2014-08-27 Sprint

08/27/2014 (Sprint start date 08/07/2014)


166 issues   (166 closed — 0 open)

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Bug #3342 [Crunch] Pipeline outputs not added to current project. 1.0
Idea #3414 [Keep] Keep Server accepts list of blocks to pull from other servers 2.0
Bug #3339 [Workbench] Project descriptions on the dashboard should be truncated at the first paragraph break. 0.5
Support #3505 [Sample pipelines] Support science team 2.0
Idea #3149 [Workbench] Workbench infinite scroll and filter system should do filtering on server side instead of client side. 3.0
Bug #3660 [Workbench] Project action buttons (add subproject, add data) should appear when project is writable, even if not managed/owned by current user. 0.5
Bug #3136 [Crunch] Job state is stale in Workbench pipeline instance views, if the job's state changes after the pipeline instance stops. 1.0
Bug #3649 [Crunch] 'Pipeline_instances' page shows job running when it has failed 1.0
Idea #3036 [API] Use regular uuids instead of content hashes to identify collections 5.0
Idea #3354 [Workbench] Render description attributes as textile 1.0
Bug #3627 [Workbench] Projects that are writable, but have root owner != current_user, cannot be selected as a destination in "Move selected items..." chooser. 0.5
Idea #3620 [Workbench] Display system menu (gear menu) only to admin users. 0.5
Bug #3642 [Workbench] Search box should not be displayed in top-nav for non-active users. 0.5
Idea #3112 [Workbench] "Report bug on this page" and "Show version detail" buttons on each workbench page (footer or top nav or [?]), and more prominently on error pages. 2.0
Idea #3171 [API] Modify permission model to allow users to see a subset of other users, according to group permissions/membership. 2.0
Idea #3504 [SDKs] Clients are compatible with #3036 2.0
Feature #3448 [Keep] storage server records (and reports in index) the timestamp of the most recent PUT operation for each block. 2.0
Idea #3153 [API] Configuration option to automatically set up users (VM, repository, invite) 3.0
Bug #3183 [Workbench] In project view, when "Remove selected" button is used in the "Selected" dropdown, the dropdown menu stays open until the mouse is clicked somewhere else in the page. 0.5
Bug #3148 [Workbench] "Recent jobs and pipelines" doesn't actually show the most recent jobs and pipelines 1.0
Bug #2800 [Crunch] Remove global state in Python SDK 1.0
Bug #3344 [Workbench] Cannot [figure out how to] rename a collection created by arv-put with no --name provided. 1.0
Bug #3610 [Workbench] pipeline_instances#show's Components tab clobbers the websocket log viewer when replacing the components table. 0.5
Bug #3441 [SDKs] arv-put (if not in debug mode) should not print an error message when it gets "503 full" from a server, if it turns out that the block eventually gets written successfully to different servers. 0.5
Feature #3114 [Workbench] Add a "copy this collection to a project" button to collections page 0.5
Bug #3604 [Workbench] theming support for login and inactive user page is broken (maybe elsewhere too) 0.5
Bug #3612 [SDKs] arv-get fails "arvados.errors.NotFoundError: Block not found" 0.5
Bug #3593 [Workbench] Workbench can't render exceptions 0.5
Bug #3457 [SDKs] 'No handlers could be found for logger "arv-get"' 0.5
Bug #3551 [Keep] Clean up source tree layout 1.0
Bug #3421 [Workbench] "Rename collection" button on project page is hidden/inaccessible if the current name is too long and the browser window is too narrow. 0.5
Bug #3405 [Workbench] Pipeline runner errors not reported to user. 0.5
Idea #3296 [Workbench] Configuration option requires new users to complete a survey/form before using Workbench 2.0
Idea #3531 [Workbench] On projects#show, sort {jobs and pipelines} by date instead of listing all jobs before any pipelines. 0.5
Bug #3373 [Sample pipelines] Improve SNV pipeline to accept example exome fastq data (2 pairs of reads) as a single input collection. 2.0
Idea #3412 [API] Full collection view in list returned by api server 1.0
Bug #3178 Discovery document does not publish optional parameters "find_or_create", "filters", "minimum_script_version", and "exclude_script_versions" for the Job "create" method. 0.5
Bug #3572 [Crunch] 'arv pipeline run --submit --template ...' does not start pipeline instance 0.5
Bug #3570 [Crunch] With multiple crunch-dispatch processes, race condition causes job record to have success=false while still running. 0.5
Idea #3254 [Documentation] Add a "run one of the sample crunch scripts in local/development mode from your VM" tutorial 1.0
Bug #3576 [API] arv job cancel gets error. 0.5
Bug #3489 [Workbench] Collection chooser starts at "All projects" but doesn't show any collections. 0.5
Bug #3212 [Crunch] arv pipeline reuses job results even when --no-reuse is given 1.0
Bug #3525 [API] Users should have manage permission on their own repositories 0.5
Idea #3527 [Crunch] Remove check for "docker_image_hash" link when job supplies a keep locator for "docker_image" . 0.5
Idea #3499 [Workbench] Objects owned directly by user are visible on a "home" project 1.0
Bug #3496 [Workbench] In add pipeline popup, when screen is too narrow, it breaks (second section doesn't work) 0.5
Bug #3482 [Crunch] crunch-job prints the wrong output hash in its log messages (hash of manifest with signatures) 0.5
Bug #3436 [Workbench] "Share with users" and "Share with groups" popups should not show Projects drop down. 0.5
Bug #3438 [Workbench] When selecting inputs for a pipeline, title bar of collection chooser dialog should include the title (or, if none, the component/param name) of the relevant script parameter. 0.5
Bug #3427 [SDK] arv-put does not resume upload 1.0
Idea #3388 [Workbench] "Share with groups" option for a project lists all groups, both user specific like "all users" and projects. It is desirable that this lists only user-specific groups meant to serve as "roles". 0.5