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Feature #17468 [controller] Skip repetitive OIDC UserInfo calls if access token validates as an ID token 1.0
Bug #17345 [boot] handle dependency upgrades better in "arvados-package build" 1.0
Story #17344 [boot] Make arvados-server-easy package suitable for demo use case
Feature #17070 [packaging][centos] build packages for centos8
Bug #16852 [keep-balance] replication level distribution should account for volumes' built-in replication
Bug #16851 [keep-balance] "underreplicated blocks" are overcounted in log messages
Bug #16830 [keep-web] S3 PutObject response should have content MD5
Feature #16744 [keep-web] Support more S3 write APIs: DeleteObjects, POST object
Bug #16665 Keepproxy reports error 413 (entity too large) even if the original error was something else
Bug #15537 Clarify that Arvados CLI tools are Linux only
Story #15911 Integration tests for WB1 multi site search (mithril app)
Story #15885 Integrate status dashboard
Story #15880 Deprecate hosted git service
Story #15879 Out of the box routing (NGINX) standard as part of basic install
Story #15732 Update group sync tool for new group permission scheme 1.0
Bug #15727 [FUSE] Unhandled exception while getting discovery doc
Story #15372 Revise group permissions to separate them from permissions on managed objects 5.0
Bug #15757 [FUSE] occasional deadlock in tests.test_unmount.UnmountTest.test_replace
Bug #15588 [API] "DefaultReplication: 0" should be an error
Story #15535 [CWL] Run from original CWL, not packed 3.0
Story #15430 [API] Remove the @@ list method filter 1.0
Story #15476 Switch all Workbench tests from PhantomJS to Selenium/Firefox 1.0
Story #13218 Support browsing of projects shared with me in WebDAV 2.0
Feature #15457 [Controller] Delegate new container requests to other clusters based on location of input data 3.0
Story #15455 Outputs of workflow runs get put into a default location other than the user's home project 2.0
Feature #15317 [Keep] expose backend latency stats in the Prometheus metrics 2.0
Story #2679 [API] If enabled by user via "preferences" checkbox in Workbench, notification service sends email to owner when a workflow finishes, fails, or is failing 2.0
Story #15397 Deprecate & remove human, specimens and traits tables 2.0
Bug #9363 [keep-balance] Avoid deleting recently-referenced blocks 1.0
Bug #15176 Update AngularJS to a supported version 2.0
Story #15175 Upgrade jQuery to a supported version 3.0
Story #15528 [docs] better explain the relationship between API server, controller and nginx in install docs
Story #14996 Log crunch-run resource usage statistics 2.0
Story #13697 Prevent the API server and database from continuing to serve requests to clients after timeout 0.5
Support #14944 skip python/go env setup, don't print skipped tests
Feature #8064 [Keep-web] Support CORS requests with Authorization headers 0.5
Feature #14912 [Crunch2] Azure driver supports attaching extra storage 2.0
Feature #11184 [Keep] Support multiple storage classes
Bug #12251 [API] Strict checks for "@@" filter operand 1.0
Feature #14922 [crunch-dispatch-cloud] Run multiple containers concurrently on a single VM 2.0
Story #13048 Refactor crunch2 logging 2.0
Story #14374 Multi-site (federated) object search in controller 3.0
Feature #13611 Nodemanager reads instance sizes from the system config file to avoid duplication 2.0
Feature #13403 [crunch-run] Cancel container on FUSE error 2.0
Bug #13961 [nodemanager] Be quicker applying fixup for node features
Story #13874 [CLI] arvados-server "health" subcommand 2.0
Bug #13789 Document web socket server API (v0) 1.0
Story #11740 [Workbench] Support display & reseting of expiration dates for collections 2.0
Bug #13351 Benchmark container_request creation and see if there are opportunities for optimization
Bug #13343 arvbox warn if running as root or on OS X
Bug #13322 keepstore -help entry for -dump-config is unclear
Feature #13272 [keep-web] read/write support for /by_id and /users 2.0
Story #13522 [keepproxy] document limiting maximum number of HTTP connections 0.5
Story #12191 Support SLURM parameter passthrough from CWL jobs 2.0
Story #11942 [CWL] arvados-cwl-runner should support tagging output collection using properties 1.0
Bug #13142 crunch-dispatch-slurm uses a surprising number of file descriptors, and stops dispatching when it gets a "too many open files" error
Story #13096 Investigate packrat to lock down R package dependencies
Story #13077 R SDK submit to Bioconductor
Story #13046 Provide configuration knob to disallow external access through keep-proxy
Bug #12880 [Composer] Production build fails to load
Bug #12859 keepstore no longer functioning with repeated errors: http: Accept error: accept tcp [::]:25107: accept4: too many open files; retrying in 1s
Bug #12834 [Crunch2] Node record's crunch_worker_state field is not populated
Bug #12558 [Workbench] Bad dashboard time formatting - 60m == 1h
Bug #12510 [API] Don't create an index if it exists already. Will break install if we manually added it,
Bug #12465 [crunchv2] Improve crunch-run environment reporting
Bug #11519 arv-get should abort on ctrl/C
Bug #12360 Document how to add EBS tmp disk to nodemanager configuration
Bug #12358 Document requirements for nodemanager token scope
Bug #12295 [nodemanager] Only looking at first 100 queued jobs
Bug #12331 [CWL] Does not distinguish between keep references to File and Directory when selected in Workbench template
Story #12289 Migrate to Slurm API
Story #12239 Allow templating of the collection sharing web page
Bug #11794 Deprecate / remove arv-web
Story #11285 Update Pipeline Optimization wiki with CWL/Crunchv2
Bug #12170 crunch-run handling non-group readable files in output directory
Story #12089 Javascript SDK
Bug #12082 [SDKs] Improve wording of Keep error messages in Python SDK
Bug #12051 lost job log
Feature #12028 Be able to create a new collection based on a subdirectory in workbench
Feature #12009 Find arvados-cwl-runner version easier in a container request
Story #11983 On the collections page indicate expiring collections
Bug #10584 [FUSE] high memory consumption (possible leak) in long-running arv-mount
Story #11705 [API] Remove async permissions code 0.5
Story #11875 User accounts optionally have read-only access
Bug #11863 [Go] CLI programs should exit 0 after giving -help
Feature #11745 Support structured markup for datasets
Bug #11716 [Workbench] The sort order of items on /pipeline_instances and /container_requests page is incorrect
Bug #11692 CWL Expression Tool Javascript issue when using str.includes
Bug #11691 Using cwl, when you obtain files (file objects) from a directory listing they lose some fields when compare to files listed in cwl doc
Bug #11680 [Workbench] Provenance graph consolidates scatter steps
Bug #11679 [Workbench] Logs containers with undefined exit code
Bug #11669 [Crunch2] crunch-dispatch-slurm hits scancel too much
Feature #11668 [SDKs] Exceptions raised by Python SDK should include the "error token" if provided in the API response
Bug #5076 [Workbench] Replace schizophrenic generic "groups" page with "roles" page that only creates/lists groups with group_class="role".
