2014-10-29 sprint

10/29/2014 (Sprint start date 10/09/2014)


92 issues   (92 closed — 0 open)

2014-10-29 sprint

Arvados Contributor Wiki

This wiki has information related to the open source project. It's a work in progress, so come back often for updates and feel free to become a contributor.

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# Subject Story Points
Bug #4044 [Crunch] job spawns tasks but never runs them, gets stuck waiting for first task to end, even though it has already ended. 1.0
Idea #4091 [Workbench] Add tests for undertested parts of Workbench, including infinite scroll. 1.0
Bug #4297 [Crunch] crunch-dispatch eats way too much cpu 0.5
Bug #4064 [Crunch] Typoed "output_of" value in pipeline leaves a job stuck in the queue 0.5
Support #4134 [Support] fix bugs and write tests (second half) 5.0
Feature #3813 [Workbench] add link to pipeline instance from job view page 0.5
Bug #4015 [Workbench] Collection chooser should be filling in portable_data_hash as well as collection uuid when used to pick pipeline inputs. 0.5
Bug #4285 [Workbench] Not found error when the view or download icons are clicked for a file in a subdir of a collection. 0.5
Bug #4313 [Tests] remove stale *.pyc files between Jenkins tests 0.5
Feature #4051 [Workbench] Pipeline component display order should be controlled by sort_order attributes if present. 0.5
Idea #3699 [SDKs] Copy a pipeline instance, along with its input and output data, from one arvados instance to another 1.0
Bug #4295 [API] Improve websocket efficiency 0.5
Bug #4195 [Documentation] Fix Workbench pipeline tutorial 0.5
Bug #4228 [Workbench (probably)] Cannot create new collection with selected files in shared pipeline directory. 0.5
Bug #4266 [Crunch] crunch-dispatch should process logs efficiently, particularly while throwing away excessive log data. 0.5
Bug #4058 [Workbench] "Show portable data hash" page should show the kind of content that relates to PDH instead of trying to be a mostly-functional "show collection" page. 1.0
Bug #4026 [Workbench] "Move to project..." button should be displayed to an admin user even if the sub-project is in another user's Home project. 0.5
Bug #4227 [Workbench] Pipeline elapsed time is misformatted 0.5
Idea #3826 [Crunch] Display network activity in crunchstat 2.0
Bug #4054 [Workbench] In the project sharing tab, show email addresses alongside full names. 0.5
Support #3787 [Documentation] Add a section in the User Guide about how to create, upload, and use a custom docker image 0.5
Bug #4062 [Workbench] Infinite scrolling in the 'Jobs and pipelines' tab should not keep repeating the same list over and over again 0.5
Bug #4068 [Workbench] the /manage_account account page does not show all repositories a user has access to 0.5
Support #4133 [Support] fix bugs and write tests (first half) 5.0
Bug #4200 [Crunch] Notify user, cancel pipeline when it cannot run because a parameter is the output_of a nonexistent component 0.5
Bug #4083 [SDKs] Add "import _strptime" to work around potential Python bug. 0.5
Bug #4229 [Keep] Add missing Close() calls 0.5
Bug #4219 [Keep] keepstore should not fail permission signature verification just because extra hints are present in URL. 0.5
Support #4188 [OPS] Automatically upload arvados/jobs image to docker registry as part of Jenkins docker build step. 0.5
Bug #3692 [API] Eventbus filters parameter should use implicit AND (like REST filters) instead of implicit OR. 0.5
Idea #3656 [SDKs] "arv create object_type" should create a new object and then open it like "arv edit" does now. 0.5
Bug #4126 [SDKs] Parameter in pipeline runner is missing 0.5
Bug #4102 [Keep] Fix FUSE test suite so it does not need to be updated every time a new collection fixture is added to apiserver 0.5
Bug #4196 [SDKs] arv-keepdocker needs to stop using `docker pull -t` 0.5
Bug #4239 [SDKs] Python SDK doesn't work with apiclient 1.3 0.5
Bug #4249 [Workbench] Can't view/download files that are retrievable from arv-get 0.5