2014-05-28 Pipeline Factory

05/28/2014 (Sprint start date 05/08/2014)


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2014-05-28 Pipeline Factory

  • Velocity a bit more steady
  • Early velocity probably more indicative of rejected stories than real points
  • Updating time-remaining could still use more diligence
  • Unforeseen dependencies (e.g., new keep server + new sdk)
  • Auto-deploy latest Python SDK might be wrong?
  • Could avoid some problems if test suite tested old components against new components
  • Write tests against the APIs you're using, not just the ones you're building
  • Include story points and acceptance tests for docs&tests for new bits (and filling in deficit)
  • Need to separate "staging" from "master" instance
  • Need live integration test
  • Stable/master doc sites? (no, later)
  • Nicer name for workbench, without qr1hi etc.
  • git merge party hairball
  • commit-message rules
    • local commit hook should apply the rules (copy story# from branch name to commit, say refs #1234 on merge)
    • only follow left parent when enforcing commit message rules ("1 parent, or has refs #1234" + "never says 'merge master'")
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Feature #2108 Recurring: write blog post about latest release. 1.0
Support #2772 Recurring: Support beta users 3.0
Idea #2766 Workbench can create and revoke authless URLs to share a Collection 2.0
Idea #2756 Improve Workbench "show pipeline instance" page 5.0
Idea #2760 Reconcile name link behavior with intrinsic object names so that the name hierarchy in arv-mount is the same as the name hierarchy in Workbench 3.0
Bug #2862 Occasional rendering error when using 'back' button in workbench 1.0
Feature #2751 Python SDK behaves appropriately when API server advertises a Keep proxy instead of individual Keep storage servers 2.0
Idea #2678 When a job is submitted for a pipeline instance owned by a group, the job/output/log will also belong to that group. 1.0
Feature #2829 HEAD requests in Keep
Idea #1885 Keep proxy service: forward external requests to the appropriate keep servers 3.0
Idea #2767 Recurring: update doc site to match current behavior, and fix bugs 2.0
Idea #2798 Go Keep client library 2.0
Idea #2764 wget -r gives nice results when you point it at an authless shared Collection URL 2.0
Idea #2776 API server /keep_disks method advertises a keep proxy instead of the real keep disks when queried by a remote client. 1.0
Idea #2768 Deploy new Keep to staging 3.0
Bug #2814 Editables cannot be edited twice in a row without refreshing page. 0.5
Idea #2753 Improve Workbench "show collection" page 2.0
Bug #2839 collection log links broken in workbench
Bug #2831 arv-mount bugfixes
Bug #2821 "Delete" button missing from pipeline instances index page in Workbench 0.5
Idea #2762 Protect database integrity wrt owner_uuid 1.0
Idea #2763 Complete Keep permission signatures 1.0
Bug #2673 Avoid sending a request body with a GET request in "arv" client 0.5
Bug #2812 Groups page is empty 0.5
Bug #2808 Paging broken on pipeline_instances page 0.5
Idea #2765 Fix bugs in Workbench reader token support 1.0
Bug #2759 Cannot view collection in workbench 1.0
Bug #2739 Crunch script queues only 101 tasks out of 888 0.5
Idea #2352 Pipeline instance state is represented with a state machine instead of "active" and "success" flags 3.0
Idea #2803 Python SDK and FUSE driver are separate packages 1.0
Bug #2705 Remove arv-mount to a separate package so the Python SDK does not depend on fuse libraries. 1.0
Bug #2892 Error page when signing user agreement 0.5