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05:03 PM Arvados Task #19800 (In Progress): Review 19791-python-api-overview
Brett Smith
04:56 PM Arvados Revision 2168b29d (arvados): 19791: Expand Python SDK examples into API client overview
This change takes the skeleton of the existing examples page and expands
it into a fuller overview of the API client ...
Brett Smith
02:37 PM Arvados Bug #19815 (New): Common method arguments are undocumented in the API reference
Ones I've found so far:
* @ensure_unique_name@ is rarely documented for @create@ and @update@.
* The @list@ argum...
Brett Smith


05:55 PM Arvados Task #19811 (New): Review
Brett Smith
05:55 PM Arvados Task #19810 (New): Review
Brett Smith


01:59 PM Arvados Bug #19795 (New): API discovery document uses unrecognized type names
google-api-python-client uses the discovery document to generate docstrings for its methods. In particular, it docume... Brett Smith
01:50 PM Arvados Story #18797 (Resolved): Flesh out python sdk documentation in docstrings & ensure good presentation in pydoc
Brett Smith
01:49 PM Arvados Task #19725 (Resolved): group review
This was discussed during the engineering meeting on 2022-11-18. Brett Smith


10:27 PM Arvados Story #18799: Strategy to tie the Python SDK to the API docs
One possible implemention: google-api-python-client already generates docstrings for API methods, based on informatio... Brett Smith
09:00 PM Arvados Revision 2b7d05cd (arvados): Merge branch '18797-retry-docstrings'.
Refs #18797. Closes #19788.
Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Brett Smith <>
Brett Smith

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