Bug #11609 [Workbench] A cancelled container request page should show the "Re-run" button
Feature #11605 arv-put detects symlinks to common files and directories to avoid duplicated uploads
Bug #11593 [API] [Workbench] config option serve_static_assets to serve_static_files 1.0
Bug #11581 a-c-r should log the command used to run the pipeline
Feature #11582 [API] Delete old job/container logs in main server process, instead of rake tasks invoked from cron jobs
Story #9441 [Workbench] Improve user page group memberships management [to be groomed]
Feature #11515 [CWL] [Workbench] Support for copying/moving pipelines
Bug #11556 occasional API server badness: 'incomplete response received from application'
Story #11741 [Crunch2] Create workflow object for CWL runs which are initiated from the command line
Bug #12990 [FUSE] Access shared/ is inefficient
Story #11558 [FUSE] Integration test using real programs with complex write patterns.
Feature #11555 [API] Webhook callbacks for server-to-server communication
Bug #11553 [FUSE] Writable fuse creating conflicts with itself
Bug #11548 workbench needs to handle API server timeouts better
Bug #11547 [API] Excessive memory and time consumed by API and dispatch when container fields (like "mounts") are large
Bug #11531 [API] clean up stale/conflicting dns data from deleted node records
Story #11524 Implement disk usage reporting for the administrator
Bug #11523 User activity page takes too long to load
Bug #11520 "arv collection list" command parsing allows invalid lines
Feature #11508 HTTP 503 status for planned downtime
Bug #11495 bcbio NA12878 validation runs: job re-use failure with non-existant collection
Bug #11494 bcbio NA12878 validation runs: failed steps due to being unable to setup container
Story #11452 Support rendering of CWL description fields with embedded markup
Bug #11460 [SDK] avoid interfering with socket open/close - use pycurl sockoptfunction instead of opensocketfunction
Story #11421 [Workbench] UUIDs & PDHs should be hyperlinked
Feature #11410 [SDK] tool for copying CWL file + input collections 0.5
Bug #11405 [arv-put] Lumpy / slow upload
Bug #11396 Network saturation
Feature #10123 [Workbench] [UNC] Copying collections also copies metadata
Bug #11296 [arv-put] bad progress indicator
Bug #11257 [CWL] Fails with $schemas referencing remote resources.
Bug #11261 [API] full text search on pipeline_instances table is extremely slow (wrong index?)
Bug #11260 [API] "arv group contents" produces a 404 error (seems to POST instead of GET?)
Story #11251 [Tests] Make workbench integration tests finish faster (at least in Jenkins)
Bug #11238 job_task creation fails with ApiError - HttpError 422 - ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: PG::InternalError: ERROR: invalid memory alloc request size 1718630765
Bug #11222 Docker load time on compute node is too long
Story #11171 [Nodemanager] Packaging for compute node setup scripts
Story #11163 [GA4GH] Participate in DREAM workflow interoperability activities
Story #11161 [GA4GH] Support task execution API using crunch v2 containers
Story #11160 [GA4GH] Expose workflow records via tool registry API
Story #11159 [GA4GH] Import from tool registry API
Bug #11157 [arv-put] When debug mode is active, report the cache file name being to be used
Bug #11155 [Docs] Document keepstore S3 volume configuration
Bug #11154 [Docs] Migrate install docs from command line flags to YAML configs (keepproxy, keep-web)
Feature #11153 [API] create_token script should allow operator to provide token scopes and opaque comment
Bug #11148 [Crunch2] Propagate dispatch error messages (e.g., sbatch fails) to user via logs/websocket
Story #11147 Write scalability test which can be used periodically as needed
Feature #11146 [Crunch2] [Workbench] Show slurm queue position of containers submitted to slurm but not yet running 3.0
Bug #11137 apt-get upgrade arvados-api-server on Ubuntu 12.04 did not update crunch-job
Bug #11093 "arv keep_service create" should go to an editor.
Bug #11026 "Run a example test" Button.
Bug #10008 [SDKs] [Python] When reading data through Collection et al., signatures should refresh automatically when needed
Bug #11013 [WB] 'Used by' tab empty when no graph is available
Bug #10978 [CWL] Avoid using "+" char in mount paths 0.5
Bug #10955 arvados-cli gem dependency error
Bug #10948 [Workbench] Live stats should use consistent coloring for graphs
Bug #10705 [Crunch2] [API] return a more specific 422 error message when a client calls containers#unlock without having the lock
Bug #10946 [Docs] [SDKs] Mention in API docs and discovery doc that destroy=delete and index=list
Bug #10898 [Documentation] we should not use copy of arvados in the tutorial
Bug #10881 [cwl] arvados-cwl-runner submitted job fails due to missing dependency futures>=3.0.5 in docker/jobs image
Story #10849 [API] [SDKs] When client and server versions differ, the server must either implement the API the client expects, or return an error.
Feature #10830 [Workbench] Support array type input parameters to Workflows
Bug #10809 [Workbench] Don't create manifest with 0 length chunk
Bug #10794 [keepstore] Refactor volume Get/Put funcs to BlockReader/BlockWriter interfaces
Bug #10729 [Crunch2] Propagate error messages if sbatch command succeeds but crunch-run can't run (or can't log to the Arvados API)
Bug #10718 add a --user-script option to install-arvados-jobs-image
Bug #10721 [Docs] Missing docker_image link classes from API docs 0.5
Bug #10715 [Workbench] "Public pipelines" on help menu links to wiki, not local public pipelines
Story #10717 Deprecate arv-run
Bug #10708 [Crunch2] crunch-run fails trying to set swappiness on ubuntu 1204 kernel
Bug #10689 Crunch1 jobs should still work on a slurm setup configured for Crunch2
Bug #10650 [Python SDK] Document undocumented methods in RichCollectionBase 0.5
Bug #10614 [CWL] a-c-r maximum recursion depth exceeded error
Bug #10571 services/nodemanager test_time_timout failing
Bug #10566 arvbox destroy fails because some files are owned by root
Bug #10561 sometimes `arvbox reboot test` gets stuck asking for a sudo password
Bug #10554 Collection file count & size information don't get dynamically updated on collection update
Bug #10552 arvados-git-httpd returns error '500' (Internal Server Error) when a request is not authorized
Bug #10545 arvbox loops forever when something goes wrong
Bug #10543 implement approximate (estimated) counts for API list method
Feature #10541 [Keep] Share buffers between overlapping/consecutive GET requests for the same block 2.0
Bug #10535 test suite hangs (in arvbox) in sdk/python test_callback
Bug #10532 Multiple links with the same relevant information can be created
Bug #10531 [crunchstat-summary] HTML plots should be a superset of text format output
Bug #10514 [crunch-job] use docker instead of 0.5
Feature #10493 [Python SDK] Provide more control over pre-fetch behavior
Bug #10469 Multiple virtual machines with the same hostname can be created
Bug #10445 [SDKs] Fix memory leak in Python SDK Collection class
Bug #10444 [Performance][Workbench] While in a resource #show page, switching between tabs results in fetching the object again from API server. This can cause unacceptable amount of latency for large objects such as large pipeline instances and also to collections.
