Development 2024-01-17 sprint

Due in 47 days (01/17/2024) (Sprint start date 01/03/2024)


43 issues   (0 closed — 43 open)

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Bug #21249 Paging doesn't work for group members and permissions tables
Story #21230 Remove usage of global "pip install" in package build/test scripts 1.0
Support #16055 User guide update planning
Feature #15317 [Keep] expose backend latency stats in the Prometheus metrics 2.0
Feature #21036 keep-balance should publish all balancerStats 1.0
Feature #21196 implement keepclient API on top of block cache with pluggable backend
Story #15397 Declutter the API 3.0
Feature #20995 Prefetch small files when scanning a collection directory
Feature #12430 Crunch2 limit output collection to glob patterns
Bug #21023 Go keepclient retry does not wait between retries 2.0
Bug #21119 Workbench stops receiving websocket messages after a few minutes
Bug #21190 crunch-run abandoned but process still 'Running'
Bug #21087 Python 3.7 deprecation
Feature #20880 Can link to wb2 URL to prompt user to launch workflow, specify project uuid in query 2.0
Story #21014 Review postgres autovacuum settings
Feature #19080 When item is in trash, offer to remove it from trash
Feature #20994 Design feature to incorporate custom panels into collection and project view
Feature #20996 Efficient packing of small files into blocks in keep-web
Bug #21209 failed to load all processes page, net::ERR_FAILED
Feature #20983 Tool to automatically populate Arvados InstanceTypes 3.0
Feature #21197 refactor storage drivers to support keep-gateway API
Feature #18961 Go FileSystem / FUSE mount supports block prefetch 2.0
Feature #2960 Keep can stream GET and PUT requests
Feature #20693 Server side coordination of multiple writers to a collection
Feature #9964 arvados-cwl-runner limits output data to keep using output_glob
Story #19929 Improve documentation in the discovery document 1.0
Story #19827 Write docstrings for arvados.keep 1.0
Story #19828 Write docstrings for 0.5
Story #21038 Add ability to easily copy code segments from doc
Story #19819 Write docstrings for arvados.arvfile 1.0
Story #19829 Write docstrings for arvados.timer 0.5
Story #19824 Write docstrings for arvados.errors 1.0
Story #19820 Write docstrings for arvados.cache 0.5
Story #19822 Write docstrings for arvados.config 0.5
Story #19831 Write docstrings for arvados.vocabulary 0.5
Story #19823 Write docstrings for arvados.crunch 0.5