Sarah Zaranek





05:43 PM Lightning Bug #12245: pasta rotini-fastj does not handle tagset without ending newline
Currently the cwl pipeline using 0.2.6. Need to insure that this fix in all relevant code.


05:08 PM Lightning Task #13915: Review #13756, branch 13756-test-10-harvard-pgp-gff-to-cgf
I will do this before I go on vacation, either today or tomorrow.


04:49 PM Lightning Task #13498 (Resolved): Review #13380, CWL FastJ check
Review is done. Left notes in original ticket. Very small suggestions, feel free to merge.
04:48 PM Lightning Task #13380: fastj checks wf in cwl
Notes on review:
in: cwl-run/
--disable-resuse probably not necessary for running the cwl...


08:19 PM Lightning Story #13336: Implement VCF with BED file conversion to FastJ
I think this has to do this the fact that Abram's branch started before I merged code into the code base. All those ...


05:43 PM Lightning Task #13378 (In Progress): review #13336


09:06 PM Lightning Task #4908 (Closed): Write testing
Closing this out for now.
09:05 PM Lightning Story #5056 (Closed): Lightning deployment plan / Uploading data specifications
Closing this out.
09:05 PM Lightning Story #7296 (Closed): Document Sprite Annotation Server
Closing this out for now.
09:04 PM Lightning Story #7455 (Closed): Update Lightning v0.1 Specifications
Closing this out.

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