2021-09-29 sprint

Due in 8 days (09/29/2021) (Sprint start date 09/15/2021)


99 issues   (7 closed92 open)

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Bug #18028 Context menu for process inside folders should have same menu items as on the "All processes" page
Bug #17917 investigate cwltool bug with schemadef
Bug #17787 [deployment][arvados-formula][webshell] centos 7 pam configuration needs to be modified
Bug #18003 filter group validation incorrectly rejects 'contains' and 'exists'
Bug #17727 Review cwltool pr
Bug #17918 cwltool 'id' changes packing behavior
Feature #17421 Document workbench2 in Arvados documentation
Bug #18130 Release Arvados 2.3.0
Story #18127 Import patient data from Redcap
Feature #18098 [crunch-run] should print out the runtime engine used
Bug #17914 "Log in as user from another cluster" doesn't work on 9tee4
Bug #17846 [tutorial] inconsistencies/roadbumps
Feature #18123 Group edit page
Bug #17962 [arv-copy] blows up when copying a project with a registered workflow in it
Story #13697 Prevent the API server and database from continuing to serve requests to clients after timeout 0.5
Bug #17492 Exceptions thrown by the Ruby SDK should include the request id if possible
Bug #17754 [wb] merge account problem
Feature #17583 Remote controller forwards trusted client aware calls on a federated scenario
Bug #17290 Create collections from selected files issue
Feature #17749 [Keep] avoid AWS S3 request limits -- add option to use more prefixes on S3 2.0
Feature #8363 crunch-run scans arv-mount logging for errors 0.5
Feature #18128 Basic multi-panel view for process panel
Feature #16957 cwltool/acr checks for circular dependencies
Bug #18116 Advanced search -> Search by properties -> Add crashes
Feature #17229 Integrate webshell
Story #18093 Write script for Redmine that creates a new release process ticket
Support #17789 Support outreachy student
Story #17585 Redesign navigation of files in collections
Feature #17742 [deployment][provision] allow to provide custom SSL certificates
Story #17667 Install docs explains InternalURL / ExternalURL, private networks & split DNS
Bug #17339 [keepstore] unexplained memory use with new S3 driver
Feature #18097 Case-insensitive matching of usernames by sync-groups tool
Bug #17785 [controller/api] "Forbidden: this API client cannot manipulate other clients' access tokens." on federated login clusters (2.2.0 regression)
Bug #17779 Exceptions thrown by the Python SDK should include the request id if possible
Bug #18122 Support 'select' on 'get', 'update', and 'delete' calls to limit what fields are returned in update response
Bug #18051 Investigate backend performance for WebDAV requests on very large collections
Bug #17770 [a-d-c] while in throttle mode, the logs are full of "creating new instance" lines
Bug #18002 ruamel.yaml and google-api-python-client are out of date and cause conflicts for users