Bug #10408 4xphq keep balance api request causes oom on api server
Story #10405 [API] Remove unimplemented fields from api_client_authorization
Story #10402 [CWL] Reduce redundant work with subworkflow RunInSingleContainer
Story #10388 Request collections that don't (yet) exist via fuse interface
Story #10387 Faster downloading using arv-get
Story #10354 Add varchar_pattern_ops to all relevant PostgreSQL UUID indexes
Bug #10337 remove the need of yum reinstall from the installation/upgrade of Rails based components
Bug #10327 arvados-cwl-runner fails to find secondaryFiles
Bug #10319 [Workbench] list of logins in the admin page isn't showing all logins
Feature #10328 [CWL] a-c-r option to resubmit failed jobs
Bug #10296 [Centos7] [google_api_python_client] packaging with wrong permissions
Feature #10594 [API] [Workbench] Error out when unrecognized keys appear in config files 0.5
Bug #10265 [Workbench] Pipeline instance shows wrong button labels in tab area
Bug #10696 [CWL] Tries to run docker inside container where docker is not available, gives IOError
Feature #10268 [SDK] Convenience method for resolving project/file paths
Story #10245 [Performance][Workbench] Computing user notifications in topnav is expensive. Can the user's properties be used instead?
Story #10242 [Performance] Fetching the pipeline instance qr1hi-d1hrv-jl9fvzy3x8sdj8v seems to take too long
Feature #10217 [Crunch1] Log the node properties at the start of a job
Story #10213 Efficient queries for notification menu items
Bug #10206 [CWL] arvados-cwl-runner may not be handling input files on keep mount correctly
Feature #10191 Arvados should be able to cat/zcat files in collections easily
Bug #10182 Provide more reasonable error messages for memory issues during container dispatch
Bug #10177 Confusing job duration reporting
Bug #10170 [Workbench] Jobs on dashboard say "No output" even when they have output
Feature #10164 Additional Crunch job logging controls
Story #9960 Automate starting/enabling services during Workbench and API package installation
Bug #10127 [API] In each request log entry, report time spent getting current permission graph
Bug #10120 [Crunch] crunch-dispatch log throttling should not apply to its own stderr
Bug #10097 Python RichCollectionbase's find_or_create() method callers may assume that found object is of "create_type" type
Bug #10096 RichCollectionBase's _get_src_target method would crash if "source" argument is not basestring and "target_path" is empty.
Bug #10084 keep-balance reporting large numbers of replicas lost
Story #10027 Move Container related documentation from wiki to code
Bug #10018 [Workbench] Double-clicking "show version" link causes modal deadlock
Bug #9989 [SDKs] Python SDK should use a more recent version of the google api client library
Bug #9985 [Testing] TestErrorDuringRsync_FakeDstKeepservers
Bug #9969 [Crunch2] [API] Permit container [request] with empty command (run default docker command)
Feature #9968 [Crunch2] [API] Support container request expiry (expires_at)
Bug #9965 [CWL][Crunch][Crunch2] crunchrunner should ignore hidden directories when uploading to keep
Bug #9964 [CWL][Crunch2][Crunch] crunchrunner should use CWL globs to output data to keep
Bug #9870 [FUSE] arv-mount installation documentation not working
Bug #9732 [FUSE] performance issues stat() in python
Story #9591 [FUSE] Undelete collections by moving them out of the TrashDirectory
Story #8179 [keep-balance] Refuse to act when planning to delete data above an admin-specified threshold
Bug #9967 [keep-balance] Do not delete blocks referenced by collections with replication_desired=0
Story #9958 login-sync config file & systemd unit
Story #9937 [Workbench] file upload should provide progress bar for overall upload, not just individual files
Bug #9936 Workbench file upload should allow the selection of directories
Bug #9929 [SDK] portable_manifest_text() normalizes manifest, breaks CollectionReader() round trip
Bug #9921 [SDKs] Python SDK duplicates resource attributes in top level of params
Feature #8415 [SDKs] arv-put's default output includes both collection UUID and PDH
Feature #3311 [SDKs] Improve metadata created by arv-put
Feature #9802 [Workbench UI] Pipeline instances should have a link to view the CWL file used.
