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07:21 pm Arvados Task #11761 (New): Review
05:39 am Arvados Feature #11745 (New): Support structured markup for datasets


06:54 pm Arvados Story #11742 (New): [API Server] Support for pulling Docker images and uploading them to Keep
06:47 pm Arvados Story #11741 (New): [Crunch2] Create workflow object for CWL runs which are initiated from the co...
When submitting a workflow on the command line, CWL runner should create a corresponding Workflow record for the job ...
06:27 pm Arvados Story #11740 (New): Support display & reseting of expiration dates for collections


06:37 pm Arvados Story #9587: [Workbench] Interface to list and untrash trashed collections
This is conflating two different things - 1) something which has been deleted/trashed and 2) something which is expir...


07:24 pm Arvados Bug #11470: [API] container_requests#update alternately responds 422 or 404 for no apparent reason
To be reviewed after Roche upgrade
06:19 am Arvados Bug #11652 (New): [Workbench] Search should search subprojects as well as selected project - to b...
Customer request:
Is it possible to change behaviour of the search in the following way: selection of project will...
06:16 am Arvados Bug #4921: [Workbench] In search dialog, the preview panel on right should get cleared when the s...
Still a bug
06:10 am Arvados Bug #10706 (Duplicate): PostgreSQL error when searching

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