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03:16 PM Arvados Task #19405 (Resolved): Review Page Text
Sarah Zaranek


02:20 PM Arvados Story #20063 (New): Subprocesses lag when loading process page
Subprocesses log when loading process page in WB2 so it looks like there are no subprocesses at first. Sarah Zaranek
01:52 PM Arvados Story #20062: WB2 Landing Page
Possibly could list:
Longing running
The most minimalistic information but doesn’t explain wf run...
Sarah Zaranek
01:51 PM Arvados Story #20062 (New): WB2 Landing Page
WB1 wasn’t able to use the landing page that w/them existing cluster
More dynamic opening menu – get information ab...
Sarah Zaranek
01:46 PM Arvados Task #20061 (New): Process page -- update timing information
For process page – interested in seeing state, timing information (is a little confusing) , timing info and outputs Sarah Zaranek
01:44 PM Arvados Bug #20000: Cancel button missing in "Queued" state
This is also related to this ticket:
Sarah Zaranek
01:40 PM Arvados Story #20060 (New): Table Grouping for Project Page
Ability to group by
* Type
* Workflow
* Owner
Customer requested.
See example attached from
Sarah Zaranek
01:34 PM Arvados Story #20059 (New): Redesign Register Workflow Panel
For working with registered workflows
Notes from customer session:
Panel with information bad use of space
Sarah Zaranek
01:30 PM Arvados Feature #20058 (New): Easier presentation of search results
- Ability to do table grouping with results searching
- Rules for showing folders to make it less overwhelming (beyo...
Sarah Zaranek
01:23 PM Arvados Feature #20031: New collection file browser copy/move operations
Also this is the user stories I wrote with the list:
Sarah Zaranek

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