2014-08-06 Sprint

08/06/2014 (Sprint start date 07/17/2014)


118 issues   (118 closed — 0 open)

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Related issues
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Idea #2769 [Keep] Keep supports DELETE requests 3.0
Idea #3235 [Workbench] Site-wide search from top nav 3.0
Bug #3415 [SDKs] Report the server-provided error message when API calls fail in Python SDK 0.5
Support #3320 [Sample Pipelines] Assist pipeline porting efforts in the science team 3.0
Feature #3463 [workbench] add e-mail address to the user list in the sharing dialog 0.5
Bug #3444 [API] Get rid of obsolete "folder" usage in API and Workbench (after 249979c is merged)
Support #3263 [Support] Curate bug reports 2.0
Bug #3372 [Sample pipelines] Add title and description fields to user-provided input parameters in sample pipelines 0.5
Idea #3057 [Sample pipelines] Example pipelines should have link_name for all of the default inputs (samtools etc) 1.0
Idea #3232 [Documentation] Rearrange doc site so "run a sample pipeline in Workbench" comes before any vm/repo/terminal instructions. 0.5
Idea #3234 [Documentation] Update tutorials to match current code. 1.0
Bug #3466 arv-get failing to download entire file from a collection.
Bug #3442 Can re-use job where the job is readable but the output collection isn't. 0.5
Bug #3443 [API] Read permissions for collections should be obtainable via name links 0.5
Bug #3363 [Docker] quick fix for SSO - google openid has been deprecated, default to using Curoverse SSO server 1.0
Bug #3370 [Crunch] Job fails with "KeyError: 'CRUNCH_SRC'" 0.5
Feature #3129 [Workbench] Show API token copy-and-paste block in a pop-up accessible from every page 1.0
Idea #2985 [Workbench] Workbench usability and feature improvements 1.0
Idea #3193 [Workbench] Regular user should view VMs and repositories, and manage tokens and SSH keys, on an approachable "access" page instead of relying on the generic "view/edit items" pages. 3.0
Idea #3016 [Workbench] Pipeline template can specify a search string to restrict choices shown in collection chooser dialog 1.0
Bug #3425 [Crunch] Task outputs chopped at 4KB.
Idea #3349 [Documentation] Update install docs 0.5
Feature #3219 [Docker] further docker image improvements 1.0
Bug #3351 [SDK] arv-put hangs during remote upload
Idea #3138 [Workbench] UI improvements: Persistent top nav between pages 2.0
Bug #3286 [Workbench] "Home" icon next to "Projects" dropdown should link to dashboard, instead of opening the projects dropdown. 0.5
Bug #3200 [Workbench] Improve AJAX error reporting 1.0
Idea #2044 [Workbench] interface lets users share a project folder with other users on this instance 1.0
Idea #3140 [Workbench] UI enhancements: Split project contents into separate tabs and clean up "contents" partial 1.0
Bug #3072 [Workbench] Showing the empty collection in Workbench gives an error page 0.5
Bug #3170 [Workbench] Automatic reloading of pipeline instance page interferes with ajax loading of tabs - should just reload the components tab, not the whole page. 1.0
Bug #3182 [Tests] UsersTest#test_setup_the_active_user test fails too much. 1.0
Bug #3214 [API] Unprivileged user can create subprojects under projects they do not own (but cannot modify the subproject once created) 1.0
Bug #3124 [API] Job creation 'filters' chokes on invalid commit hash 1.0
Idea #3252 [Documentation] Instructions for installing/using arv-put without root access 0.5
Bug #3160 [Workbench] When copying an unnamed pipeline instance, use a blank name instead of "Copy of unnamed pipeline". 0.5
Bug #3132 [Keep] Putting data into Keep tutorial: not able to add the VCF data to keep 1.0
Idea #3270 [Workbench] Set up infrastructure for user experiments 1.0