2022-12-07 Sprint

Due in 5 days (12/07/2022) (Sprint start date 11/23/2022)


81 issues   (15 closed66 open)

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# Subject Story Points
Story #19575 User Interviews about WB2
Story #19578 Update wb2 Use Cases and Personas
Story #19613 Establish guidelines for wb2 UI design
Story #19463 Redesign process info panel
Arvados Workbench 2 - Bug #19433 Change cyan color and light grey in color scheme ?
Arvados Workbench 2 - Bug #19462 Use WCAG standards to decide on new color scheme for wb2
Support #19625 Text for playground onboarding page on
Feature #15250 a-c-r set TTL on final output collection
Bug #19214 Mention updating /etc/hosts
Bug #19215 improve multi-node installer experience
Story #19704 Review & merge R SDK PR
Feature #18842 Local disk keep cache for Python SDK/arv-mount
Feature #16316 a-c-r handles resource range requests (especially CPU) and adjusts requests based on what is in InstanceTypes list
Bug #19700 Process input panel JSON missing, also mishandles http URLs, also scrolling
Arvados Workbench 2 - Bug #19457 Change cyan color of buttons
Feature #19690 Project view has more options for columns
Story #17168 Add some basic documentation about wb2 to user guide
Feature #19504 Breadcrumbs bar showing parent workflow for workflows steps and output collections
Story #19791 Write Python SDK overview
Bug #19732 Error message incorrectly displayed when adding in key-value metadata in WB2
Bug #19783 Tweak behavior of the picking dialog
Bug #19681 registered workflows in wb2 don't show default inputs
Bug #19781 GUI crashes on a certain workflow
Arvados Workbench 2 - Bug #19260 Project Listing shows collections incorrectly as "Public Favourites"
Bug #19691 Project dialog errors cause it to get stuck 1.0
Story #19686 arvados.api() should return ThreadSafeApiCache
Bug #19514 Make sure services pick up config changes when the salt installer is run 1.0
Story #18693 Deduplicate permission links 2.0
Bug #19057 [controller] should not allow adding the same user+login to a VM more than one time 1.0
Story #11724 Pull Docker images without requiring Docker on client
Bug #19699 HTTP download creates collections with too-long names, needs flag to run in runner process after submission