2015-04-01 sprint

04/01/2015 (Sprint start date 03/12/2015)


114 issues   (114 closed — 0 open)

2015-04-01 sprint

Arvados Contributor Wiki

This wiki has information related to the open source project. It's a work in progress, so come back often for updates and feel free to become a contributor.

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Related issues
# Subject Story Points
Bug #5096 [Workbench] Avoid passing manifest_text around the network too much when updating and merging large collections. 0.5
Bug #5420 [Workbench] Checkbox selections in collections page is wrong when using back button
Feature #5247 [Documentation] (recurring) Refresh user documentation 1.0
Feature #4253 [API] Users can create their own arvados-hosted git repositories 2.0
Bug #5612 [Docker] Can't run crunch jobs after stopping and restarting containers. 0.5
Bug #5502 [Node Manager] Add local SSD to compute nodes on GCP 2.0
Bug #5425 [Crunch] SLURM Node failure
Bug #5539 [Docker] UX improvements
Idea #5257 [CWL] write draft 2 spec 2.0
Bug #5474 [Workbench] WebsocketTest#test_live_log_charting is not reliable
Idea #5547 [CWL] Fix cwltool packaging
Bug #5556 [Workbench] Timeout error on collection#show for a collection with large manifest text
Bug #5534 [Workbench] Log tab takes too long to load with large logs
Idea #3762 [Keep] Process entries on the current "delete" list. 2.0
Feature #5529 [Docker] Add keepproxy to the docker images 1.0
Bug #5536 [Keepproxy] keepproxy should retry on DiscoverKeepServers() failure or empty list
Bug #5524 [Crunch] Add "arvados.errors.Keep" to list of magic strings in crunch-job that signify transient failure
Bug #5198 [Workbench] Middle clicking on Run this pipeline brings fiddlesticks 0.5
Bug #5500 [Crunch] Detect temporary error conditions
Bug #5318 [Workbench] Make note of lag time when changing git permissions
Bug #5276 [Workbench] Log graph pop up shows when there is no log graph 0.5
Bug #5285 [SDKs] arv-run-pipeline-instance does not use 'settings.conf' file like other 'arv' tools
Idea #5438 [Documentation] (recurring) Write blog post in first three days of sprint 0.5
Bug #5383 [API] API server should always retrieve current time from database, never 0.5
Bug #5207 [API] Collection expires_at should be a full timestamp, not just a date. 0.5
Bug #4158 [Workbench] Display more Node details to non-administrators
Feature #5034 [Workbench] Show content statistics/summary (total size, number of files) at top of collections#show page 0.5
Bug #5211 [Documentation] Top Navbar of docs homepage not suitable for small window 0.5
Bug #5418 [Workbench] Make the brand/root link unclickable when not logged in 0.5
Feature #5104 [SDKs] Add Ruby SDK methods for manipulating collection contents (rename, delete, copy file from another collection) 2.0
Bug #5491 Job dies for no apparant reason
Bug #5476 [SDK] Python KeepClient retry fixes
Bug #5475 [API] arv-copy 403
Bug #5549 [Workbench] [Duplicate] Files tab doesn't update after upload