Bug #9755 [CWL] Creating intermediate folders in working directory (fails in cwl-runner)
Bug #9750 [Workbench] UI should advance to new step when user submits their input
Bug #10142 [Workbench] Ability to add group from Groups admin page
Bug #9443 [keep-rsync] Rename "replications" to "replicas" 0.5
Feature #9364 [keep-balance] "Expedited delete" tool: perform garbage collection on some specific (recently deleted) collections, bypassing usual GC race protections 3.0
Bug #9659 [CWL] Jobs crash when arvados/jobs:latest is not suitable to run CWL jobs
Bug #9630 [Crunch2] crunch-dispatch-slurm can't successfully dispatch work when run from a directory it can't write to 0.5
Story #9278 [Crunch2] Document/fix handling of collections with non-nil expires_at field 1.0
Story #8912 [Data manager] Verbose reporting 0.5
Bug #8504 [Workbench] Times out before API server loading active pipeline instances 0.5
Story #9592 [FUSE] rmdir on CollectionDirectory sets expires_at
Story #9590 [FUSE] Trash directory to list, inspect, and un-trash trashed collections
Story #9584 [FUSE] Don't display expiring collections in regular collection listings
Feature #9245 [FUSE] Make .arvados#collection available in collection subdirectories
Bug #9244 [FUSE] .arvados#collection is missing or outdated after writing inside collection
Bug #8317 [Provenance Tracking] jobs refer to collections by uuids, not pdh
Bug #8254 Add Gantt chart for pipeline optimization
Bug #7977 get rid of dependencies python-pyasn1 python-pyasn1-modules
Bug #7747 [FUSE] arv-mount is too slow for strelka
Bug #11027 [Crunchv2] python thread error after job success
Bug #8669 [SDKs] PySDK fails to load CAs for SSL verification when run inside Conda
Bug #8721 [Crunch] crunch-job can miss the final log output of a job
Bug #8148 [FUSE] When we give up trying to write a block, the next operation on the file should fail
Story #8774 [Crunch] Limit maximum wait time between retries
Feature #7328 [Crunch] [UX] Standard excepthook to help debug job problems 1.0
Bug #8315 [SDKs] arv-copy fails to copy a Docker image specified with repo:tag syntax 0.5
Bug #8901 [Workbench] The "Log" tab should have an notification that the job has been queued
Bug #8346 [API] Bad compute node address detection on private networks
Bug #8388 [SDKs] WebSocketClient Exception 'NoneType' object is not callable 0.5
Story #8552 [Crunch] Log throttling shouldn't throttle logs from crunchstat, crunch-job
Story #7831 [FUSE] Add --umask, --fmask, --dmask options to control file permissions 1.0
Bug #9141 [SDKs] Bad use of RetryLoop in
Bug #7156 [SDK] arvados.arvfile.readall_decompressed() does not return all blocks on a file
Bug #8869 [Crunch] Job was repeatedly retried on same bad compute node until abandoned
Bug #8387 [Docs] Many tutorial instructions are wrong outside Curoverse clusters
Bug #8830 [Workbench] No user profile should be required in the default configuration 0.5
Story #8778 [Docs] Document Git 1.7.10+ dependency for shell node and HTTPS Git cloning
Story #8781 [Docs/Workbench] Document how to clone repositories over HTTPS
Story #8775 [Docs/Workbench] Improve SSH agent documentation
Bug #7743 [Workbench] Hide file preview buttons when preview isn't possible with current keep-web config 1.0
Story #8885 [PySDK] API client logs a warning when you create an object without an owner_uuid
Bug #8541 [NodeManager] Use sys.exc_clear() to release exception tracebacks
Story #8565 [API] Go code to connect to the API server database and make basic sense of it
Story #8566 [API] Go code to implement the Arvados API permissions model
Bug #8638 [API] List queries using "distinct" option return incorrect number of items_available
Bug #6772 [API] Should not be necessary to host git repos on the same host as API server 2.0
Feature #8163 [FUSE] arv-mount should detect and log any files/dirs that are still open after unmounting
Story #7973 [FUSE] Reset mount-tmp to the state of another collection
Feature #7847 [SDKs] Update run-command to use arv-mount --mount-tmp instead of staging directory
Story #7621 [API] Job model validates that the script exists in the repository at script_version 1.0
Story #9428 [SDKs] Port arv-keepdocker to use the docker-py library
Story #9045 [SDKs] `arv keep docker` can upload an image already saved as .tar
Story #9147 [SDKs] `arv keep docker` can make links for an image already in a collection
Story #3897 [SDKs] Clients can specify which auth config file to load. 0.5
Bug #7660 [SDKs] PySDK one_task_per_input_file should support a num_retries argument
Feature #8212 [SDKs] arv CLI program accepts "-" and "/path/to/file" as values for parameters that expect JSON (most notably the "body" parameter) 0.5
Story #8314 [SDKs] arv-copy continue on error
Story #8313 [SDK] arv-copy better Git repository error reporting
Bug #6753 [API] Asset pipeline does not work unless config/environments/production.rb is present at buildtime and runtime
Bug #7312 [API] CSS+images missing on login_failure.html
Bug #7880 [Crunch] crunch-dispatch should run the bundled version of crunch-job specified by Gemfile.lock 0.5
Bug #8195 [API] [Workbench] config:check catches and reports YAML parsing errors
Feature #7694 [API] [Workbench] Check for nonexistent config params during rake config:check 0.5
Bug #8121 [CRUNCH] Fail gracefully when arvados repo doesn't exists
Feature #7024 [Keep] keepstore status.json should report runtime environment
Bug #7008 [Workbench] Crashes with Fiddlesticks when trying to view a pipeline instance graph copied from another cluster 0.5
Feature #5846 [Workbench] [Fiddlesticks] Live job log should show recent history 2.0
Bug #8399 [Workbench] Doesn't explain why a job can't be cancelled
Story #8091 [Workbench] Show all known runtime_constraints in job status pane
Feature #3734 [Keep] Keepstore and keepproxy support HTTP Range requests 2.0
Feature #8228 [SDKs] [FUSE] Python SDK and arv-mount use Range requests when a caller requests part of a block that has been ejected from the cache 2.0
Feature #7127 [API] Job log cleaner should not clean logs when the job's log is the empty collection
Bug #7001 [SDKs] Recursive pipeline instance arv-copy doesn't copy job objects, losing metadata
Bug #7600 [Crunch] Unhelpful translation of script parameter outside script_parameters 1.0
Bug #7418 [SDKs] Unhelpful 404 stack trace when trying to arv-copy a collection without access
Bug #6780 [git] "git clone https://..." with a bogus token should respond 4xx, not 5xx 0.5
Bug #7725 [Keep-store] make keep-store lookup token at runtime like keep-proxy does 1.0
Bug #6968 [SDKs] arv-copy continues copying when a collection's content address is wrong, but warns and exits a special code 2.0
Feature #5676 [SDK] arv-copy automatically creates new repository(ies) on the destination cluster
Story #6840 [SDKs] Teach arv-copy to copy whole projects
Bug #7400 [Workbench] node visibility as admin vs ordinary user does not line up
Bug #7120 [Keep] keepproxy should log real IP address 0.5
Bug #7823 ubuntu package libarvados-perl should depend on libcrypt-ssleay-perl
Bug #7129 [Documentation] RVM and passenger recipes are missing details 0.5
Bug #6883 [Deployment] should set up git_repositories_dir
Feature #8344 [login-sync] Sets up settings.conf
Bug #7170 [Documentation] Various small bugs in the CLI SDK install guide
Bug #7356 [Documentation] Various small bugs in the install guide
Bug #8349 [Docs] keep-web runit script depends on sudo configuration
Story #8331 [Documentation] Clarify PostgreSQL setup commands for Software Collections users 0.5
Bug #8621 [Wiki] Clean up Computation_and_Pipeline_Processing page
Bug #7575 [Documentation] Install guide incurs RVM's sudo wrath 0.5
Bug #7342 [Documentation] Install guide explains a few different deployment options 2.0
Bug #7230 [Documentation] FUSE documentation should note granting FUSE permissions 0.5
Bug #6919 [Documentation] Make keepproxy install guide follow nginx conventions 0.5
Feature #9017 [Tests] Make slow tests optional (e.g., --short)
