2014-07-16 Sprint

07/16/2014 (Sprint start date 06/18/2014)


100 issues   (100 closed — 0 open)

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Estimated time 122.50 hours
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Related issues
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Bug #3185 Job validation fails with no error message if runtime_constraints is nil. 0.5
Idea #2836 Workbench UI improvements 2.0
Bug #3113 Some crunch tasks miss some input files and have others duplicated 1.0
Support #3051 Support beta users 1.0
Bug #3118 fix up docker code and add some basic docker info on 1.0
Idea #3015 Make gatk3 pipeline template 3.0
Bug #3220 Keep server uses inappropriate HTTP status codes 0.5
Idea #3106 Workbench UI improvement - loading indicator on modals 1.0
Bug #3206 [Keep] Keep proxy uses API token from its env var for PUT requests, instead of token provided by client 1.0
Bug #3204 Collections search box is tiny
Bug #3203 fix tutorials wrt new workbench 0.5
Bug #3123 [Crunch] Pipeline running errors are not reported to user 2.0
Bug #2377 Documentation: incorrect puTTY docs 1.0
Bug #2369 Documentation: missing step 0.5
Bug #3103 Collection chooser preview has checkboxes for selecting individual files, but they behave strangely and don't seem to have a function. 0.5
Idea #3078 arv-put adds a name link after creating a collection 1.0
Idea #2342 Provide generic "command line wrapper" crunch script and utility classes 1.0
Bug #2380 Fix bugs in Windows SSH instructions, and split off to a separate page (use template includes to show identical workbench-side content on both). 1.0
Bug #3127 Clean up docker containers after they run, e.g. docker run --rm=true 0.5
Bug #3135 Job task can create files in the host's filesystem (in the tmp dir shared between host and container) which then can't be deleted by the crunch user account on the host. 1.0
Bug #3151 Default signature expiration time is too short to permit an upload 0.5
Bug #3141 Keep logging improvements 0.5
Idea #2873 Permission links are owned by root; ability to lookup/modify is determined by current user permission on "head" object 2.0
Bug #3099 ajax-loader.gif gives 406 Not Acceptable in production mode. 1.0
Idea #3076 Workbench UI Improvements: Move "help" to top nav, merge with ssh/tokens stuff, change to gear icon, call it "settings".
Bug #2891 Workbench error pages should be helpful 1.0
Idea #3088 Workbench UI improvements: Run this pipeline on template should bring up project chooser. 1.0
Idea #3049 Write blog post about previous sprint 1.0
Bug #3047 UrlGenerationError in projects#show 0.5
Idea #2986 "arv edit {uuid}" command, with behavior like "visudo" 1.0
Bug #3084 'arv keep put zerobytefile' gives an error 0.5
Bug #3087 'arv keep put' on an empty directory hangs 0.5
Bug #2937 Collections download page trips up wget on subdirectories 1.0
Idea #2879 Crunch uses Docker images stored in Keep, and records Keep locators used for Jobs 1.0
Idea #2883 Interactive job log browser to sort/select task logs for diagnostic and profiling purposes 0.5
Idea #2884 Improve file selection dialog (switch projects, add preview area) 0.5
Bug #2439 'df' shows permission denied for other user's FUSE mounts 0.5
Bug #3176 [SDKs] arv-put not writing checkpoint file that is required to resume upload. 1.0