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10:51 PM Arvados Task #13509 (In Progress): Review/merge 9918-index-timeout
10:51 PM Arvados Task #13509 (In Progress): Review/merge 9918-index-timeout


07:52 PM Arvados Bug #9918: keep-balance fails with "Malformed index line" error
9918-index-timeout @ commit:012677d2d3fb4571da4a48ea49eae156f28bf6af adds a RequestTimeout config.
This isn't as g...
07:50 PM Arvados Revision 012677d2 (arvados): 9918: Add RequestTimeout config for keep-balance.
Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Tom Clegg <>
07:10 PM Arvados Revision 3f92c706 (arvados): Merge branch '13164-container-deadlock'
refs #13164
Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Tom Clegg <>
06:41 PM Arvados Story #12995: [Workbench] Allow user to add a new Google account to their Arvados account
> A&rarr;B + B&rarr;C = error during login
Can the merge API detect this when B&rarr;C is happening, and flatten t...
06:32 PM Arvados Bug #13164: [API] dispatch sometimes tries to run cancelled containers at the expense of pending containers
13164-container-deadlock @ commit:3b3794c7e0e026a6338165b9e171925e384e6502
* lock both tables during containers#upda...
06:29 PM Arvados Revision 3b3794c7 (arvados): 13164: Lock tables in order when locking a container.
Locking involves assigning auth_uuid, which involves looking up
container requests, so both tables must be locked in ...
06:22 PM Arvados Bug #13500 (In Progress): crunch-dispatch-slurm PG::TRDeadlockDetected: ERROR: deadlock detected
Aside: I suspect the reason these are being cancelled is that the containers#lock API calls failed earlier from deadl...
06:02 PM Arvados Revision 43b2200f (arvados): 13164: Lock tables in order for container updates.
Otherwise, a container update can lock a container row, then perform
container request queries, which can deadlock wi...

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