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Bug #21276 lib/controller/handler_test.go TestDiscoveryDocCache is racey
Feature #21272 Support manipulation of collection subdirectories/streams
Bug #21271 "Run Workflow"→"Back" navigation is unexpected
Story #21263 Delist or document deprecated PyPI packages
Bug #21260 abort processing on timeout and/or client hangup in Rails API
Story #21259 Document SeparateRunner CWL extension
Story #21257 last_log_id handling seems sus
Feature #21253 Export additional config fields to workbench
Story #21250 Build Dockerfiles take a JOBS argument
Bug #21228 Salt installer uses the latest arvados-formula from main instead of using a versioning strategy
Bug #21221 group panel Members count is inaccurate
Story #21220 Workbench 2 supports Google Analytics
Story #21216 Fix "memoryRetryMultipler" misspelled name
Story #21215 Support JavaScript evaluation in OutOfMemoryRetry.memoryRetryMultipler
Story #21207 Decide and implement a modern way to run Python tests
Story #21199 Provide interface to edit workflow name+description
Bug #21198 "View details" for a workflow definition shows parent project details
Feature #21195 If a spot instance isn't available, can indicate your are willing to schedule on a reserved instance.
Bug #21194 Mass container cancellations slam the API server
Bug #21187 a-c-r should detect and warn when arv:IntermediateOutput outputTTL is too low
Feature #21175 Do not retry after "unsupported instance type" EC2 errors
Feature #21168 Use SLURM REST API
Feature #20972 Bulk trash API 3.0
Bug #21167 container checkpoint/restore
Story #21166 add collection_status field
Feature #21165 Installer/formula/packaging updated to un-install Workbench 1
Bug #20985 Setting priority 0 on a queued container should change it to "cancelled" state
Feature #21143 Admins can notice and troubleshoot keep-balance GC issues
Feature #21142 Reporting total storage usage for each Volume
Bug #21134 Fix proxy error logging in controller's container log handler 0.5
Feature #21133 Add diagnostics checks for container log API 1.0
Feature #21123 Add API that returns current dispatch/scheduling status for a specified container 2.0
Bug #21120 Help output for `arv-mount --file-cache` is oversimplified
Feature #21072 Directory array picker chips needs tooltip to differentiate similarly named folder selections
Bug #21071 Directory array tree picker shows checkbox for project which does nothing
Story #21078 Performance of trashing / deleting large numbers of objects on S3
Story #21074 Migrate "workflow" table to be backed by collections but maintain API
Feature #21070 Support cwltool override feature
Story #21058 Let users know if Crunch hit cloud capacity
Feature #21057 Bulk update API
Feature #21051 a-c-r feature to automatically generate scatter worfklows
Feature #21050 feature to produce null outputs from failed steps and continue running
Bug #21049 Side pane closes when user asks to change the contents
Story #21045 Show requested resources for draft processes
Feature #21048 Hitting enter on the "key" field of metadata entry should move focus to the "value" field
Feature #21046 Ability to specify authorization headers for tools using http_to_keep (a-c-r / arv-copy)
Bug #21044 Collection.clone doesn't handle custom API clients
Bug #21043 `arvados-client diagnostics` doesn't skip tests when wb1 endpoint is empty
Bug #21039 arvados-cwl-runner crashes when running a registered workflow with duplicate enum types
Arvados Workbench 2 - Story #21037 Upgrade 'react-scripts' package and its descendants to address pending security issues
Story #21024 PySDK includes basic workflow reporting script
Story #21022 Guide to writing custom reports with PySDK
Story #21020 Support XDG base directory envvars throughout the Python SDK
Story #20993 Test ruby-google-api-client
Feature #21001 Resources panel includes maximum resources actually used & warning when they are less than 50% of resources requested
Story #20971 Priority of 3rd level containers
Story #20991 Let container requests specify whether they'd rather run fast or run cheap
Bug #20989 When getting name of 'owner', 50 items in a list results in 50 requests
Feature #20988 Diagnostics should test that websockets is functional