Bug #8386 [Workbench] Many shell node instructions are wrong outside Curoverse clusters
Bug #7166 [API] specifying an invalid filter should result in an error
Bug #6992 [API] Support numeric filter comparisons for numeric fields
Story #9150 [API] Synthetic collections include the "kind" field
Bug #7184 [Deployment] Test distribution packages
Bug #8538 [Workbench/API] Does not derive key name from comments with whitespace
Bug #6922 [API] [Maybe] Update API server to support Git 1.7.2
Bug #9143 [API] Trying to update a collection by PDH raises a NoMethodError
Bug #6240 [API] "order" params should be rejected or used (not silently ignored) even when they reference columns missing from the "select" param 0.5
Bug #7695 [API] Accept collection UUID as a job's docker_image constraint 0.5
Story #9148 [API] Finalize and document the collections/provenance and collections/used_by API calls
Bug #7232 [Keep] keepstore should notify sysadmin about error conditions (trying harder than just log.Print())
Bug #4730 [SDKs] Remove ruby dependency from arv wrapper 1.0
Bug #4431 [SDKs] arv-copy should not require --dst-git-repo when copying on the same cluster 0.5
Bug #6276 [SDKs] Python Keep block-r/w errors should indicate which collection/file was unreadable/unwritable as a result 1.0
Story #6387 [SDKs] arv-put progress meter scales based on file size, rather than being fixed to MiB
Bug #6959 [SDKs] arv-copy raises an unexpected backtrace on ^C
Bug #8065 Out of memory when using arv-copy not handled gracefully
Feature #8379 [SDKs] Recursive arv-copy should report progress of the entire copy, in addition to individual objects
Story #5468 [SDKs] Refactor arv-get/put/copy into the Python "arv" wrapper using common exception-handling and argument parsing 2.0
Story #7476 [SDKs] Ensure `arv keep put` replicates properly
Story #7477 [SDKs] Go Keep client enforces a minimum transfer rate for proxy connections
Story #7473 [FUSE] [SDKs] Ensure FUSE and other SDK clients work with a default replication level != 2
Feature #8502 [SDKs] Fetch all results with the CLI `list` command
Feature #8213 [SDKs] arv get (and edit) should support a flag that suppresses display of non-writable attributes like "status" and "writable_by" 1.0
Feature #8501 [SDKs] Add client-side join switches to `arv foo list`
Feature #8498 [SDKs] GoSDK arvadosclient parameters are more transparent
Story #8838 [SDKs] PySDK Collection class lets you iterate files and subcollections separately
Story #8780 [SDKs] Git credentials helper in CLI tools
Story #8022 [SDKs] CLI tools install tab completion aids
Story #7394 [SDKs] arv-copy copies all metadata associated with an object
Bug #9144 [SDKs] Can't `arv get` a collection by PDH
Bug #7385 [Workbench] Pagination sets limit on last page, causing unintended side effects
Bug #6439 [Workbench] Copying jobs causes "SubmitIdReused" error if submit_id is not null 0.5
Story #8562 [Workbench] Project listings act like file manager directory trees, with expanding+collapsing trees
Bug #6920 [Workbench] Remove Keep disks link? 0.5
Story #8560 [Workbench] Ability to create a new project when creating a new pipeline instance
Story #7830 [Workbench] User admin interface should show which VM(s) the user can login to
Bug #7002 [Workbench] workbench move and copy is incomplete
Bug #7003 [Workbench] warn user when navigation will cause input text to be lost
Bug #6363 [Workbench] Visible blanking between partial content reloads
Feature #8486 [Workbench] Change project "Jobs and pipelines" tab to just "Pipelines"
Feature #8221 [Workbench] Add an "invert selection" button to checklists alongside "un/select all"
Feature #8318 [git] Should be able to clone git repositories that are shared with "anonymouspublic" without authentication
Story #7990 [FUSE] With --exec, expose the mount point in an environment variable
Bug #8294 [FUSE] arv-mount usage message shows incorrect order for [--exec ...] option
Bug #7404 [Crunch] crunch-job does not sufficiently sanitize job parameter names when putting them in the environment
Bug #6601 [API] Do not accept an empty SSH key as valid 0.5
Bug #6571 [Workbench] Project description styled differently based on whether or not the user can write to the project
Bug #6991 [Keep] multiple response.Writeheader calls
Bug #6921 [SDKs] `arv create` creates an object from an empty file 0.5
Story #8058 [Documentation] Add Gitolite sanity check to install guide
Bug #8873 [Docs] file_names Collection field is undocumented
Story #8328 [Deployment] .yml.example files should be consistent 0.5
Bug #7158 [Documentation] Document installing the PySDK at a different PREFIX 0.5
Bug #6886 [Documentation] A user with an older install may land in a page that requires the "latest" prerequisites.
Story #7468 [Workbench] Displays content at the top of the dashboard, set by the sysadmin
Story #7469 [Workbench] Provide an interface for the sysadmin to set Dashboard banner content
Story #7470 [Workbench] Provide an interface to delete files from collections
Story #7471 [SDKs] Provide a CLI tool to add files to an existing collection
Story #7472 [SDKs] Provide a CLI tool to remove files from a collection
Bug #7141 [API] Advertise anonymous token in discovery document
Feature #7845 [Crunch] Crunchstat and arv-mount print final stats before exiting 1.0
Feature #7411 [Workbench] Pipeline template listings should include links to the scripts
Story #13790 Add metrics endpoint to arvados-controller 2.0
Bug #7100 [Workbench] Reusing ArvadosResourceList results in inconsistent results
Story #7439 [SDKs] CLI tools support Mac
Story #6783 [Performance] Compare Collection performance benchmarks across components
Feature #6782 [API] [Workbench] Generate debconf template from config yaml
Bug #6762 [FUSE][Performance] Job to md5sum 1TiB of 1MiB files in parallel is very slow
Story #7474 [FUSE] Add a --replication switch
Story #6570 [DRAFT] [Workbench] More encouragement for users to send feedback
Bug #6606 [Workbench] Provide a GUI interface to arv-copy
Bug #6599 [SDKs] Whenever `arv` has an invalid resource name argument, it should complain about that 0.5
Feature #6574 [Workbench] [Webshell] Rough edges in web shell 2.0
Bug #6677 [Workbench] Anonymous user is listed in the "Share with users" popup when anonymous viewing is disabled, while "Share with groups" popup omits the anonymous group
Bug #6635 [Documentation] document installation of node manager
Story #3640 [SDKs] Add runtime option to SDKs (esp Python and arv-mount) to use a filesystem directory block cache as an alternative to RAM cache. 2.0
Story #5914 [DRAFT] Provide one clear way for users to get data from an external source into Arvados
Feature #6442 [Workbench] [API] Support "world-readable, but not world-searchable" permission on projects: "anyone with the link can view"
Bug #7099 [SDKs] CLI SDK tools use Ruby SDK
Story #6405 [Workbench] Allow additional curation of the public projects listing
Feature #6348 [Deployment] [Documentation] Minimize system-wide dependencies for compute node setup 1.0
Bug #6318 [SDKs] Go SDK locator regexp (and its tests) should agree with the documented format 0.5
Feature #6310 [FUSE] Support scaling the internal block cache based on number of open files
Story #6307 [Workbench] Public project listing should exclude subprojects 0.5
Bug #6274 [API] [Workbench] Home project should be a real object (group with group_class="project"), not current_user. 2.0
Bug #6175 [Workbench] Add social sharing buttons to public projects [and other data?] 1.0
Bug #6174 [Workbench] Propagate old search engine meta tags in sync with Open Graph data 0.5
Bug #6173 [Workbench] Make public data crawlable
Bug #6172 [Workbench] Breadcrumbs can occupy multiple rows when the screen is narrow 0.5
Bug #6130 [Workbench] Support searching collections by their collection name
Story #6642 [API] Include a mechanism to automatically trust some clients
Bug #6076 [API] walk api server installations and ensure modified_at for collections is unique + ensure modified_at is enforced to be unique at the api level.
