Testing and Upgrading + features

over 10 years late (04/16/2014) (Sprint start date 03/27/2014)


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Testing and Upgrading + features


Installing the Tapestry application
Set up an OAuth service


Development cycle → for hackers and committers

Specifications, requirements, plans

Design sketches → for sample tracking and GET-Evidence-2
Plug-in system notes
Account suspension, deactivation, withdrawal

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Related issues
# Subject Story Points
Support #9673 New consent doc for Harvard PGP 0.5
Bug #9672 Install extension to allow password reset on RT
Support #9411 Change 30 day release window to 31 days
Feature #9284 Welcome e-mail feature 0.5
Bug #7826 Make sure that datasets which are served from Keep via get-evidence have collections
Feature #7815 If a dataset has been released to a user but they have not seen it yet, force-redirect to /specimen_analysis_data after they log in
Bug #7673 OH integration token appears to time out after a while, user is presented with 'refresh token'
Feature #6467 upgrade to reCAPTCHA v2 0.5
Bug #5683 Trait surveys incomplete listed on a lot of entries in the WGS data page. Sounds like a bug.
Feature #4979 Improve sample tracking to allow for bulk marking of samples 2.0
Feature #3025 Add an admin interface feature to export all enrolled users + shipping address as a csv file.
Idea #2850 Comprehensive "Sectioning" of Tapestry
Idea #2552 Configurable mini-consent form and validations
Idea #2544 The "site override" feature is tested
Feature #2422 exam automated tests
Feature #2423 enrollment step automated tests
Feature #2428 upgrade to ruby 1.9.3
Feature #2429 upgrade to rails 3.1
Feature #2431 upgrade to ruby 2.1
Feature #2430 upgrade to rails 3.2
Feature #8251 fix FAQ link
Bug #7674 disable releasing genomes as cagi option. Do not release the cagi genomes yet.
Feature #6961 Simplify Tapestry/Open Humans account link flow 2.0
Feature #7424 README that links to main repo
Bug #7465 canceling link on OH integration redirects to which throws a 500
Feature #7462 Always redirect Open Humans user back to OH
Bug #7425 Suffix .bz2 missing on downloaded genome file
Bug #7395 Fix wrong column headers and "real name" content in /exports/users.csv 0.5
Idea #4980 Users can connect their Tapestry account to Open Humans via OAuth2
Feature #4766 Upgrade oauth1 code for google doc/spreadsheet sync to oauth2 2.0
Bug #6914 When resigning consents (new version), the twin/recontact radioboxes should be prepopulated based on the previous consent 0.5
Bug #5528 The safety questionnaire isn't redirecting people to the page they were planning to go to 0.5
Feature #4978 Distinguish pgp-originated and other files on public profiles 0.5
Idea #4662 Possible to disable Shipping Addresses as a section
Feature #4050 As a participant, I can choose to reveal my real name on my public profile. I can also remove my real name from my public profile. 1.0
Bug #2981 family relations page redirects to public profile when toggling to "No" option
Feature #2979 user email address on contact form should be used for reply-to:, from: should be configurable
Idea #2962 Can deploy in a sub URI
Idea #2549 Configurable Signup Conditions
Idea #2539 Cells can also be overridden
Idea #2533 Basic clean-up of tests, as a foundation for working on specific ones
Idea #2526 Make user-acceptance of TOS optional
Idea #2503 Make it possible to disable/enable "sections"
Idea #2502 Make all the site-specific labels configurable
Feature #2518 Allow views and partials to be dynamically overridden
Feature #2501 Much more flexible consent forms
Feature #2419 automatically runs user model tests