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01:41 pm Arvados Story #10112 (In Progress): [Crunch2][Workbench]workflow#show page (similar to pipeline_template#...


10:51 pm Arvados Feature #8019: [Crunch2] Throttle logs
Peter: Addressed all your comments at commit:c5c09df, except "ThrottledLogger.Write should check crunchLogBytesPerEve...
10:41 pm Arvados Task #11381 (In Progress): Review 10111-cr-provenance-graph
10:41 pm Arvados Story #10111: [Workbench][Crunch2] Provenance graph for Container Request
The graph is looking pretty good. A few observations:
* As we discussed, I think we should only use input collecti...
08:43 pm Arvados Revision c5c09df3 (arvados): 8019: load log throttling config params during NewContainerRunner
07:05 pm Arvados Revision 455f862a (arvados): 8019: rateLimit method signature
06:08 pm Arvados Revision 8622b46a (arvados): Merge branch 'master' into 8019-crunchrun-log-throttle
06:06 pm Arvados Revision 4344941f (arvados): 8019: load rate limiting config parameters from discovery document o...
02:17 pm Arvados Story #10111: [Workbench][Crunch2] Provenance graph for Container Request
For a CR -> Use Inputs from Mounts + output uuid + log uuid as the nodes
And then need to get all child CRs for t...


09:36 pm Arvados Feature #8019: [Crunch2] Throttle logs
8019-crunchrun-log-throttle branch at commit:9dabca0eedbc9f842d542fea3463a441140d590c

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