Bug #6020 [Workbench] The collection information box values for content address and content size should be updated automatically after new file(s) are added via browser upload.
Feature #5962 [Keep] Use bufferpool in keepproxy to limit memory use when there are many concurrent PUTs 1.0
Bug #5952 Slow to log-in to Workbench
Bug #5947 [Workbench] Provide additional guidance to users running their first pipeline
Bug #5946 [Workbench] "other collections have the same content" page is confusing
Bug #5907 [SDKs] PySDK's internal decorators lose method metadata 0.5
Bug #5906 [API] crunch-dispatch should mark a job failed when its repository cannot be fetched 1.0
Bug #5902 [Workbench] collection#show is unresponsive for a large collection
Bug #5901 [API] Improve performance of large requests in parallel
Bug #5896 [FUSE] Ensure all I/O errors properly distinguish "not found" and other API errors
Bug #5874 [Workbench] Mobile menus lack contrast (gray text on aubergine) 0.5
Story #5865 [Crunch] Run a local job using a docker image directly from the shell VM (without writing the docker image to Keep) 2.0
Story #5781 [API] [DRAFT] Provide API methods for manipulating and combining collections 2.0
Bug #5523 [Crunch] crunchstat should not report errors during normal timing races 0.5
Feature #5840 [API] Relax repository name constraints to permit [-_.] -- ideally allow anything github allows 0.5
Story #5788 [SDKs] [refactor] Dry up KeepService get() and put() in arvados/ 0.5
Feature #4223 [SDKs] arv keep docker --download to get image from Arvados 0.5
Feature #5782 [Workbench] Support entering boolean script_parameters when editing a pipeline instance 0.5
Feature #5767 [API] Websockets subscribe API should accept a start timestamp, so clients don't have to miss any events logged between the given start time and websocket connection success. 1.0
Bug #5841 [Workbench] Link to script sources on github when repository is a github url 0.5
Bug #3989 [Workbench] [DRAFT] Fix clock/node time reporting on Workbench pipeline page
Bug #5743 [Workbench] Replace type-specific #index pages with generic code 2.5
Story #6058 [Workbench] Provide a guided workflow to new users who want to upload data and run a public pipeline 2.5
Bug #5662 [FUSE] cd/ls sometimes takes too long on su92l
Bug #5713 [FUSE] File access sometimes takes too long on su92l
Feature #5035 [Documentation] Document the minimum docker image / Dockerfile that can be used to run a job. 1.0
Bug #4696 [SDKs] one_task_per_input_stream fails due to unsupported APIs. Remove it from docs, examples, and SDK. 0.5
Bug #5820 [Workbench] Missing link target in iframe error message 0.5
Bug #5669 [Workbench] Make Dashboard contents filterable
Feature #5668 [Workbench] Favorite projects, pipelines, collections
Bug #5667 [Workbench] Indicate related pipeline instances
Bug #5665 [Workbench] Link to log from pipeline and/or job summary page
Bug #5614 [Workbench] 504 error returned when trying to create a large new collection
Bug #5235 [Workbench] Pipeline instance "Re-run with latest" button occasionally returns Not found page
Feature #5778 [FUSE] Support efficient copy at command line 2.0
Feature #4835 [Workbench] Log Graph - Feature requests
Feature #5415 [Workbench] Improve presentation of anonymously-viewed collections (via both "sharing link" and regular copy-and-pasted Location) 2.5
Story #5624 [API] [Workbench] [Performance] Use object caching to improvement performance (such as memcache).
Bug #5560 [DRAFT] [API] Good API for accessing the old_ and new_attributes in Logs table properties column 2.0
Bug #4943 [Workbench] [Performance] Combining big collections should start returning a response faster (currently you can get a 502 proxy error even if the collection still combines)
Story #5621 [Documentation] Improve SDK documentation
Feature #5582 [API] [Workbench] Add read-only ("locked") flag to projects 2.0
Feature #5511 [Workbench] Workbench should support viewing VCF files
Feature #5510 [DRAFT] [Crunch] User can configure task retries
Feature #5495 [Workbench] Change "recent pipelines" to curated selection of "public pipelines"
Feature #5494 [Documentation] Run an uncommitted script straight from a working directory using arv-run-pipeline-instance --run-here
Feature #5459 [Crunch] Job logs include node-level resource usage statistics (cpu, ram, swap, etc)
Story #5428 [Tests] Enhance keep testing to support signed locators. 2.0
Bug #5127 [Docs] Note apt key information in Python package READMEs
Bug #5327 [SDK] CLI tools should catch socket errors like "Connection refused" 0.5
Feature #5201 [SDKs] arv-put --description X --properties P should set respective attrs on new collection. 0.5
Bug #4957 [SDKs] arv keep put blows up when trying to put a danging symlink 0.5
Bug #5451 [Documentation] Fix Go SDK comments so they look reasonable in godoc 0.5
Feature #5138 [SDKs] arv-run-pipeline-instance should accept project and title parameters 0.5
Feature #5245 [Documentation] Show footer with date last updated 0.5
Bug #3625 [Workbench] API token provided in query string should not be ignored just because the session already has a token. 0.5
Feature #5439 [Tests] Provide a docker image, based on puppet/packer process, that can run the entire test suite quickly.
