2020-12-02 Sprint

Due in 1 day (12/02/2020) (Sprint start date 11/18/2020)


75 issues   (26 closed49 open)

2020-12-02 Sprint

Arvados Contributor Wiki

This wiki has information related to the open source project. It's a work in progress, so come back often for updates and feel free to become a contributor.

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Related issues
# Subject Story Points
Support #17155 Come up with a list of blogging topics
Support #16926 CWL viewer
Bug #17016 "Remove file" deletes whole collection?
Bug #16951 Can refresh listing when opening context menu, resulting in wrong item being operated on.
Bug #15771 Deleting a selection of files fails
Feature #16622 Collection/project pages include instructions to connect via WebDAV and S3 2.0
Bug #17152 Version snapshots have modified_at of when snapshot was created, not when content was last modified; also flag to preserve current version
Bug #17118 Possible arv-put hang when writing collection 1.0
Feature #17011 Add keep-web wildcard DNS to salt 1.0
Story #16306 [install] Build all-in-one server package using arvados-server install/boot in production mode 1.0
Bug #17072 local variable 'result' referenced before assignment
Bug #17114 For large shared projects wb2 is loading very slow
Feature #16921 make run-deploy.sh use salt where appropriate
Bug #16916 Refactor Workbench 2 testing
Feature #16106 [arvados-dispatch-cloud] Azure driver support for preemptible instances 1.0
Feature #16669 Accept OpenID Connect access token
Bug #17098 Collection "restore from previous version" button
Bug #16981 "sync-groups" tool doesn't find groups when running on a LoginCluster federation
Feature #16462 Expand arvados-controller to expose forecast features
Bug #16812 Token appears in the download URL, being shared by accident
Feature #17009 [keep-web] S3 API should accept bucket name as first component of domain name 1.0
Bug #16774 keep-web needs to return user-visible errors 2.0
Bug #17150 SystemRootToken with non-alphanumeric characters silently fails
Story #13494 Browse previous versions of a collection
Bug #17015 crunch-dispatch-slurm picks up containers for wrong cluster 1.0
Feature #16950 [cli] add costanalyzer to arvados-client
Bug #17106 Cannot use federated tokens with keep-web S3 API
Feature #17013 Release python wheels 1.0
Bug #17154 user profile form bugs