2014-09-17 sprint

09/17/2014 (Sprint start date 08/27/2014)


75 issues   (75 closed — 0 open)

2014-09-17 sprint

Arvados Contributor Wiki

This wiki has information related to the open source project. It's a work in progress, so come back often for updates and feel free to become a contributor.

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Related issues
# Subject Story Points
Idea #3550 [SDKs] arv-run-pipeline-instance supports running jobs locally using arv-crunch-job 1.0
Support #3823 [Support] Fix bugs and write tests (the second half of the sprint) 2.5
Idea #2761 [Workbench] diagnostic suite runs against a production instance 3.0
Idea #3411 [API] Implement Trash behavior using collection expiration 1.0
Idea #3705 [Keep] Generalize PullList module to BlockWorkList 2.0
Bug #3877 [Crunch] crunch-dispatch gets large and slow after a verbose job exceeds max log threshold 0.5
Feature #2875 [Workbench] Editable description field for pipeline instances and templates 1.0
Support #3702 [Support] Fix bugs and write tests (the first half of the sprint) 2.5
Idea #3654 [Workbench] Add "combine selected collections" and "combine selected files" actions to projects#show and collections#show pages. 2.0
Feature #3453 [SDK] "arv keep docker" should support listing images in Keep and placing images in specific projects 1.0
Bug #3663 [SDKs] Python CollectionReader should return at least one byte to caller per block read from Keep. 0.5
Bug #3586 [API] Job "priority" field defaults to "null", should default to "0" 0.5
Bug #3644 [SDK] Fix arv-mount --tags and --groups modes to handle "home" project and #3036 collections changes. 1.0
Bug #3720 [API] Fetching collection record is very slow when manifest is not small. 0.5
Bug #3704 [Workbench] Server-side search fails choosing pipeline inputs with search terms 0.5
Bug #3637 [Workbench] Add "copy" operation to selection dropdown on projects#show tabs. Remove copy/move from clippy menu. 1.0
Bug #3763 [Workbench] "Move selected" on collections produces error. 0.5
Bug #3714 [Workbench] small bugs in "report bug on the page" feature 0.5
Bug #3710 [Workbench] Clipboard "Combine selected collections and files into a new collection" outputs an empty collection 1.0
Bug #3719 [Crunch] run-command crashes: TypeError: coercing to Unicode ... NoneType found 0.5
Idea #3709 [SDKs] arv-put should return Arvados UUID of collection by default instead of portable data hash. 1.0
Bug #3751 [Crunch] crunchstat does not pass through its stdin to its child process 0.5
Bug #3822 [Crunch] 'arv pipeline run ...' generates 'ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint...' when submitting identical pipeline instance 1.0