2014-12-10 sprint

12/10/2014 (Sprint start date 11/20/2014)


131 issues   (131 closed — 0 open)

2014-12-10 sprint

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This wiki has information related to the open source project. It's a work in progress, so come back often for updates and feel free to become a contributor.

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Related issues
# Subject Story Points
Feature #4481 [Documentation] (recurring) Refresh user documentation 1.0
Bug #3698 [Crunch] Pipeline runner should detect when "output_of" refers to a non-existent component, and fail instead of staying in RunningOnServer state forever. 0.5
Idea #4156 [Tests] Enable cli tests in, skip any CLI tests that don't pass 1.0
Support #4596 [Support] Fix bugs and write tests (second half) 5.0
Bug #4769 compute29 broken? 0.5
Bug #4499 [SDKs] one_task_per_input_file should call normalize() before getting its list of files 0.5
Bug #3169 [Crunch] git fetch-pack in crunch-dispatch should run with --no-progress 0.5
Idea #3781 [DRAFT] [Workbench] Web-based file upload 3.0
Idea #4293 [Node Manager] Write off cloud nodes that spend too long in booted state 1.5
Bug #4269 [API] Disallow collection UUIDs in script_parameters, only allow portable data hash 1.0
Feature #4027 [Crunch] Accept SDK version as a runtime constraint. Install SDK into the docker container before running tasks. 2.0
Bug #4719 [Workbench] "There are currently no jobs in the queue" 0.5
Bug #4477 [Workbench] Log tab not available 0.5
Bug #4296 [SSO] 500 from a fresh login 1.0
Idea #3791 [Workbench] Retire clippy. This requires some means other than clippy to select individual files as input to a pipeline. 0.5
Feature #4533 [API] [Tests] Add remote API for resetting database to test fixtures, for use by integration tests in Python, FUSE, Workbench 1.0
Bug #2793 [Workbench] Write selenium test for 'share' button 1.0
Bug #4314 [Crunch] Figure out why this job was marked Failed unexpectedly 0.5
Bug #4638 [Workbench] Dax shortcut form for "add ssh key" is broken -- should just link to Manage Account page instead. 0.5
Bug #4559 [Workbench] pipeline components with long names are obscured by status 0.5
Bug #4694 [Workbench] Selection action buttons that are enabled when selections are made in one tab should be disabled when a second tab is selected. 1.0
Idea #4525 [Workbench] Remove stale clippy code. 1.0
Feature #4465 [Workbench] Link "apiserver version" to a redmine or github revision history page 0.5
Bug #4676 [Workbench] Collection "Sharing link" AJAX intermittently returns text/html 0.5
Bug #4291 [Workbench] Create sharing link for a collection is broken 0.5
Bug #4589 [API] Problem connecting using Firefox 0.5
Bug #4591 [API] When websockets server runs out of memory, it should exit so it can be restarted, instead of wedging. 0.5
Support #4595 [Support] Fix bugs and write tests (first half) 4.0
Bug #4699 [Workbench] collections#index should not crash on (name.nil? and tags.any?) 0.5
Bug #4524 [Workbench] Error running pipeline with File input data type. 0.5
Bug #4644 [Workbench] When searching a collection with .png's, the png's stay there if you search for any other file 0.5
Bug #4487 [Workbench] Users shouldn't have the option to "Remove selected" when they don't have the proper permissions 0.5
Bug #4558 [Workbench] Project Selection dropdown menu 0.5
Bug #4501 [FUSE] arv-mount --by-id should expose the /by_id directory as well as (not instead of) exposing collections in the mount root 0.5
Bug #4518 [Documentation] typo in arv-run documentation 0.5
Feature #4233 [Workbench] Graph CPU and IO statistics using live log feed on Jobs#show 2.0
Bug #4651 [API] Do not evaluate "false" value as true for a parameter whose type is advertised as boolean. 0.5
Bug #4400 [SDKs] Python package install should not print misleading message "fatal: Not a git repository" 0.5
Bug #4336 [Documentation] Improve the 'Upload data to Keep' documentation page at 0.5
Bug #4339 [Workbench] Add test for "error while loading tab" iframe. See #4084 0.5
Feature #4479 [Documentation] (recurring) Write blog post *in first three days of sprint* 0.5
Bug #4641 [Tests] A few projects related Workbench tests are failing in jenkins. Make them pass. 0.5
Bug #4592 [Workbench] Error when a collection with no name is selected as input to a pipeline component. 0.5