docker image.