Bryan Cosca





02:31 PM Arvados Bug #15650 (New): Superscript element brackets showing in header


02:16 PM Arvados Bug #15503 (New): Display hashes of CWL secrets in workbench
02:15 PM Arvados Story #15502 (New): [API] API call or script to show why jobs didn't reuse
We should have an API call or some tool to show exactly why a job didn't reuse. Give two container requests and show ...


02:44 PM Arvados Bug #15499 (Resolved): job reuse didn't work?
e51c5-xvhdp-8xzb5204f72jbxt should have reused e51c5-xvhdp-cxr3405i56yxqjl
I see in the command all the hashes are...


03:23 PM Arvados Workbench 2 Bug #15011: process-logs page is slow (also missing a timeout?)
Yep, much faster now, thanks!


02:53 PM Arvados Story #15339 (New): ExpressionTool can be explicitly run under a CR
I'd like to explicitly see the output of an ExpressionTool under a container request. For example, I have an Expressi...


07:30 PM Arvados Story #15173 (New): Integrate arvados-tools repository into curoverse repo
A developer should look at and see what's the best way to integrate...


08:11 PM Arvados Workbench 2 Bug #15013 (Closed): Advanced search hardcoded clusters
Under Advanced search and Cluster dropdown there are hardcoded strings Indianapolis, Kaiseraugst, and Penzberg
07:47 PM Arvados Workbench 2 Feature #15012 (New): [WB2] Add /all_processes page
Add a basic panel which uses the same data explorer view as the process page (#15672), but with no owner_uuid or requ...
07:39 PM Arvados Workbench 2 Bug #15011 (Closed): process-logs page is slow (also missing a timeout?)
Inside of a running process, sometimes it displays no logs available. Also refreshing the page takes a long time and ...

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