2015-01-28 Sprint

01/28/2015 (Sprint start date 01/07/2015)


70 issues   (70 closed — 0 open)

2015-01-28 Sprint

Arvados Contributor Wiki

This wiki has information related to the open source project. It's a work in progress, so come back often for updates and feel free to become a contributor.

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Related issues
# Subject Story Points
Idea #4930 [FUSE] Design: specify behavior for writable arv-mount 0.5
Bug #4174 [Documentation] Write a wiki page describing desired bug workflow 0.5
Idea #4927 [SSO] Decide overall single sign-on strategy 1.0
Idea #4687 [Crunch] Support Brad Chapman to port bcbio tools and workflows to CWL 2.0
Support #4929 [Support] Fix bugs and write tests (second half) 5.0
Bug #4918 [Workbench] Input chooser for new pipelines hides the "file choose" menu on narrow windows 0.5
Bug #5074 [SDKs] CLI client and Ruby SDK should recover from (and avoid creating) unreadable discovery doc cache files. 0.5
Feature #3686 [Workbench] Provide a sharing tab for repositories similar to setting up sharing for projects. 1.0
Feature #4926 [Documentation] (recurring) Refresh user documentation 1.0
Bug #4878 [Workbench] clarify purpose of "re-run latest" button on jobs#show. 0.5
Bug #5010 [Workbench] Trash button on collections lists should set expires_at instead of moving to Home 0.5
Bug #4889 [Crunch] Logging with a progress bar deadlocks on output 1.0
Bug #4967 [Crunch] Doesn't cope well with FUSE mounts left hanging around after killing tasks with SIGKILL 0.5
Bug #4942 [Workbench] Data Collections Tab in Projects takes too long to load or fails 0.5
Bug #5016 [SDKs] Should be able to use ^C to interrupt arv-ws. 0.5
Bug #5029 [Crunch] Job specified SDK version; log reports it was packed, but not found for installation 0.5
Feature #4838 [Keep] FUSE driver should expose files with permissions mode 0555 0.5
Bug #4840 414 Request-URI Too Large after Selecting 300+ files to put into a new collection 1.0
Support #4928 [Support] Fix bugs and write tests (first half) 5.0
Bug #3835 [SDKs] Python and CLI tools should give more helpful error messages after a Keep failure 0.5
Bug #4523 [Workbench] Search dialog giving error when searching in "All projects" in qr1hi 2.0
Bug #3756 [Workbench] As an admin user, clicking 'Show' in the user list on your own user record redirects to a *project* url for the user uuid instead of the *user* url. 0.5
Bug #4968 [FUSE] Project directories do not refresh. 0.5
Idea #4940 [Documentation] (recurring) Write blog post in first three days of sprint 1.0
Bug #4924 [SDKs] Improve arv edit error handling UX 0.5
Bug #4471 [Crunch] srun: error: Application launch failed: Communication connection failure 0.5