Story #20977 a-c-r crashes with "Secret store only accepts strings" if you try to register a workflow with secrets
Feature #20980 Visual design for description panel
Feature #20979 Research spot instance retry strategies
Story #20954 Playground uses tooltips to introduce Workbench UI
Bug #17074 Use count=none & keyset paging
Story #20945 Using + button to save new sharing links is not obvious
Story #20939 Create test-provision-rocky8
Story #20938 Fix apt lock failure in test-provision-debian10
Bug #20929 Launching workflow creates a draft process for editing
Story #20927 When validating a remote token, translate transient network errors to a 5xx status
Story #20925 WGS tutorial papercuts
Story #20924 Search supports workflows
Story #20923 Way to mark a project as favorite from the project page
Arvados Workbench 2 - Feature #19480 remove "choose" flow from the registered workflow run page
Bug #20921 Federated search UX papercuts
Story #20917 Test PySDK with different versions of pycurl
Arvados Workbench 2 - Bug #20898 Fix narrowing issue in withDialog declaration
Bug #20908 Arvados release tool helps with ticket review checklist and jenkins submission
Support #20893 Investigate using PyInstaller to build self-contained packages
Feature #20040 Getting additional cost info from AWS
Bug #20857 numerous errors "Cost cannot be modified in state 'Locked'"
Story #20852 Convert cookbook collection recipes into SDK methods
Feature #20851 Ability to define which federated clusters are searched by default in workbench2
Story #20837 systemd controls memory usage on Arvados services
Story #20727 Publish standalone binaries for arvados-client, other Go client tools
Bug #20841 Migrate internal usage of 'arv' to arvados-client by symlinking 'arv' -> 'arvados-client'
Support #20838 Discontinue OS packages of client tools in favor of pypi/rubygems only
Support #20875 Deprecate OS packages for client tools
Story #15880 Remove hosted git service
Bug #20804 crunchstat-summary should use container logs API, not CollectionReader and logs table
Feature #20806 CLI operations to manipulate files in collections
Feature #20805 Create empty folder and move within collection operations
Story #20802 shellinabox not packaged for RH8-based distro
Bug #20801 Crunch discountConfiguredRAMPercent math seems surprising, undesirable
Story #20800 When runtime_constraints.ram exactly matches instance_type.RAM, try to use that instance type
Arvados Workbench 2 - Bug #20764 Copy-to-Clipboard snackbar doesn't show up when copied from context menu
Feature #16316 a-c-r handles resource range requests (especially CPU) and adjusts requests based on what is in InstanceTypes list 2.0
Story #20752 Update aws-sdk-go-v2 and support HostnameImmutable flag 2.0
Feature #20751 Searching or linking a container uuid should bring bring up list of container requests
Bug #20748 Compute node AMI scripts may be run too late, making docker restart after a launched container
Feature #20736 expand & collect keepstore and keepweb performance metrics
Support #20734 Remove "upgrade from docker 1.9" and "upgrading to containers api" pages from docs
Feature #20733 installer supports automated rolling upgrade of load-balanced nodes
Story #20728 Remove build instructions for PySDK C dependencies, if possible 0.5
Bug #20725 Report javascript errors as errors instead of warnings
Story #20723 Stop running in our build+test infrastructure
Feature #20708 Control permission for individual users to run containers or use container shell feature
Story #20692 keep-web can pack multiple small files into a single block
Feature #20640 API for admin to query materialized permissions
Arvados Workbench 2 - Bug #20678 Virtual Machines admin UI isn't really usable when too many users are assigned.
Feature #20641 extensions for options currently only available on command line
Feature #20659 Tool to update a-c-r version in workflow records
Feature #20285 Link to monitoring (grafana) in admin menu
Feature #20081 Easy copy project name to clipboard
Story #13327 More responsive page loads with API ?include=container_uuid
Story #18846 Rendering rich descriptions
Story #20662 API to monitor container/requests
Story #20651 a-c-r lets users specify workflow by name (+version?)
