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This wiki has information related to the open source project. It's a work in progress, so come back often for updates and feel free to become a contributor.

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Bug #6754 [Workbench] Report HTTP error instead of sending 0-byte file when error fetching from keep 1.0
Feature #5768 [Node Manager] Add max_node_per_user config 0.5
Idea #5471 [Workbench] Remove ActiveRecord dependency
Bug #5045 [Workbench] reports "oops, request failed" rendering projects with very large collections
Bug #4991 [API] Make user.send_profile_created_notification detect preference changes better 1.0
Bug #4977 [Crunch] "stdbuf": executable not found in $PATH
Feature #4011 [Crunch] port crunch-job to python 3.0
Bug #3589 [Workbench] Should be able to browse "home project" of other users that are readable by you.
Bug #4756 [API] Add migration to change collection uuids to portable_data_hash in old job script_parameters 2.0
Bug #3257 [Workbench] Hard to find user agreement after it has been signed 0.5
Idea #3299 [Workbench] Render textile markup in description fields 1.0
Idea #2523 [Sample clients] Ingestor utility responds to "ready to ingest" events by copying the specified files from staging directory to Keep and storing the collection in the specified group. 3.0
Feature #2706 [SDKs] Python SDK Keep client can enable "HEAD before PUT" mode when writing. Expose this as an arv-put option. 1.0
Idea #1558 [Lightning] Lightning Memory-Mapped Database
Idea #3491 [Keep] Support transparent compression of blocks in Keep
Idea #2293 [Keep] Keep server supports SSL 2.0
Idea #3473 Ability to mark one's own projects as read-only to avoid changing it by accident.
Idea #2028 [SDKs] Python SDK supports Django model/manager style usage 2.0
Feature #3528 Machine-readable API schema that indicates which fields of each object type permit updating by regular (non-admin) users who have can_write or can_manage permission.
Feature #3402 If a pipeline/job is in a project, it would be nice if the breadcrumbs reflected this for easy maneuvering back and forth
Idea #3093 [Crunch] Pipeline can use other pipelines templates as components
Idea #3519 Move permission links to their own table in API server.
Feature #3498 Counting the number your pipelines were used by unique users
Feature #3162 [API] Client can request signed locators for specific blobs from API server
Bug #3434 No workbench user interface for sharing collections
Idea #3304 [Workbench] Add checkboxes to multi-type chooser modal to filter by object type 2.0
Idea #3180 [Crunch] When a job fails in a pipeline instance, should the other queued/running jobs get cancelled automatically?
Bug #4809 [Workbench] Code pops up for a second using web uploader
Bug #5426 [Workbench] Large downloads through workbench fail 0.5