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09:14 PM Arvados Wiki edit: MyGenome (#3)
08:40 PM Arvados Wiki edit: MyGenome (#2)
08:17 PM Arvados Wiki edit: MyGenome (#1)


09:29 PM Arvados Feature #12980 (New): Add --trash-at flag to arv-put
Be able to set a time to trash a collection after its done uploading
04:03 PM Arvados Feature #12978 (New): Add method uuid() to collections
manifest_locator() shows the uuid of the collection, but may not be obvious to all users. Consider adding the method ...


02:57 PM Arvados Story #12917 (New): Users should be able to see if a CR failed from the CR method
Users should be able to see the exit code or state=[“Queued”, “Locked”, “Running”, “Cancelled” and “Complete”] from t...
02:51 PM Arvados Bug #12916 (New): [Documentation] container_requests methods
For container_requests, I'm referring to the page:


06:57 PM Arvados Bug #12891 (Resolved): [crunch2] log collection not saved for cancelled job
h3. Bug 1
In some cases, after a container is cancelled, the container's @log@ field and the container request's @...


02:39 PM Arvados Bug #12863 (Resolved): [Workbench] Container requests in projects should show status
In the Pipelines and processes page in a project, container requests should show the status [Complete / Running / Fai...


02:33 PM Arvados Bug #12722 (New): docker crunch 2 errors
I think a docker keep mount ...

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