2015-03-11 sprint

03/11/2015 (Sprint start date 02/19/2015)


92 issues   (92 closed — 0 open)

2015-03-11 sprint

Arvados Contributor Wiki

This wiki has information related to the open source project. It's a work in progress, so come back often for updates and feel free to become a contributor.

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Related issues
# Subject Story Points
Bug #5145 [Workbench] Combining collections should separate files with identical names, not concatenate them
Bug #4426 [Documentation] Support searching documentation 1.0
Bug #5304 [API] filters incorrectly exclude results for records with null value in filtered field 0.5
Idea #3761 [Keep] Process entries on the current pull list. 3.0
Support #4186 [Documentation] Install documentation improvements 0.5
Support #5252 [Support] Fix bugs and write tests (second half) 5.0
Bug #5182 [Workbench] CORS error uploading via browser - better JS error handling needed 0.5
Bug #5073 [Documentation] List known limitations of docker install at 0.5
Bug #5105 [Workbench] AJAX content loaders should not follow a redirect to the welcome page and use that as a partial, if token or session has been invalidated 1.0
Bug #4956 [API] cannot create collections with very large manifests 1.0
Bug #5190 [Workbench] Tell admins not to put hyphens in repository names 0.5
Bug #5374 [workbench] Anonymous collection -- ineffectual checkboxes 0.5
Feature #5261 [Workbench] Show project description in its own tab 0.5
Bug #5319 [API] Portable data hash mismatches for collections with location hints (+K) 0.5
Bug #5215 [Workbench] When a pipeline is run using "output_name = false," the job outputs links are giving 404 error. 0.5
Bug #5246 [OPS] Write to raising OpenSSL.SSL.WantWriteError when trying to put a block more than 108 KiB 0.5
Bug #5043 [Crunch] accept arbitrarily long stderr lines in crunchstat 0.5
Bug #5349 [Workbench] Pipeline Template error: no implicit conversion of ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone into String 0.5
Feature #5322 [SSO] Support adding users with email/password based login at rails console 0.5
Bug #5305 Arv-copy issues 0.5
Support #5251 [Support] Fix bugs and write tests (first half) 2.0
Bug #4751 [Node Manager] Can erroneously pair cloud nodes with stale Arvados node records 0.5
Bug #5309 [Keep] Keepproxy panic 0.5
Bug #5283 [Crunch] crunch-job apparently died while collating job's output 1.0
Bug #5310 [SDK] arv-copy breaks when copying by PDH and multiple collections have the same PDH 0.5
Feature #4601 [SSO] Migrate OpenId users to OAuth/Google+ 3.0
Bug #4232 [Workbench] Pipeline instances with many components should render quickly (on pipeline_instances#show and projects#show) 1.0
Bug #3819 [Workbench] It's not possible to share a project with the 'All Users' group 0.5
Idea #5250 [Documentation] (recurring) Write blog post in first three days of sprint 0.5
Bug #4520 [SDKs] arv copy should respect --project-uuid when saving destination Collection 0.5
Bug #3785 [Crunch] Job log collections should be stored with the same owner_uuid (and therefore permissions) as the job 0.5
Bug #5277 FUSE does not parse timestamps with fraction of a second 0.5
Bug #5192 [API] Disallow changing the name of a repository record (by non-admin users) 0.5
Idea #4783 [CWL] Implement CWL prototype workflow runner 2.0