Story #20650 a-c-r natively supports S3 inputs just like HTTP/S
Feature #20622 arv-keepdocker uses new "pull image" API
Feature #20632 Complex recursive copy/delete operations
Bug #20621 Redirect when user visits a page in workbench that is actually an object on another cluster
Bug #20618 Consistent use of horizontal/vertical 3-dots icon for menus
Story #20521 Python tools emit logs from googleapiclient
Feature #20592 cwl-runner should use arv:WorkflowRunnerResources.acrContainerImage
Feature #20546 Displaying AWS RDS metrics on grafana
Feature #20542 Report metrics for expensive response fields
Feature #20532 Grouping steps by sample
Bug #20525 Delete operations should not refresh the list
Feature #20604 crunch-run retry timeout should increase for long-running containers
Story #20519 Support path-like objects throughout the SDK
Story #20518 Remove calls to datetime utcnow/utcfromtimestamp
Story #20517 Impedance mismatch using `systemctl is-system-running` as default BootProbeCommand
Bug #20512 Filter process list on "supervisor" flag instead "requesting_container_uuid"
Feature #20471 Admin CLI for managing dispatcher / cloud VMs
Story #20458 Document arvados-client logs command
Bug #20455 Add rel=”noopener” to anywhere we use target="_blank"
Story #20237 fair scheduling in cloud dispatcher
Feature #20426 Installer sets up health check aggregator and monitoring/alerting based on health checks 3.0
Story #20392 Workbench 2 displays container performance metrics from Prometheus statistics
Story #20391 crunchstat puts all the stats it records in Prometheus
Story #20390 Let users view Prometheus stats through an Arvados API endpoint with permissions check
Bug #20378 crunch-run maximum downtime tolerance
Feature #20376 Select individual process status
Feature #20375 Multi-select operations on the process list page
Feature #16057 Combine selected collections
Feature #19181 [tracking] Workbench 2 file operations
Feature #16241 Object's description display & editing is inconsistent & lacks textile support
Bug #20342 Python test_keep_client permissions tests are flaky
Feature #17695 [costanalyzer] make an accurate report for spot instances on AWS
Feature #19919 Recursive copy through workbench
Feature #19637 Recursive delete of workflow & associated intermediates
Bug #20317 Searching for a container UUID always shows "{uuid} not available" error
Bug #16888 Federate container token cannot access resources on other clusters
Feature #20220 Dispatcher uses live logs endpoint on crunch-run to fetch logs and store a backup locally
Bug #19382 Cannot stream stdin to arv-put with --update-collection
Support #20263 Document ARVADOS_CONFIG env var & -config flag
Story #20311 Update Python packages to build with PEP 517/518
Feature #20310 Add server-sent events stream at .../containers/{uuid}/log_events
Bug #20309 Groups listed in sharing pulldown have weird formatting
Bug #20308 Existing users in the sharing dialog should be listed by name, not email address
Bug #20307 A user/group to add in the sharing dialog can be saved when you delete another
Bug #20306 Going from Private→Shared in the sharing dialog gets reverted
Bug #20305 Flaky wb2 project test
Feature #20304 Get billing cost from cloud and include it in metrics
Feature #20302 Banner has a "don't show this to me again" checkbox instead of always defaulting to hiding banner after being shown.
Bug #20294 `async` argument of `create` methods is difficult to use in SDKs
Feature #20293 Configure links that appear under User/Admin/Help menus
Bug #20292 Cluster labels when searching often duplicate colors in WB2 and don't match color scheme
Story #20290 Consider making all buttons blue in wb2
Story #20289 Button in LHS panel (more info) are not consistent
Story #20288 Need better icon for registered workflows in WB2
Story #20286 WB2 labels and buttons look too similar
Bug #20260 Detect when a new version of workbench is deployed and advise the user to reload
Story #20250 Simple read-only S3 endpoint
Story #20248 Support simple math expressions in Containers.LSF.BsubArgumentsList
Bug #20210 CWL syntax highlighting in Arvados documentation hurts my eyes
Story #20239 Dispatcher calculates final container cost after runner/instance disappears
Story #20234 Streamline workflow finding/launching process/Workflow versioning
Story #20232 Don't de/serialize large container/request columns for simple list requests
Story #20231 container/request list calls do not return large fields by default
Story #20230 Ensure that large container/request field loads are size-limited
Bug #20228 Typing in the key input in Advanced Search clears other search criteria
Bug #20221 Project action menu should have "New collection" and "Run a workflow" options.
