2014-06-17 Curating and Crunch

06/17/2014 (Sprint start date 05/27/2014)


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2014-06-17 Curating Crunch

Retrospective notes
  • Public IRC - ongoing effort to keep this professional, avoid discussing operational issues, avoid posting links that anonymous public can't use, etc.
  • Redmine issue page layout makes it easy to miss the story description entirely. (Added #3048)
  • Read "before review" and "during review" checklists on development process wiki page more often -- like when you're submitting a branch for review, or saying LGTM.
  • When stories are underspecified, do something about it before going ahead: some combination of writing down your assumptions in order to confirm, and asking story author / Tom to fill in the mysteries.
  • More designing before implementing. On non-trivial stories, think about what you're going to do, write it down, and show it to someone else before spending time writing code. This is the best time to get ideas about alternate/better approaches, advice from someone who knows more about the code you're attacking, etc.
  • When preparing a branch for review, adding notes about "what I did and why" is a good idea. (But add them to the story page in redmine, not the review task page.)
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Related issues
# Subject Story Points
Story #3050 Points moved onto next sprint 5.0
Feature #2886 Recurring: support beta users 2.0
Feature #2885 Recurring: write blog post about latest release 0.5
Bug #2936 Pipeline instance component display: for a finished pi (and probably for one in progress with multiple components), the job progress bar is not red if the job has failed. 0.5
Story #2896 Add CLI tool to display job log messages in real time using websocket API 1.0
Story #2755 Implement Keep permission signatures in API server and Python SDK 0.5
Bug #3013 Tab pane url is incorrect if the url of the page itself has a query string 0.5
Bug #2934 Limit impact of chatty crunch job on websocket/Log mechanism 1.0
Bug #3023 Fix infinite-scroll on collections and pipeline templates chooser 0.5
Story #2754 Optimize Workbench "run pipeline" workflow for easy use case 1.0
Story #2872 Replace left nav with "projects/folders" interface 5.0
Story #2350 Add tests for a few potential login/authentication attacks 0.5
Story #2871 Improve workbench performance by using helper methods to cache API lookups during view rendering 3.0
Bug #2819 Improve error message presentation in x-editable popups (e.g., no json) 0.5
Story #2961 Individual tab partials can update w/o refreshing whole page, for example pipeline status page can refresh status tab based on eventbus activity 1.0
Bug #3005 arv-run-pipeline-instance should not keep trying to create jobs when the API server returns an error on job creation 0.5
Story #2880 Component/job can specify minimum memory and scratch space for worker nodes, and Crunch enforces these requirements at runtime 3.0
Bug #3004 Inconsistent error behavior (JSON) when creating a new job 0.5
Story #2826 Create a Go SDK for arvados 1.0
Feature #2939 Workbench button to re-run a past job. 0.5
Story #2882 Record performance stats in job logs 3.0
Story #2876 Simplify name/folder behavior 2.0
Bug #2857 fix flaky CollectionsControllerTest 1.0
Story #2874 Add/move/display collection name links in Workbench, rather than collection uuids 3.0
Bug #2919 Provenance graphs layout is buggy.  Fix and add tests. 0.5
Bug #2865 Reduce Keep server memory use 2.0
Story #2895 Remove jobs.log_tail_follow and users.event_stream APIs, and redis dependency (docs, Gemfile, etc) 1.0
Bug #2955 Orphan jobs are marked as running forever. Crunch-dispatcher knows which jobs it is actually running and should mark any others as failed. 1.0
Bug #2951 make fuse driver tests more robust against transient fusermount -u failures in teardown 0.5
Feature #2681 E-mail notification when a new user hits the "Inactive user" page. 0.5
Story #2903 Remove pipeline instance "active" and "success" flags from API server responses and database 1.0
Bug #2893 Prevent symbols and fancy Hash subclasses from going in or out of the database in serialized attributes 1.0
Feature #2809 Update Workbench to Rails4, get rid of global state in Rails SDK 1.0
Bug #2931 Non-privileged user can't delete authorization tokens. 1.0
Story #2752 arv-put can quickly resume an interrupted transfer. 2.0