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07:03 pm Arvados Bug #11170 (Resolved): Stale squeue processes on c97qk caused by "crunch-dispatch --jobs"
There were a total of 4694 of these processes, representing a significant resource leak....


08:56 pm Arvados Revision dccfd637 (arvados): build improvement: really include apps/workbench_functionals when
apps/workbench is specified.
No issue #
07:20 pm GET-Evidence Revision fdbe9c3f: Equivalent of commit cea3448e9c692c27afd28edae8cbcb310948dff2 on the
master branch.
No issue #


04:07 pm Arvados Bug #11156 (Resolved): [Crunch2] 9tee4-xvhdp-0m3a4ys52od7dhs was stuck until c-d-s was restarted

9tee4-xvhdp-0m3a4ys52od7dhs was stuck in the running state for almost 16 hours, with one container request (step1_4...


05:20 pm Tapestry Bug #11152 (New): "There are 4 third party activities currently seeking participants." - but ther...
That's because open humans is hardcoded at the end. Fix the count.


09:39 pm Arvados Revision 1b617d62 (arvados-dev): Fix detection of version of arvados/jobs image to install.
No issue #


10:35 pm Arvados Revision 6873eca0 (arvados): Update golang version to 1.7.5. Also make the equivalent changes to the
(new) ubuntu1604 build scripts.
refs #10797
10:25 pm Arvados Revision 6b775ec4 (arvados): Merge branch 'master' into 10797-ruby-2.3
refs #10797


06:38 pm Arvados Wiki edit: Versions_arvados_org (#5)
06:36 pm Arvados Wiki edit: Versions_arvados_org (#4)

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