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Bug #20594 scaling nginx settings
Bug #20564 Release Arvados 2.6.3
Bug #20531 When getting logs from child job to print error, distinguish between job couldn't start and non-zero exit 0.5
Bug #20449 Background refresh tasks of "all processes" issues
Feature #15768 Support multi-select operations
Feature #20031 New collection file browser copy/move operations 2.0
Feature #20522 Option to load private key from specified file instead of inline in config file 0.5
Feature #20219 Log panel on container view fetches live logs using periodic range request on new container log endpoint 3.0
Bug #20541 make crunch-run API calls lighter weight, avoid fetching mounts (or returning mounts on update) when not needed
Bug #20540 crunch-run should sleep-and-retry after transient failures on API calls, especially when container is succeeding 0.5
Feature #20546 Displaying AWS RDS metrics on grafana
Story #20547 Make "scaling things" wiki page
Feature #20433 Config option to have crunch-run stop sending logs to logs table 0.5
Bug #20545 Filter If-None-Match header in controller
Feature #20508 schema salad codegen better error messages
Support #20053 schema-salad codegen returns line numbers
Bug #20435 CWL user guide release
Support #20497 Update WGS tutorial to use Workbench 2
Bug #20492 EBS autoscaler possibly not deleting volumes on terminate
Story #19578 Update wb2 Use Cases and Personas 2.0
Story #20225 Let users choose collection subdirectories for workflow Directory inputs 2.0
Bug #20595 "error inspecting container" causing containers to be abandoned
Bug #20561 Log when files from input are being propagated to output in crunch-run finalization 0.5
Feature #20485 Option to skip automatic SSH key deployment on cloud VMs 0.5
Bug #20511 High number of "aborted" boot outcomes
Feature #20520 [arvados-dispatch-cloud] configurable instance initialization script
Bug #20474 Ensuring metrics are available during busy times 0.5
Bug #20538 Unhandled exception when trying to delete a process that you don't have write permission
Story #20393 Release Arvados 2.6.2
Bug #20229 Document /_inspect/requests management endpoint 0.5