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08:47 pm Arvados Feature #12018: Synchronize group membership with external data source
Where is this tool packaged? Documented?
As an aside, it's too late now, but when did we switch from using Python ...
08:19 pm Arvados Task #12643 (New): Review


11:43 pm Arvados Feature #12483: [keep-web] writable webdav
re: Note-12/13
If manifest "loading" is code for parsing entire text-based manifests which are 10s or 100s of MB e...


08:08 pm Arvados Story #12574 (New): [API] Propagate priority of parent container to children
Propagate from the requesting container to children.
A committed container request's priority should be no less th...
08:07 pm Arvados Bug #12573 (In Progress): Priority is ignored in Crunch2
As a workflow submitter, I would like to be able to set the priority on a workflow and have it influence the scheduli...
07:37 pm Arvados Story #12571 (New): arv-mount by_tag directory support for properties
With the move from the links to properties for tags we need to figure out what needs to be done with th...


06:21 pm Arvados Bug #12558 (New): [Workbench] Bad dashboard time formatting - 60m == 1h
I saw this on the workbench dashboard:...
06:13 pm Arvados Bug #12306 (In Progress): [arv-mount] --unmount should work on an unresponsive mount


04:20 pm Arvados Bug #11625: [Workbench] Ensure that running processes are visible on the dashboard
The original change described in this ticket sounds like a regression. What story was that associated with?


04:00 pm Arvados Bug #12552 (New): Job scheduler should prioritize based on time workflow is submitted
Currently I believe that job prioritization is done based on priority followed by job creation time.

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