2015-04-29 sprint

04/29/2015 (Sprint start date 04/02/2015)


93 issues   (93 closed — 0 open)

2015-04-29 sprint

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Feature #5412 [SSO] Support LDAP-only configuration 1.0
Bug #5766 [SDK] install always gets latest arvados-python-sdk from PyPi, even when already installed
Bug #5826 [Workbench] Pipeline Instance input tab should be more verbose
Feature #5622 [Workbench] Fix timeout when generating long "list of collections with this pdh" on content hash page 1.0
Bug #5831 [SDKs], 'r') fails (arvados/ 665 in get_from_cache; slot is NoneType)
Bug #5739 [Workbench] Remove artificial sqlite3 dependency
Bug #5827 Pipeline Template error: undefined method 'split'
Bug #5490 [Crunch] Job should not be reused when docker tag _or_ arvados sdk version now resolves to a different image/commit 1.0
Bug #5388 [Crunch] Jobs do not re-run with latest docker image if job is unchanged but docker image is updated
Bug #5780 [Workbench] When sharing a project and searching/selecting users, explain that users are private/hidden by default, and suggest contacting an administrator if you think you should be added to some group.
Idea #5554 [API] Delete crunch job log messages from logs table after the jobs finish 0.5
Feature #5416 [API] Clone git repositories without using an SSH private key 0.5
Bug #5796 [API] search index on collections fails sometimes. Make it not fail by removing file_names column.
Bug #5663 [Documentation] Use "...puts rand()..." instead of "rake secret" in apiserver/workbench install instructions 0.0
Bug #5783 [Workbench] Add new ssh key modal cancels instead of submits when enter is pressed
Bug #5675 [Workbench] Show project Subprojects tab when in anonymous view.
Bug #5179 [Workbench] [SDKs] Incorrect collection display when stream has entries with subdirectories 0.5
Idea #3126 [API] Support use of anonymous git url (like github https) as repository in jobs.create 2.0
Bug #5753 [Workbench] Job name column is displayed even though job only supports description
Bug #5620 [Workbench] Collection#show page search filter is neither cleared nor applied when back button is used in Chrome.
Bug #5417 [Workbench] Show error condition / refuse to start a pipeline instance if some inputs do not exist or are unreadable. 1.0
Bug #5742 [Workbench] the user setup page creates broken shell usernames 0.5
Feature #5717 [Crunch] Use tasks_this_level to calculate a virtual max_tasks_per_node 0.5
Bug #5714 [Node Manager] Diagnose and fix bugs on GCE
Feature #5493 [Workbench] Add "Getting Started" modal inside Workbench 0.5
Feature #5647 [Workbench] Log-in on anonymous redirects to google sign-in with no warning; feels like phishing 0.5
Bug #5692 [SDK] Can't get signed manifest locator from new Collection API. 0.5
Bug #5365 [Workbench] Do not link to objects that are not readable by current user 1.0
Idea #5585 [Documentation] (recurring) Write blog post in first three days of sprint 0.5
Bug #5642 [Crunch] subprocesses get SIGKILL when they exceed Docker memory limit on compute nodes 0.5
Bug #5653 [SDKs] arv-copy of Pipeline Template did not copy all branches required to remote Repository 0.5
Bug #5352 [Crunch] Dispatcher not handling node allocation failures 0.5
Bug #5565 [Workbench] Show (anonymous-appropriate) breadcrumbs when rendering layout in anonymous mode 0.5
Feature #5492 [Workbench] Add "home project" link to the "my account" dropdown 0.5
Bug #5518 [SDKs] arvados not defined in arvados.util 0.5
Bug #4298 [Workbench] Admin user should see cpu/ram/scratch capacity after clicking a compute node 0.5
Feature #5370 [Workbench] If anonymous config is enabled, logged-out workbench homepage should list publicly accessible projects, collections, etc. and de-emphasize the "welcome, please log in" presentation. 2.0
Bug #4752 [Docker] Make websockets work, probably by using passenger standalone instead of apache. 0.5
Bug #5626 [API] Configuration option to set git server hostname 0.5
Bug #5627 [SDKs] PySDK default whence should be SEET_SET, not SEEK_CUR 0.5
Bug #5535 [Ops] When creating new shell user accounts, check that there is not an existing account with uid < 1000 0.5