2021-09-15 sprint

09/15/2021 (Sprint start date 09/01/2021)


78 issues   (78 closed — 0 open)

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Story #17968 Design for user and group management UI in wb2
Feature #14018 arvados-cwl-runner should support setting properties on container requests
Story #18077 2.3.0 release candidate for customer beta testing
Bug #16655 Upload speed indicator shows wrong information
Support #18074 Set up automated update & deploy for cwlviewer
Bug #18126 With python2 no longer supported python-rsa can be un-pinned
Bug #17960 [arv-copy] document ability to copy projects
Bug #18027 [crunch-run] upload failed (singularity)
Bug #18029 NaN paging for Public Favorites when you click on the next page arrow on an empty data table
Feature #17995 [api] add method to get collections where replication_confirmed < replication_desired
Story #17857 Run WGS variant calling workflow on 9tee4 with LSF and Singularity enabled
Bug #18102 max dispatch attempts error
Bug #18024 cwl ValidationException: not found (Docker installed with snap)
Bug #17989 PySDK socket read timeout on big collection create calls
Story #17966 Release Arvados 2.2.2
Bug #18078 RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration
Bug #18112 [ubuntu 18.04] bundler 1.16.1 incompatible with latest arvados-api-server and arvados-workbench packages
Bug #18021 Fix flaky keepstore test
Bug #18094 Remove unused Users#update_uuid endpoint
Bug #18076 Properly handle cached user records that don't exist anymore on federation scenarios
Feature #18096 Run WGS variant calling workflow on 9tee4 with Slurm and Singularity enabled
Story #17755 Test singularity support on a cloud cluster by running some real workflows
Feature #17696 Exported config has default storage class(es), SDKs use the configured default storage class if not overridden 3.0
Story #17535 Jenkins step to test provision.sh + salt formula