2020-01-29 Sprint

01/29/2020 (Sprint start date 01/15/2020)


41 issues   (41 closed — 0 open)

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Bug #16043 There was an error while trying to load the gem 'arvados'.Gem Load Error is: can't modify frozen String
Story #15995 Describe how one might set up a production sequencing analysis process using Arvados
Bug #15902 Very slow query for large workflows
Bug #15944 [Arvbox] Publicdev and keep issues
Bug #16086 always says "There are no inputs" when trying display inputs to a process
Support #16085 DNS requirements for compute nodes
Bug #16052 update serialize-javascript and js-yaml packages
Bug #16047 Collection->Advanced error with "API endpoint not found"
Bug #16035 diagnostics jenkins jobs are resource starved
Bug #16081 [doc] version selector drop-down menu cannot be opened
Bug #16072 a-c-r default image should be same as self
Bug #16051 workbench1 setup account dialog not working
Arvados Workbench 2 - Support #15019 [Data operations] Process status - filter
Bug #16049 [Arvbox] New arvbox instance unable to start because of signet dependency issue on sdk/cli
Bug #16046 arv-keepdocker creates collections with slashes in the name
Bug #16045 Support Ruby 2.3 / Bundler 1.11 (available in Xenial)
Arvados Workbench 2 - Bug #15672 List of subprocesses limited in process view 2.0
Arvados Workbench 2 - Feature #15047 [Navigation] Exclude child processes
Arvados Workbench 2 - Feature #15012 Add /all_processes page
Story #16044 Add "copy file from one collection to another" to cookbook.
Bug #16014 Change Containers.Logging.LogSecondsBetweenEvents default
Bug #16012 ce8i5 failing
Bug #16041 Client side validation disallows '/' in name even when configured to allow it
Bug #15836 Escape / convert forward slashes in collection names accessed via WebDAV
Bug #16000 arvados-cli needs "apt-get install build-essential libcurl4-openssl-dev"
Bug #16001 shell node needs arv-mount
Bug #16036 lib/dispatchcloud/container IntegrationSuite.TestGetLockUnlockCancel is flaky