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08:31 pm Arvados Story #12289 (New): Migrate to Slurm API
Currently nodemanager parses the output of Slurm command line utilities to get the information that it needs. This is...
07:12 pm Arvados Story #12288 (New): Status endpoint aggregator
Similar to #12260 which aggregates health checks for a cluster, we may want to also aggregate the results returned by...


08:55 pm Arvados Bug #12268 (New): Update to standard libcloud 2.x
We want to stop using a private fork of libcloud, but we need the regression in the current version fixed and release...
08:53 pm Arvados Story #8999 (Closed): [node manager] Upgrade to libcloud 2.0
08:29 pm Arvados Feature #12260 (New): Healthcheck endpoint aggregator
08:18 pm Arvados Story #10537 (Duplicate): [Workbench] Add support for Trash Bin
03:28 pm Arvados Story #12197: Add PDH column and filter to trash display
Looks pretty good. Let's get rid of the trash: and delete: labels since they just make the alignment even more ragged...
12:01 am Arvados Bug #12246: Better crunch-run error when command not found
At a minimum, the error message should include a quoted & escape version of the program that it is attempting to run ...


07:25 pm Arvados Story #12239 (New): Allow templating of the collection sharing web page
As a system administrator for a cluster with custom branding, I would like to use templating on the collection sharin...


06:51 pm Arvados Story #12197: Add PDH column and filter to trash display
As we discussed during grooming, let's go with the approach of stacking the two dates to free up space for the PDH. I...

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