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11:04 am Arvados Revision 7825bb39 (arvados-dev): Add stretch to freight
refs #11572
Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Javier Bértoli <jbertoli@veritasgenetics.com>


05:53 pm Arvados Revision 12b7c5ad (arvados-dev): Remove obsolete script, add dependencies for cwl tests.
refs #12157


04:34 pm Arvados Revision b0ba702e (arvados-dev): Move centos repo dir to dev default.
refs #11878
03:38 pm Arvados Revision 04afb73c (arvados-dev): Revert Centos repositories changes. They will be modified later.
refs #11572
Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Javier Bértoli <javier@curoverse.com>


06:16 pm Arvados Revision 8ff4672d (arvados-dev): Rename repositories to separate stable/dev
refs #11572


03:20 pm Arvados Story #8326 (Resolved): [Docs] arvados Red Hat repo definition includes gpgkey
03:16 pm Arvados Revision e4cb5451 (arvados): Merge branch '8326-add-centos-repo-gpg-key'
closes #8326
10:51 am Arvados Task #11877 (Resolved): Review #8326, arvados branch 8326-add-centos-repo-gpg-key
Updated documentation: commit b7cf3197e@arvados, branch 8326-add-centos-repo-gpg-key
10:49 am Arvados Story #8326 (Feedback): [Docs] arvados Red Hat repo definition includes gpgkey
* Added key to the repository http://rpm.arvados.org/CentOS/RPM-GPG-KEY-curoverse
* Updated documentation: commit b7...
10:41 am Arvados Revision b7cf3197 (arvados): Add RPM repository GPG key and modify CentOS information accordingly
refs #8326

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