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03:28 PM Arvados Epics Story #17002 (New): Arvados Overview Video (Big Picture Video)
Create a ~1 minute or less Big Picture Arvados Video
* What is Arvados, What does it help you do and Why would you u...
03:08 PM Arvados Epics Story #17001 (New): Ensure Processing Whole Genome Sequences Demo Works in WB2 and Is Updated to Reflect WB2 Features
* This includes updating the demo to include WB2 features, updating WB2 to support all the demo steps (parity) and al...


01:45 PM Arvados Task #16621 (Resolved): Add Playground Rules to login page
Not sure if is a clickthrough - but initial screen users read need to add playground rules about accounts being delet...
01:40 PM Arvados Task #16620: Convert Arvados Tutorial to Format Appropriate to Documentation
Want to merge Arvados Tutorial into documentation so need to convert to appropriate format.
01:39 PM Arvados Task #16620 (New): Convert Arvados Tutorial to Format Appropriate to Documentation
01:38 PM Arvados Task #16619 (Resolved): Rewrite Letter for News Users for Arvados Playground and Move to MailChimp
New to revamp the letters for New Users for Arvados Playground and move to configuration file.
01:36 PM Arvados Task #16618 (Resolved): Make Tutorial More Visible From Arvados Desktop for Arvados Playground
Talk about having it visible as a default Project, Available in the list of public workflow (I think that happens by ...
01:32 PM Arvados Task #16617 (New): Improve arv-copy for workflows
Arv-copy doesn't handle associated containers, collections, logs with workflows well. This story is to improve that....


04:57 PM Arvados Task #16555: Create Walkthrough document for using tutorial workflow on playground
Working on it here:


12:45 AM Arvados Task #15997: Review
In the works --
DONE -- 2. Fixed for 1 file and will work on replacing it with InlineJavascriptRequirement: {} today...

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