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06:49 pm Arvados Story #11545 (New): Create a CWL stress test for node manager
We'd like to have a a stress test with high fanout (~100 nodes?) which creates a lot of node manager work.


08:46 pm Arvados Story #11524 (New): Implement disk usage reporting for the administrator
The current report is no longer updated by the backend job that used to do it, so we need something to replace this. ...
08:34 pm Arvados Bug #11523 (New): User activity page takes too long to load
This page takes 25 seconds to load, even on a relatively new cluster with few users. On it takes ...
08:32 pm Arvados Bug #11522 (New): Remove storage report page until it is fixed
There is a link on the admin page to
05:44 pm Arvados Bug #11520 (New): "arv collection list" command parsing allows invalid lines
This command:...
05:38 pm Arvados Bug #11519 (New): arv-get should abort on ctrl/C
1423 MiB / 43967 MiB 3.2%^CTraceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/tfmorris/venv/local/lib/python2.7/site-p...


06:48 pm Arvados Story #9582 (Resolved): [Workbench] Don't display trashed collections in regular collection listings
The API server automatically filters out trashed collections, so this is effectively done.


07:41 pm Arvados Story #11450: [Crunch2][Workbench] Improve formatting of /workflow page
Using the same icons as the crunch1 equivalents sounds like the right call to me.


08:13 pm Arvados Task #11485 (Closed): Review
08:05 pm Arvados Bug #4124: [Crunch] Socket timed out on send/recv operation causes pipeline failure
The instances found in the production logs are a year old, so marking this as obsolete/closed.

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