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07:29 PM Arvados Story #13112 (New): Provide a mechanism to store "secrets" securely
There needs to be a way to store credentials and other secrets securely for use by crunch containers. See note-2 for...
06:49 PM Arvados Task #13111 (New): [WebDAV] Support browsing of project hierarchies
Expose tree of project/collection names, e.g., keep-web-host/home/projectname/collectionname/foo.txt
06:47 PM Arvados Story #13110 (New): [WebDAV] Cleanup writable WebDAV loose ends
* Expose tree of project/collection names, e.g., keep-web-host/h...
06:40 PM Arvados Feature #13109 (New): Support collection versions
For some types of collections, particularly things like reference data, it is desirable to keep old versions around i...


09:07 PM Arvados Bug #13094 (New): Fix misleading crunch file upload messages
These messages apparently mean "skipping upload", but it'd be better to say that explicitly rather than saying "uploa...


09:01 PM Arvados Task #13088 (New): Review
08:32 PM Arvados Story #8327 (Rejected): [Deployment] Update Rails package dependencies
This is too old. If it comes up as a problem in the future, we'll address it then.
08:15 PM Arvados Story #13080 (New): Provider users the ability to do entire workflow building process through the web interface


10:05 PM Arvados Task #13051 (New): Spike - Investigate/prototype AWS spot instance support in libcloud
Based on some cursory investigation we'd like to pursue integration of AWS spot instance support into Apache libcloud...
07:08 PM Arvados Story #7478: [Node Manager] Creates compute nodes using AWS spot instances
Although there's not support in libcloud, it is available in boto, which might be another option: http://boto.cloudha...

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