Bug #20215 Cloud dispatch overview diagram does not look nice
Feature #20211 Revamp Sharing dialog to show access via ownership
Story #20213 Design scale tests for Arvados ML
Bug #20204 Limit system properties to known names, not just a prefix
Feature #16385 add prebuilt container images for Arvados releases
Feature #19987 email notifications
Story #19985 crunch-run sets OOMScoreAdjust for the container it runs and other child processes
Story #20107 Research retry strategies when SDK API calls return 5xx errors
Bug #19143 Display 'Workflow' records in the Project listing
Bug #20104 Find workflows that are really slow to start on Arvados 2.4.4 to use for regression testing workflow loading performance
Arvados Workbench 2 - Bug #19307 Directly shared collection with write permission cannot be modified 1.0
Arvados Workbench 2 - Story #19154 Sharing dialog improvements followup
Support #19625 Text for playground onboarding page on
Bug #19965 RailsAPI should either enforce container.log is a PDH, or handle UUID updates 0.5
Feature #19369 Update browser title to reflect current main panel view
Story #20097 Improve workflow picking/selection
Story #20059 Redesign Register Workflow Panel
Story #20062 WB2 Landing Page
Feature #20058 Easier presentation of search results
Story #20060 Table Grouping for Project Page
Story #20063 Subprocesses lag when loading process page
Feature #19974 Option to re-submit preemptible jobs to reserved nodes when previous attempt was interrupted
Arvados Workbench 2 - Feature #16168 edit 'properties' of container requests
Feature #16593 Way to determine owner to be able to request access
Feature #17261 Determine ownership of objects within wb2
Feature #20094 Render workflow with cwl-svg
Bug #20082 Rework wb2 icons to be consistent and match our best practices
Bug #20037 Be more consistent about displaying spinners when panels are being loaded for the first time
Feature #19979 Open sidebar to get file details, make it easy to copy keep: and keep-web links
Bug #19976 Better error when 'location' is not a string
Feature #19968 Extension to control max retries of workflow steps
Bug #19966 collection sharing link missing wget/curl authentication instructions
Bug #19981 Containers that used an old DefaultKeepCacheRAM no longer get reused after a configuration change
Story #19676 Turn data organization patterns deck into documentation page and/or blog post
Bug #19940 Long error or warning messages run over the containing box
Bug #19931 Frozen project error messages have poor visibility
Story #19939 Fully document, illustrate how to use arv-mount --exec 0.5
Story #19935 Document arv-copy usage and format
Feature #19086 Can provide input JSON/YAML when launching a Workflow as an alternative to the input form
Feature #19197 Optimize permission checks for can_write/can_manage fields
Feature #19194 Return can_manage and can_write for all object types (not just users/groups/projects)
Feature #18573 packer compute image builder script should take an explicit arvados package version to install instead of latest in selected package repository
Arvados Workbench 2 - Feature #14847 [Workbench] Version/ Debugging info
Arvados Workbench 2 - Feature #15353 [Data operations] Chooser supports browing/picking projects/collections on federated clusters
Story #15624 [WB2] Provide capability to use CSV file to populate inputs of workflow
Feature #18970 Add support for browsing as anonymous user
Feature #16369 Should be possible to promote a workflow run via arvados-cwl-runner to a published workflow with one click
Bug #4730 [SDKs] Remove ruby dependency from arv wrapper
Story #3094 No UI to edit runtime constraints for draft container requests
Feature #15250 a-c-r set TTL on final output collection
Bug #19274 Advanced search should have full set of selectable columns
Bug #19891 Move project dialog not sized correctly
Bug #19048 Copying a folder in collection file browser results in empty folder
Feature #19871 Rendering user names in project columns
Feature #19887 Include modified_by_user_uuid in project details
Feature #18563 Simplify/streamline InternalURLs/ExternalURL situation
Arvados Workbench 2 - Story #19584 Can we use better terms for a group_filter and projects
Support #19859 Review/update development process wiki page
Support #13418 Python SDK must have docstrings for all public interfaces
Arvados Workbench 2 - Bug #19585 When filtering objects in project listing when in "Share with Me" project - filtering to just see virtual projects doesn't seem to work
Support #19873 Document ~/.config/arvados/settings.conf
Bug #15814 Running a workflow from WB2 exposes secret inputs
Arvados Workbench 2 - Bug #19713 Misleading 'Too large file' error message on file upload
Bug #17584 Permission dialog should indicate that permissions are inherited
Bug #19238 Users deactivated externally show up as "Setup" instead of "Inactive", due to cached permissions?
Bug #19365 Scoped token doc is out of date
Story #19633 UX redesign ideas
Arvados Workbench 2 - Story #16071 [Collection view] Provenance, used by for collections
Story #19612 Frozen project UI follow-up improvements
Bug #19838 Update help text on docs for CLI tools
Bug #19817 `keyset_list_all` name is unintuitive
Arvados Workbench 2 - Bug #16969 User with can_manage access can drop own permissions by making "private"
Feature #20385 Dispatcher aggregates local keepstore usage on compute nodes
Feature #20383 Monitoring that gives list of compute containers that don't seem to be making progress