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Feature #15728 Property Drop Down filtering is case sensitive
Arvados - Bug #15709 [Workbench2] Automatically add local cluster to the remoteCluster config
Feature #15693 Support group operations on filtered list
Support #15021 [Data operation] Multi-value properties
Feature #14847 [Workbench] Version/ Debugging info
Bug #14914 [Data operations] After adding a description on existing project "show full description" is not visible until is refreshed
Feature #14565 [Workbench] Admin - Managing user 3.0
Feature #14091 [Data operations] Filter project tree from projects that a resource cannot be moved to
Support #15019 [Data operations] Process status - filter
Feature #14858 [Workbench] Admin - Adding a new user to the group.
Bug #15023 [Data operations] Adding no-predefined value
Bug #14782 [Running a Workflow] Advanced Menu of a process is not working
Bug #15010 Search bar filter shouldn't persist after clicking into a new project
Bug #15347 [Admin functionality] Admin cannot see another user's content inside the trash
Bug #14904 [Running a workflow] Pre-defined collections do not show up in the list and cannot be deselected
Bug #15159 [Data operations] "Open in new tab" is downloading on c97qk
Bug #14990 [Navigation] Attempting to navigate to non-existent path not handled
Support #15238 [Workbench] Change the content inside the owner column from uuid to Projects and user names
Feature #15047 [Navigation] Exclude child processes
Support #14814 [Data operations] Missing info in the sharing page
Bug #15084 [Running a workflow] Inputs inside subprocesses are not displayed.
Support #15197 [Data operation] Folders upload
Support #15256 [Data operations] Removing files during upload
Feature #14213 [Looking for data and advanced search][Multi Site Search] - Show Projects from different Arvados instances in left side tree navigation
Bug #14926 [Data operations] Modal with inputs inside the collection view presents empty fields.
Feature #14612 [Custom pluggable viewers] Disable use of default file-viewsers-config.json file
Support #15342 [Workbench] Backlog refinement 2.0
Support #15284 [Data operations] Consider different approaches for creating new elements 2.0
Feature #14986 [Data operations] Filtering by process status
Bug #15260 [Workbench] Link container UUIDs from details panel
Feature #15055 Add the PDH to the collection view.
Bug #15013 Advanced search hardcoded clusters
Feature #14554 [Config] Config files deployment