2019-03-27 Sprint

Due in 6 days (03/27/2019) (Sprint start date 03/13/2019)


62 issues   (12 closed50 open)

2019-03-27 Sprint

Arvados Contributor Wiki

This wiki has information related to the open source project. It's a work in progress, so come back often for updates and feel free to become a contributor.

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Related issues
# Subject Story Points
Story #14989 [SSO] Upgrade to Rails 5
Story #14988 [Workbench] Upgrade to Rails 5
Bug #14967 [SSO] fails to start with Ruby 2.4
Bug #14952 [crunchstat-summary] Add arv-mount FUSE ops time
Feature #14573 [Spike] [API] Fully functional filename search 2.0
Bug #14878 [API] Fix unreliable test
Story #14873 [API] Update to Rails 5
Story #13996 [API] Migrate RailsAPI to new cluster config file 3.0
Story #13484 [API] Support multiple load-balanced API server nodes 2.0
Story #14669 [Java] Merge into main Arvados repo
Bug #14627 [crunchstat-summary] job elapsed time wrong for crunch2 jobs 0.5
Story #14484 [API Server] Return collection size and number of files in collection record 1.0
Bug #14977 [arvados-dispatch-cloud] kill crunch-run procs for containers that are deleted or have state=Cancelled when dispatcher starts up
Story #14946 Update to Ruby 2.4 - 2.3 is going EOL
Feature #14947 [Tests] run-tests.sh --interactive
Story #14835 Finish cluster config key design
Bug #12026 [crunchstat-summary] gives invalid min_cores recommendation
Story #14939 Update crunchstat-summary to Python 3
Bug #10570 [crunchstat-summary] should not report 0% CPU and 0 RAM in cases where stats were not reported at all
Bug #14900 [arv-put] when reusing a local cache, arv-put does not check if the blocks exist and blindly creates the collection
Bug #14451 crunchstat-summary recommends 563 TB Keep cache (or more!)
Feature #13913 Crunchstat-summary graphs tmpdir usage
Story #14796 [crunch-dispatch-cloud] Document installation / migration from c-d-slurm + node manager 1.0
Story #14807 [crunch-dispatch-cloud] Features/fixes needed before first production deploy
Story #14287 [Controller] Refactor API code / routing 2.0
Story #14645 [arv-mount] Report FUSE operation latency 3.0
Feature #14322 [CWL] Accept collection uuid in input 2.0
Story #14606 [CWL] CWL v1.1 spec work and support 1.0
Story #14670 [Java] Write / merge Java SDK documentation
Bug #14966 [API] Fix hanging test - suspect permission changes