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08:23 PM Arvados Bug #15734 (New): [a-d-c] needs to populate node.json in the container log collection
Node manager drops a file called node.json in the container log collection, with an output like this:...


06:13 PM Arvados Bug #15716 (In Progress): [api] deleting all keep_service records results in 422 error on subsequent request for keep_service list
Following the instructions in the upgrading document, I'm converting 4xphq's keepstores to use config.yml. That is co...
04:48 PM Arvados Revision 7c430b8a (arvados): Add the GOGC=10 environment variable to the Keepstore service file, to make
Keepstore memory use tightly coupled to the number of buffers it is
configured to use.
No issue #


03:48 PM Arvados Bug #15707 (New): [arvados-dispatch-cloud] should not include "on hold" containers in "queued" metrics
On qr1hi, we currently have 26 queued containers according to a-d-c. None are running and the situation hasn't change...


02:31 PM Arvados Bug #15496: [Workbench] Group membership doesn't work on User admin page
This was missed on the 1.4.1 release, the commit commit:431f22982dfee8f4d1c9590b3bce8d36709d5dd9 was not picked onto ...


09:08 PM Arvados Bug #15673 (Resolved): [SDKs][Ruby] Update faraday usage
09:08 PM Arvados Bug #15673: [SDKs][Ruby] Update faraday usage
I have pushed the version with the faraday fix as the arvados-google-api-client gem version


05:44 PM Arvados Revision ddb63a6b (arvados-dev): run-deploy.sh improvements:
* make sure all arv-keepdocker calls include the project id.
* add some extra verbosity before arv-keepdocker call to...
05:06 PM Arvados Revision cf51f337 (arvados-dev): run-deploy.sh fix: be consistent in how we call arv-keepdocker.
No issue #
Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Ward Vandewege <wvandewege@veritasgenetics.com>
02:20 PM Arvados Bug #15660 (New): [doc] update aws spot instance doc page for a-d-c
The page is at https://doc.arvados.org/master/admin/spot-instances.html

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