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07:49 pm Arvados Story #4442 (Resolved): [API] [Workbench] Site-wide regex searching
Full text search meets the bulk of this need.
06:39 pm Arvados Story #12032 (New): Allow projects to be deleted (ie placed in the trash can)
As a user, I would like deleted projects to be placed in the Trash rather than cluttering my Home project and when th...


09:24 pm Arvados Bug #12026 (New): crunchstat-summary gives invalid min_cores recommendation
This recommendation doesn't make sense from a couple of points of view:
### Summary for cwl-runner (su92l-8i9sb-ll...


10:13 pm Arvados Bug #4409 (New): [Workbench] Want to remove projects from Home
Re-opening. The current behavior is just plain silly.
09:09 pm Arvados Feature #12018 (New): Synchronize group membership with external data source
As a user in a corporate environment, I want to be able to synchronize the users in my Arvados groups with my corpora...
08:56 pm Arvados Feature #12017 (New): Windows file system driver for Keep (arv-mount equiv)
As a user who wants to be able to run mass spectrometry software on data stored in Keep, I'd like to have a Windows f...
08:45 pm Arvados Story #9264 (Rejected): [Keep] Cross-compile Keepstore for Windows
Since we've already got an Azure blob storage solution, I don't see the need for this.


07:52 pm Arvados Task #12005 (New): Review
07:51 pm Arvados Task #12003 (New): Review
07:50 pm Arvados Task #12001 (New): Review

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