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04:34 PM Arvados Task #15913 (Resolved): Review


03:32 PM Arvados Bug #15902 (In Progress): Very slow query for large workflows
A customer reports that the query below takes 32 seconds for a ~3,000 container workflow:
duration: 32570.970 ms ...


06:14 PM Arvados Story #4201 (Rejected): [Tests] Run a public pipeline in the diagnostics suite
03:46 PM Arvados Story #15885 (New): Integrate status dashboard
There are a number of open source dashboards like :
It's also po...
03:32 PM Arvados Story #15883 (New): Support LDAP logins
As a system administrator, I'd like to continue to be able to support LDAP logins without having to use the SSO serve...
03:12 PM Arvados Story #15880 (New): Deprecate hosted git service
With the retirement of Crunch 1, the built-in git hosting isn't really needed anymore.
03:01 PM Arvados Story #15879 (New): Out of the box routing (NGINX) standard as part of basic install
03:00 PM Arvados Bug #8683 (Rejected): [Docs/Deployment] MUNGE, Nginx, PostgreSQL services don't start on boot on CentOS 6
Centos 6 is no longer supported.


06:52 PM Arvados Story #15573 (Resolved): [API] Deprecate the @@ list method filter
Applied in changeset commit:arvados|3994322d0ae878ac0055d542157f01b09e3a2860.
06:37 PM Arvados Revision 3994322d (arvados): Merge branch '15573-deprecate-atat-filter'
Fixes #15573
Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Tom Morris <

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