2015-05-20 sprint

05/20/2015 (Sprint start date 04/30/2015)


99 issues   (99 closed — 0 open)

2015-05-20 sprint

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This wiki has information related to the open source project. It's a work in progress, so come back often for updates and feel free to become a contributor.

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Related issues
# Subject Story Points
Bug #3793 [Crunch] Docker containers not removed consistently, filling disk 1.0
Feature #5787 [Crunch] Add Crunch support to GATK Queue 1.0
Bug #5748 [Keep] sometimes, Keep sucks up 100% cpu and becomes really slow after a while
Bug #6064 [Workbench] [Performance] Collection#show for /collections/qr1hi-4zz18-hqfxewp0r3dsaov takes forever as it loads all the items for which this collection is the output.
Feature #5829 [SSO] improve UI for ldap/local account login 1.0
Feature #4717 [API] [SDKs] Read-only flag on keep_services table as hint to clients not to try to write. 1.0
Bug #5720 [Workbench] Search for pipeline templates breaks 1.0
Bug #5915 [Workbench] Sharing link for public collection still renders after sharing token is revoked, but then downloaded files are 0 bytes
Feature #5645 [Workbench] Social media optimize anonymous collections/projects/pipelines 0.5
Feature #3454 [API] Assign a system-default default docker image (instead of using the non-docker code path) if none is specified in runtime_constraints. 0.5
Bug #5682 [Workbench] Can't view/download files under subdirectories in stream
Feature #4467 [Workbench] Add "select all" button to project content panes 0.5
Bug #4882 [Crunch] crunchstat reports surprising CPU usage when container appears and disappears
Bug #5745 [Keep] keepstore should serialize file reads/writes, but not directory lookups, when -serialize=true 0.5
Bug #5842 [Node Manager] Too many nodes being started
Feature #5926 [API] MAX_SLOTS should be a configuration value (app/models/node.rb) 0.5
Feature #5735 [Workbench] Edit box for project description should be bigger 0.5
Idea #5837 [Documentation] (recurring) Write blog post in first three days of sprint 0.5
Bug #5724 [API] Advertise BlobSignatureTTL in discovery doc. Fix name/comments on default_trash_lifetime. 0.5
Bug #5752 [SDKs] Fix unreliable image timestamp recording in arv keep docker 0.5
Bug #5893 [Workbench] Fix unreliable repository browsing 0.5
Bug #5562 [SDKs] Fix timeout problems by switching from urllib et al. to PycURL 0.0
Bug #5834 [API] Be careful about memory usage when responding to collections#index queries 0.5
Bug #4458 [Workbench] Replace e-mail address in menu bar with user icon and make sure bread crumbs are visible in small window sizes 0.5
Bug #5843 [Workbench] Undeleteable sub-project 0.5
Feature #3145 [Keep] keepstore supports read-only flag for each volume, for cases like full, draining, mounted read-only 0.5
Bug #5856 sometimes throws struct.error (unpack requires a string argument of length 4) on File handle from CollectionReader
Bug #5836 [API] Remote API error messages should make it clear that they are remote. 0.5
Bug #5988 [API] can not create arvados repository
Bug #5835 [SDK] arv-copy breaks with namespaced git repository names 0.5