2022-10-26 sprint

Due in 24 days (10/26/2022)


82 issues   (1 closed81 open)

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Bug #19582 Enable UseAWSS3v2Driver by default on keepstore
Feature #19369 Update browser title to reflect current main panel view
Bug #19569 Add "open in new tab" to processes/subprocesses view
Arvados Workbench 2 - Feature #19531 Add "un-maximize" button that gets the previous panels' visibility state back
Feature #18863 [controller] add background job to clean up old container log records
Feature #19263 Support preemptible containers on LSF
Story #19364 Document use of diagnostics & health check to check running versions, config file matching, & overall cluster functioning
Bug #16888 Federate container token cannot access resources on other clusters
Story #19403 Review eager requirement eval PR
Bug #19514 Make sure services pick up config changes when the salt installer is run
Arvados Workbench 2 - Bug #19307 Directly shared collection with write permission cannot be modified
Bug #19359 Support "enum" inputs to workflows
Feature #18071 Use postgresql advisory locks to prevent concurrent dispatcher / keep-balance processes
Bug #19315 Display "runtime_user_uuid" in details
Bug #19438 Show resource requests for containers
Bug #19273 Searching for processes shows them all as "Cancelled"
Bug #19501 unsetup should remove all sharing permissions for the deactivated user
Feature #19295 Show container request "reused" status
Feature #19319 Display container price information
Bug #18990 should reflect the value of TLS/Insecure in the "Get API Token" dialog
Support #18874 Merge workbench2 history into main Arvados repo
Story #19181 Workbench 2 uses replace_files API
Bug #19048 Copying a folder in collection file browser results in empty folder
Story #18860 Display count of container attempts and make it easy to access past logs
Bug #19274 Advanced search should have a "created at" column
Arvados Workbench 2 - Bug #19311 Project Search field auto-clears on first query, making the user to re-type the query.
Bug #19294 WB2 sharing screen, shared user name is too long and makes it hard to read and difficult to click
Arvados Workbench 2 - Feature #19387 Support picking workflows uploaded as collections with type: workflow.
Bug #19365 Scoped token doc is out of date
Bug #18563 [config] simplify/streamline InternalURLs/ExternalURL situation
Bug #19275 Race condition in search bar auto-suggest
Feature #19466 Record input & output object on workflow steps as container request property
Story #18693 Deduplicate permission links
Bug #19057 [controller] should not allow adding the same user+login to a VM more than one time
Feature #18842 Local disk keep cache for Python SDK/arv-mount
Story #18968 Should be able to pick directories within collections
Bug #19143 Display 'Workflow' records in the Project listing
Story #11724 Pull Docker images without requiring Docker on client
Feature #19386 --create-workflow creates or updates collection with metadata
Support #19213 Support Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
Arvados Workbench 2 - Bug #19270 Fix flaky tests
Bug #19361 document arvbash
Bug #15814 Running a workflow from WB2 exposes secret inputs
Feature #18775 Search in picker dialogue for selecting Projects/Files/Directories
Feature #19080 Offer to un-trash items, instead of "not found" dialog
Arvados Workbench 2 - Story #19154 Sharing dialog improvements followup
Bug #19240 Avoid open redirect in login process
Story #18997 ability to migrate arvbox to arvados-server boot dev mode
Feature #19378 Can select folder to recursively upload all the files to Collection
Feature #18944 [controller] should log the user uuid used for the request
Bug #19299 ArvadosClientAuthorization#list doesn't honor filtering by owner_uuid
Arvados Workbench 2 - Bug #19300 UX improvement in Multi Panel View component: panels state restoration on un-maximizing.
Arvados Workbench 2 - Bug #18697 Cypress tests for federated scenarios
Arvados Workbench 2 - Bug #19302 UX improvement: Left hand side tree state management.
Feature #15768 Support multi-select operations
Bug #19238 Users deactivated externally show up as "Setup" instead of "Inactive", due to cached permissions?
Bug #19382 Cannot stream stdin to arv-put with --update-collection
Story #18973 Test combinations of federation scenarios