Feature #5387 [DRAFT] [Workbench] Improve provenance/used-by graphs so they are legible even for large pipelines / long provenance trails 2.0
Feature #5384 [DRAFT] [Workbench] Improve display of pipelines and jobs 2.0
Story #3022 Improvements to sortable log viewer 2.0
Feature #5297 [Workbench] Enable users to share with any other user
Feature #5382 [Documentation] arvados VM simulator, demonstrating how it looks to use Arvados from CLI 2.0
Feature #5316 [DRAFT] [Workbench] Browse change history for records
Feature #5284 [Docker] Auto setup as much as possible for new users
Feature #5391 [SDK] Go KeepClient offers a "read block" API that recovers from transmission errors by attempting alternate servers.
Bug #5541 [Workbench] Buttons should have consistent ctrl-click and right-click behavior
Bug #5147 [Docker] Make API server root URL in discovery document easier to resolve 0.5
Bug #5307 [Workbench] Additional settings for ssh/config from Manage Account page 0.5
Feature #5296 [Workbench] Extend Sharing tab to collections
Feature #5260 [Tests] Implement long-running keepstore services in run-tests, similar to what api got in #3021 1.0
Feature #5259 [Tests] Reduce dependency on integration tests 2.0
Feature #5193 [Workbench] Public project page should encourage visitors to try using Arvados themselves 1.0
Feature #5237 [Workbench] Pipeline re-run dialog should offer docker image choices (latest/same), similar to script version choices 1.0
Bug #5134 [SDKs] CLI tools fail or warn when current working directory is gone
Feature #5139 [SDKs] arv-get should support getting multiple files by shell glob
Feature #5133 [Crunch] Use uncommitted code in a git work tree to run a dockerized crunch job in a VM (using crunch-job or arv-run-pipeline-instance --run-jobs-here) 2.5
Feature #4561 [SDKs] Refactor run-command so it can be used as an SDK by scripts in a git tree 2.0
Feature #5097 [SDKs] CLI tools support project paths in addition to uuids 2.0
Feature #5036 [arv-mount] Change default mount type from "fuse" to "fuse.arvados" 0.5
Bug #4938 [Workbench] improve error reporting for failed AJAX calls 1.0
Bug #3691 [Workbench] Suppress "ajax failed" error messages when ajax fails due to browser navigation event. 1.0
Bug #5233 [Tests] Eliminate system globals in test suites 1.0
Bug #4770 [Workbench] after file upload, the files tab should refresh immediately (overriding the 15 second throttle) 0.5
Bug #4821 [SDKs] CLI tests should be better isolated from user configuration 0.5
Bug #4805 [Workbench] Workbench provenance graph tabs appear empty when graph is very large 0.5
Story #4744 [Workbench] Merge "user agreement" and "required profile fields" into a single page 2.0
Bug #5025 [Docker] Make it easy to add data from the host system to containers
Story #5007 [Workbench] Pilot material design theme 1.0
Story #5094 [Workbench] Make pipeline rerun UI more like jobs'
Bug #4129 [Node Manager] Don't reuse node table records 1.0
Bug #3573 [Workbench] When showing a shared project, do not include "Home" in breadcrumbs. 0.5
Feature #4935 [Crunch] Choose worker nodes where the desired docker image is already available.
Bug #4358 [Tests] When comparing pipelines, the graph should highlight the differences by using different colors for pipeline A/B/both. 0.5
Bug #5021 [Workbench] Page for downloading collections with anonymous sharing link does not have any styling.
Feature #4906 [Documentation/FUSE] Document '.arvados#collection' in shell VM keep mount
Feature #5033 [SDKs] `arv keep docker` should pipe the data directly to Keep instead of store-and-forward, and provide some progress feedback up front in any case. 1.0
Bug #5020 [Workbench] File upload should start immediately, not wait for user to press "Start" 0.5
Story #4833 [Crunch] Quick turnaround time when updating a docker image in order to re-run a job 2.0
Bug #4952 [SDKs] [DRAFT] arv-get with just one locator argument should download the entire collection
Bug #4771 [Workbench] Collection content hash should stay up-to-date (e.g., while uploading files) 0.5
Bug #4726 [Crunch] run-command should show helpful error message when task.foreach argument is not a list 0.5
Bug #4767 [API] Discovery doc should fix its incorrect "list" method description to be identical to "index" 0.5
Feature #4579 [Documentation] Run-command docs should remind user how & why to exit non-zero on failure. 0.5
Bug #4669 [SDKs] arv-put should assume --no-resume when --raw is given 0.5
Bug #4635 [Tests] Diagnostics suite tests that live logs are displayed while jobs are running. 0.5
Bug #4692 [API] Prompt user when logging in to a client for the first time. 2.0
Bug #4690 [DRAFT] [Workbench] Prevent CSRF and XSS attacks 1.0
Bug #3224 [Workbench] Search box on collections page should use infinite scroll instead of (broken) page number links 2.0
Feature #4647 [Workbench] Projects dropdown should have a free text filter box 0.5
Bug #4750 [Crunch] crunch-dispatch's Bundler environment infects non-Docker jobs 0.5
Bug #4700 [Workbench] Websocket client should only subscribe to events about relevant objects, not all events. 2.0
Feature #4530 [Workbench] Show more (earlier) log entries for a running job 2.0
Story #4566 [Documentation] Introduce compute workflow / pipeline concepts in user guide 1.0
Feature #4508 [Documentation] Best practices for getting the most out of job re-use 1.0
Feature #4531 [Documentation] Set of introductory tutorials each focused on accomplishing a simple task 2.0
Feature #3223 [Documentation] Tutorial for adding a crunch script wrapper for an existing tool that is already hosted on github. 2.0
Bug #4460 [Workbench] Sortable column headings (filename, size) in collections#show 1.0
Bug #3387 [Workbench] Disable auto-refresh on tabs with infinite-scroll or editable content. 0.5
Bug #4494 [Crunch] Do more error-checking and show more diagnostic info when installing a Docker image 1.0
Feature #3980 [SDKs] CLI tool to view real time logs from running jobs/pipelines, much like the Log tab of the Workbench PipelineInstance#show page 1.0
Feature #4808 [Workbench] "Add data from another project" modal supports regex filtering
Feature #4503 [SDKs] Option to watch logs (instead of exiting) when queuing a job or pipeline instance using arv job create, arv pipeline run, etc. 1.0
Feature #4642 [Workbench] "Download" / "Save as" button for provenance graph 0.5
Feature #3928 [Workbench] Reveal log collection ID in pipeline/job summary and job Log tab 0.5
Feature #3284 [Workbench] Project show page should have buttons to add objects besides Collections
Feature #4650 [API] API method and CLI shortcut for refreshing the signatures on some block locators (without creating a collection) 0.5
