Jiayong Li





04:03 PM Arvados Bug #15579 (New): Staging a large number of files with "loadListing: no_listing" still takes more than 30 mins
I have a workflow (https://workbench.su92l.arvadosapi.com/container_requests/su92l-xvhdp-isnujmpvrksam2q) that scatte...
03:33 PM Arvados Bug #15499: job reuse didn't work?
I'm running into this on su92l as well. The following three jobs have no difference in their scripts or docker image....


05:34 PM Lightning Task #5054 (Closed): Connect Variant Call File -> FJ to the FJ -> Library pipeline
05:34 PM Lightning Story #5001 (New): Create a API interface to the public tile library including a "beacon"


06:21 PM Lightning Story #5335: [API] [Documentation] Specify how to find the variants in a gene
We do have the bed file indicating which tile position is in which gene for hg19 and grch38.
06:18 PM Lightning Story #5336 (Closed): Specify/Document how to use Lightning for family analysis
06:16 PM Lightning Story #6653 (Closed): Implement ProbabilisticPCA on Tiled Genomes
06:06 PM Lightning Story #7489 (Closed): gVCF/VCF Tyler Implementation
06:00 PM Lightning Story #11673 (New): Extend CGF to include genotyping
05:53 PM Lightning Story #11674 (New): Convert openSNP genotyping data to CGF

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