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06:51 PM Arvados Support #20874: Ensure that we continue to use open source versions of Terraform & Packer
We should consider bumping this because we're using an EOL'ed version of Terraform already. A lot of our fi... Brett Smith
04:25 PM Arvados Task #21519 (In Progress): Review 21494-sdk-doc-build
Brett Smith
04:25 PM Arvados Story #21494: Get Java and R SDKs out of the critical path of main branch builds
21494-sdk-doc-build @ commit:f3081db313f5b99ec40e41e279f6ce2bbf156fca - Brett Smith
04:14 PM Arvados Revision f3081db3 (arvados): 21494: Let documentation build specify what SDKs should be included
This is to support Jenkins. It also lets us ensure that we actually
build the documentation we intend, and avoid situ...
Brett Smith
04:04 PM Arvados Revision ba8101bf (arvados): 21494: Document build requirements for all SDK documentation
Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Brett Smith <> Brett Smith
04:01 PM Arvados Revision 1b0c21cc (arvados): 21494: Refine Python SDK documentation requirements
Installing `python3-pip` is unnecessary, it'll be in the virtualenv.
Explicitly install setuptools as PEP 517/518 fu...
Brett Smith
03:32 PM Arvados Revision 2c52a2e8 (arvados): 21494: Improve error if pdoc is not available
Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Brett Smith <> Brett Smith
02:56 PM Arvados Task #21518: Rig up a Jenkins test job
This is blocked on #21383. Our current version of Salt doesn't run on Python 3.10 on Ubuntu 22.04. Brett Smith


04:24 PM Arvados Story #21378: CWL workflow to transfer data from Keep to S3
Peter Amstutz wrote in #note-15:
Brett Smith


02:41 PM Arvados Story #21532 (New): S3 download workflow supports downloading from public buckets
This requires passing @--no-sign-request@ instead of credentials. See "this aws-cli PR": Brett Smith

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