Feature #4393 [Workbench] Display portable data hash, parent project, file count in Collection tables
Feature #4539 [Workbench] Job detail page should show the job status when the job is not running or has completed running (button that shows 'queued', 'not ready', 'failed', 'complete', etc) 0.5
Story #4919 [API] Arvados clients can use standard OAuth2 protocol instead of custom token handling mechanism 2.0
Bug #4427 [Workbench] Each active job/pipeline on the dashboard should show how many worker nodes are allocated to it. 1.0
Bug #4289 [Workbench] Job view should include the relevant component name(s) from each pipeline where the job was used 0.5
Bug #4514 [Workbench] Pipelines that are in New or Ready state should show up somewhere on the dashboard, (e.g., in "Active pipelines" or "Recent pipelines" table). 0.5
Bug #4394 [Workbench] Make duplicate name error message more user-friendly 0.5
Feature #4446 [Workbench] Provide feedback on dashboard to indicate that NodeManager is booting a node. 1.0
Feature #4502 [SDKs] "arv recent [objectType]" lists recently modified objects 1.0
Feature #4302 [Crunch] Pipelines should not fail immediately after one job failure, but continue running as much as possible
Bug #4452 [Workbench] Report a Problem" menu item does not like being opened in a new tab/window. 0.5
Feature #4516 [Workbench] Don't show empty projects/collections when using the chooser dialog to select pipelines, files, etc. 0.5
Feature #3101 [Tests] Websockets should work out of the box in test/development modes, even when using an ssh tunnel and a self-signed certificate. 2.0
Bug #3037 [API] websocket clients should not put API tokens in path or query string 1.0
Feature #3125 [Workbench] Add a "docker images" page to Workbench that lists available docker images 1.0
Feature #4404 [API] [SDKs] Include provenance information for uploaded Collections
Bug #4182 [Workbench] [API] "Manage" permission should be sufficient to delete subprojects 1.0
Story #4350 [Workbench] Order by Collections "Name" column puts "folders" (collections containing files) at the top
Feature #4349 [SDKs] When editing a template in arv-edit and faced with a parse error, when trying again, it should automatically take you to the line/column of the error
Bug #4175 [API] API method and interface to check if a bugfix is deployed on a cluster 2.0
Feature #4343 [SDKs] arv create needs --project-uuid and --name parameters for appropriate classes
Bug #4324 [Docker] Fix supervisor.conf to supervise services instead of running init.d start script and hoping everything is OK 0.5
Bug #4273 [API] as admin user, permission denied canceling a job (started by another user) 0.5
Bug #4265 [Workbench] default .ssh/config instructions should specify cluster name 0.5
Story #4237 [Documentation] Update and expand user/tutorials/tutorial-keep-mount.html to show practical ways of finding data via FUSE mount. 1.0
Feature #4193 [SDK] Make arv keep docker smarter about storing docker layers, thus making uploads of changed images (much) faster 2.0
Bug #4309 [SDK] arv-copy collection copy performance 2.0
Story #4255 [SDKs] Implement "arv keep less" and "arv keep check" natively instead of hoping whless and whcheck are installed. 1.0
Bug #4118 [API] Link model validation allows only Users and Groups to get can_read, can_write, can_manage 0.5
Bug #4191 [Keep] "Shared" directory in arv-mount doesn't show non-project groups that own projects 1.0
Bug #4116 [Workbench] Users activity page link is gone for non-admin users with read-only admin permissions. Users activity page only shows own activity for non-admin users with read-only admin permissions. 0.5
Bug #4288 [API] api server docker_images endpoint
Bug #3976 [API] Non-admin users should see all nodes with crunch_worker_state busy/idle, regardless of ping age. 0.5
Bug #3974 [SDKs] CLI 'arv pipeline run --run-pipeline-here' should change instance state from 'ready' (or 'not running'?) to 'RunningOnClient' 0.5
Story #4128 [Workbench] [refactor] JavaScript refactoring
Bug #3973 [Workbench] After cloning a pipeline instance, the new instance should not have any cancelled jobs/components 0.5
Story #4030 [SDK] Command line tool to manipulate collection manifests
Feature #3964 [SDKs] Command-line diagnostic suite reveals problems on a shell VM (e.g., arv-mount, SDK version skew) 1.0
Bug #3817 [API] Discovery document schema does not include generated fields like job dependencies 1.0
Feature #3892 [SDKs] Install man pages for CLI tools (auto generate from the --help content) 2.0
Story #3298 [Workbench] Rearrange collection chooser to show a preview (file list) inline instead of in a separate preview pane. See [[Workbench UI images]] 2.0
Story #3815 [SDK] arv-put supports --ignore-symlinks 0.5
Feature #3818 [API] Discovery document schema should include whether field on resource is writable or read-only. 1.0
Bug #3622 [API] [refactor] Move system_group, system_user, etc to class methods in Group and User 0.5
Story #3365 [SDK] Show the Workbench URI for the job when running a job or pipeline from the command line 0.5
Bug #3437 "Choose folder" dialog when running a pipeline displays folders you can't write to
Bug #3391 [Workbench] Can see job information but cannot access output collection
Story #3163 [Tests] Non-destructive test script suitable for running on a production VM/server in order to verify correct operation of basic features. 2.0
Bug #3073 [Workbench] Progress bar not fully green when all jobs/tasks complete successfully 0.5
Bug #3164 [Workbench] resolve race condition in displaying logs from newly-completed jobs 1.0
Story #3199 [SDK] Keep clients (e.g., arv-put and crunch-job) ask API to refresh blob signatures if expiry times are sooner than ETA of collection.create 3.0
Feature #5375 [workbench] Enable in-browser preview for text files in collections 0.5
Feature #5646 [Workbench] Display duration on pipeline instance listings
Feature #4456 [Workbench] Provide more feedback about when a queued job is likely to start. 1.0
Bug #5738 [API] Validate that selected columns are selectable, and return an error if not 0.5
Bug #5913 [Workbench] Should validate that a job's repository actually exists before rendering the link to avoid fiddlesticks
Bug #4706 [Workbench] Re-connect to websockets when the connection drops; use "last_log_id" so nothing is missed. 1.0
Bug #13766 [API] bug in libyaml / Pysch used by API server to parse yaml
Feature #15051 [a-d-c] EC2 driver supports AssumeRole 2.0
Story #14952 [crunchstat-summary] Add arv-mount FUSE ops time 0.5
Arvados Workbench 2 - Story #15603 [Workbench 2] Update Fileupload component to new error reporting & unit test architecture 3.0
Story #13484 Support multiple load-balanced API server nodes 2.0