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02:38 PM Arvados Story #14067 (New): Moving or Copying collections in workbench should have an input uuid field
To move or copy collections around, you need to have the project either Favorited or under your Home. So if its not u...


09:27 PM Arvados Bug #14036 (New): a-n-m spawned a container on the wrong sized node
runtime constraints:
ram ...
01:22 PM Arvados Bug #14026 (New): Error response from daemon: Range of CPUs is from 0.01 to 1.00, as there are only 1 CPUs available


08:34 PM Arvados Bug #14005 (New): arv-copy will not create a new collection if copied within the same project


08:00 PM Arvados Story #13921 (New): Log the entire node lifecycle for a container_request
For billing purposes, we want to know the time between when the node is up and ready to be used and when crunch-run i...


08:11 PM Arvados Bug #13340: links for pdhs on e51c5 on container_requests is not working correctly
workbench command says


03:39 PM Arvados Bug #13772 (New): Rerunning a container_request that has a failed child CR should restart the failed CR
I had a CR that had one running child, one Complete child, and one Failed child. When restarted, the top level workfl...


05:43 PM Arvados Bug #13759: crunchstat-summary Error parsing value
I think this is the version too:...
05:42 PM Arvados Bug #13759 (In Progress): crunchstat-summary Error parsing value
I have a custom script for running crunchstat summary (
05:06 PM Arvados Bug #13758 (New): [Documentation] Full text search filters page

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