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04:55 PM Arvados Bug #18489: CWL: Intermittent Singularity startup failures
dmesg on one of the nodes during some of these runs:... Joshua Randall
04:39 PM Arvados Bug #18489: CWL: Intermittent Singularity startup failures
I can confirm that with 4 nodes (4 cores each), this minimal reproducer fails with the same error on the same system:... Joshua Randall


04:54 PM Arvados Story #13697: Prevent the API server and database from continuing to serve requests to clients after timeout
I am once again running into problems with API server resource starvation due to long-running requests causing normal... Joshua Randall


02:51 PM Arvados Feature #5778: [FUSE] Support efficient copy at command line
For a limited use-case in which you want to use arv-mount to drive the actual copying (i.e. which file(s) to copy fro... Joshua Randall


03:42 PM Arvados Bug #17741 (New): Golang SDK CollectionFileSystem uses time.Now() as default Last-Modified for all collections identified by portable data hash
We are using the Golang SDK to back endpoints on an http data-server that we use as part of our internal data service... Joshua Randall


12:38 PM Arvados Support #17474 (Resolved): Go Docs broken due to license issue
The link provided by (e.g. on to Go Docs is:
Joshua Randall


10:40 PM Arvados Feature #17112: Store unsigned collection manifests in keep
Peter Amstutz wrote:
> In this scheme, the block contains a manifest which consists of a file which is itself a mani...
Joshua Randall
05:38 PM Arvados Feature #17112 (New): Store unsigned collection manifests in keep
This is a write-up of the manifests-in-keep idea I mentioned on the Arvados community call earlier.
I think that I...
Joshua Randall


12:36 PM Arvados Feature #13642: keepstore backend for ceph librados
Tom - any progress over the past couple years getting the keepstore volume drivers refactored into a run-time loadabl... Joshua Randall


10:39 PM Arvados Bug #13636: crunch-run takes a very long time for CWL steps with large numbers of File inputs - could use a new kind of mounts entry to address this
N.B. that matrix transpose is not a real CWL ExpressionTool but rather a CommandLineTool that we use in place of an e... Joshua Randall

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