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03:00 PM Arvados Story #15382 (New): Synthetic database generator tool
For testing at scale without the need for actual customer data, it would be desirable to be able to generate test dat...
01:56 PM Arvados Story #15380 (New): Document that @@ is deprecated (and doesn't index all filenames)


09:48 PM Arvados Bug #15358: [cwl] CWL conformance test formattest2 fails with C locale
Peter Amstutz wrote:
> This might just be an upstream conformance test fix to the XML file to declare the correct en...


06:11 PM Arvados Bug #15358 (New): [cwl] CWL conformance test formattest2 fails with C locale
When LANG=C instead of a UTF-8 locale like en_US.UTF-8, the CWL conformance test, v1.0/formattest2.cwl, fails with an...
02:54 PM Arvados Story #15356 (New): [Composer] Use cluster config
Fetch the safe clusterwide config to bootstrap the app. Update app to expect clusterwide config.
Composer should g...


06:00 PM Arvados Story #15292 (New): Compute and store per-file checksums
There are many cases where users want to be able to communicate and/or verify checksums for files, so it would be use...


02:32 PM Arvados Feature #15204 (New): Federation diagnostic tools/APIs


05:33 PM Arvados Bug #15036 (Duplicate): [Crunch2] Idle/busy node count not accurate if crunch1 not running
02:06 PM Arvados Workbench 2 Bug #15260 (New): Link container UUIDs from details panel
Options are to:
* link to container request page
* link to container page (doesn't currently exist)
02:00 PM Arvados Story #15259 (New): Invalidate tokens federation-wide on when invalidated on home cluster

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