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04:18 PM Arvados Task #13084 (In Progress): Review 12707-storage-classes-columns
04:18 PM Arvados Story #12707: [API] Add columns for desired/actual storage classes for each collection
Updates at commit:a9cc40fb09724af92bff78ef560011b480232b25
Test run:


09:12 PM Arvados Feature #13109: Support collection versions
* Collections could have a flag that activates a copy-on-write behavior, maybe with a configurable default value.
* ...
05:58 PM Arvados Feature #11645: [keepstore] Add "StorageClasses" field to volume config
Test run successful:
04:55 PM Arvados Bug #13106: [SDK] API errors in Python keepclient don't reset cache slot
Just one question: Do you think it would be convenient to add a comment on the test pointing to the bug so t...


04:34 PM Arvados Bug #13105 (New): Missing federation config makes the multi-site search's session manager fail to log in
It seems that if API's @remote_hosts@ configuration is not declared on the config file, the discovery document doesn'...


04:37 PM Arvados Bug #13090: [CWL] Pass through --eval-timeout to runner container
Test run successful
This LGTM, thanks.


06:06 PM Arvados Bug #13063: [keepstore] update azure-sdk-for-go library
This lgtm, thanks.
Test run:
04:40 PM Arvados Story #12707 (In Progress): [API] Add columns for desired/actual storage classes for each collection
04:32 PM Arvados Story #11454: Support federated search across a set of Arvados clusters
Test run successful:

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