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06:08 am Arvados Story #11308 (New): Support Python3 for arvados-python-client & command line utilities
Python 3 has been available for many years and the Python 2/3 migration is reaching its final stages. All Arvados Pyt...


06:28 am Arvados Bug #11296 (New): [arv-put] bad progress indicator
/usr/bin/arv-put 0.1.20170309224426
The progress indicator for my upload currently looks like:
$ time arv-put -...


04:52 am Arvados Bug #11278 (New): Trailing space on string pasted into search box should not cause "Oops request ...
String was "170302-e00504-0041-bhh5ytalxx "
Deleting the trailing space causes this search to work


11:13 pm Arvados Task #3718 (Closed): Hash out desired API with science team
11:13 pm Arvados Task #3957 (Closed): crunch-job uses num_retries support in Perl SDK
11:12 pm Arvados Task #3956 (Closed): Add num_retries arguments throughout Perl SDK
11:12 pm Arvados Task #3060 (Closed): List of shared folders should say who owns each one (or description)
11:12 pm Arvados Task #3058 (Closed): Suggest "what to do next" when viewing a new/empty folder
11:12 pm Arvados Task #2645 (Closed): Generate "ready to ingest" message on the event bus
11:12 pm Arvados Task #2633 (Closed): Implement TLS support internally

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