2015-07-08 sprint

07/08/2015 (Sprint start date 06/11/2015)


68 issues   (68 closed — 0 open)

2015-07-01 sprint

Arvados Contributor Wiki

This wiki has information related to the open source project. It's a work in progress, so come back often for updates and feel free to become a contributor.

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Related issues
# Subject Story Points
Idea #2256 [Workbench] Users can access an Arvados shell through the Web 0.5
Idea #6282 [Crunch] Write stories for implementation of Crunch v2 1.0
Support #6267 Support users and triage bugs (second half) 4.0
Idea #6171 [FUSE] Document the writable FUSE mount 1.0
Idea #6281 [Crunch] Describe how it looks when Crunch v1 jobs run under Crunch v2 1.0
Support #6266 Support users and triage bugs (first half) 4.0
Bug #5989 [API] API server repositories permissions list doesn't list repositories without keys 0.5
Support #6357 Review 1.0
Bug #6466 [Workbench] Add configuration knob to enable/disable public projects listing 0.5
Bug #6455 [Documentation] Fix oversights in compute installation docs
Bug #6438 [Documentation] Update Rails server installation guides to use packages 0.5
Feature #6013 [Workbench] clean up 'setup user' behavior in the admin interface 1.0
Bug #6308 Words in description breaks awkwardly in Public Projects page
Idea #6432 [SDKs] PySDK supports Red Hat system CA certs
Bug #6234 [Workbench] Admins should be able to edit their own user records, and view other users' home projects" from title 0.5
Idea #3198 [FUSE] Writable streaming arv-mount 2.0
Idea #6320 [OPS] Shell account creation script supports `groups` properties in can_login links 0.5
Bug #4410 [Crunch] crunch-job should exit tempfail when a SLURM node fails 2.0
Bug #6156 [API] Node record accommodates setups where hostnames are set statically by the sysadmin 1.0
Bug #5951 GET-Evidence login via google login no longer works - OpenID 2.0 is gone 1.0
Bug #6272 [Keep] keepstored index response should have an EOF marker to enable the client to detect an incomplete response. 0.5
Feature #6254 [Workbench] Support specifying group memberships for shell accounts 1.0
Idea #6268 Write sprint summary blog post in first three days of sprint 0.5
Bug #6149 [Crunch] Install step logs error message from ` egg_info` 0.5
Bug #6303 missing block 2