2014-11-19 sprint

11/19/2014 (Sprint start date 10/30/2014)


171 issues   (171 closed — 0 open)

2014-11-19 sprint

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This wiki has information related to the open source project. It's a work in progress, so come back often for updates and feel free to become a contributor.

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Related issues
# Subject Story Points
Bug #4461 [OPS] Replace dnsmasq with unbound 1.0
Support #4348 [Support] fix bugs and write tests (second half) 5.0
Bug #3382 [Workbench] When specifying inputs for new pipeline instance, parameters should not disappear from Inputs tab after a value is chosen. 0.5
Feature #4250 [Documentation] (recurring) Refresh user documentation 1.0
Bug #4380 [Node Manager] Should drain nodes via SLURM before terminating them 1.0
Bug #4363 [Keep] arv-mount should not munge filenames unless required by POSIX 0.5
Bug #4552 [API] Fix permission error due to stripped signatures when ensure_unique_name behavior is invoked during collections.create 0.5
Feature #4194 [Keep] consistent logging for keepstore requests 2.5
Bug #4470 [Crunch] tmpdir not writable running jobs in Docker 0.5
Bug #3465 [SSO] Research requirements to upgrade SSO codebase to use oauth2 (or openid connect) 3.0
Feature #4251 [Documentation] (recurring) Write blog post *in first three days of sprint* 0.5
Feature #4024 [Workbench] PipelineInstances#index should scroll down to show older pipelines, and should have a search box (similar to the "pipelines" tab on the "show project" page) 2.0
Bug #3824 [Crunch] crunch-job should create task execution environment inside docker container, not on worker host. 2.0
Bug #4535 [API] Configuration option to set advertised hostname
Bug #4388 [SDKs] Manifest#each_line should not crash when encountering a blank line in a manifest. 0.5
Bug #4395 [SDKs] sdk/go/keepclient race condition 0.5
Bug #4474 [Node Manager] Node manager shut down node in middle of job
Bug #4482 [Crunch] Diagnostics failure "user not found on host"
Idea #3177 [Workbench] File chooser dialog (replace remaining use of clippy) 2.0
Idea #2853 [Keep] Use rendezvous hashing to assign blocks to servers in Go and Python SDKs 2.0
Feature #4486 [Documentation] document the arv cli tool 0.5
Idea #4316 Review 3603-pysdk-file-api-wip 0.5
Bug #3400 [Workbench] Rails client library should offer an "all pages" mode for queries that return pages of lists 1.0
Bug #4434 [API] Test suite should not depend on a particular database collation config.
Bug #3857 [SDKs] Python KeepClient should use different timeouts for different operations 1.0
Idea #4294 [Node Manager] Add support for min_nodes configuration value 1.0
Support #4347 [Support] fix bugs and write tests (first half) 5.0
Bug #4084 [Workbench] Pipeline instance Log pane should not get refreshed (it already stays up-to-date by itself) 1.0
Bug #4402 [SDKs] CollectionWriter.write_directory_tree(...,max_manifest_depth=0) should produce a single stream. 0.5
Bug #4408 [Workbench] Anonymous collection download links should not redirect to login path. 0.5
Bug #4334 [Crunch] crunch-dispatch should not allocate Jobs to nodes in the idle* SLURM state 1.0
Feature #4088 [Workbench] On collections#show page, filter displayed files by filename regexp, and add a "select all" / "deselect all" button. 1.0
Bug #4310 [Crunch] crunch-dispatch --jobs locking is broken 0.5
Feature #4383 [Docker] upload all docker containers to docker repository, and then add a script to download and run them in one go 0.5
Bug #4389 [Workbench] Fix infinite loop in ApplicationController#project_breadcrumbs 0.5
Idea #3609 [SDKs] arv-run wrapper to interactively submit 'run-command' jobs 2.0
Bug #4432 [SDKs] When copying pipeline instances using arv-copy, the component jobs get re-arranged
Bug #4357 [Node Manager] Should spin up more nodes (up to max_nodes) when up nodes are busy 1.0
Bug #4185 [Crunch] crunchstat memory reports seem suspect for multithreaded programs 0.5
Bug #4303 [Crunch] Output of job gets stuck at collate step 0.5
Bug #4406 [Docker] Default arvdock doesn't start sso server container, but also assumes that it exists by linking it to the API container
Bug #4412 [SDKs] arv edit fails under Ruby 2.1.4 0.5
Bug #4031 [Workbench] Nodes should be connected via input=output in provenance/used by graphs 1.0
Feature #3618 [Workbench] In project view, sort results in the collections (and other) tab by clicking column headings. 2.0
Idea #3706 [SDKs] Remove fallback-to-keep warning from python SDK if block hash has a permission signature 0.5
Bug #4391 [Workbench] Selection clip does not show list of selected items in drop down
Bug #4040 [Tests] FUSE mount test suite should not fail just because new collection fixtures have been added 0.5
Idea #4359 [Workbench] Clean up project paging after #4091 bug fixes 0.5
Bug #4369 [Crunch] Unexpected backward incompatibility in run-command
Bug #4307 [Workbench] Pipeline instance name text should be editable after the instance starts 0.5
Support #4013 [SDKs] Pipeline instance logging emits misleading warning: API server did not return Collection "...." 0.5
Bug #4493 [Crunch] job fails with Docker error "Engine is shutdown"
Bug #4522 [Workbench] qr1hi /collections page error "HTTPClient::ReceiveTimeoutError error connecting to API server"