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02:34 PM Arvados Story #20258 (New): "Live" log view should show users the most recent logs, wherever those are
#20200 added a limit where the controller will return 503 to log create requests if they start taking up too much of ... Brett Smith
01:21 PM Arvados Task #20189 (Resolved): Review 19967-crunch-run-cost-updates
Brett Smith


03:50 PM Arvados Bug #19967 (Resolved): crunch-run periodically updates container cost
Applied in changeset commit:arvados|771852c25cba5d8da9de56f3503ae0606d817c8c. Brett Smith
03:43 PM Arvados Story #20250: Simple read-only S3 endpoint
Peter Amstutz wrote in #note-2:
> I *think* all you need is a token scoped to "GET /" will limit you to read-only ac...
Brett Smith
03:14 PM Arvados Revision 771852c2 (arvados): Merge branch '19967-crunch-run-cost-updates'
Closes #19967.
Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Brett Smith <>
Brett Smith
01:35 PM Arvados Story #20248: Support simple math expressions in Containers.LSF.BsubArgumentsList
Misunderstood the original request, looks like we already support that, assuming you set @-M@ in @BsubArgumentsList@.... Brett Smith


08:27 PM Arvados Bug #19967 (In Progress): crunch-run periodically updates container cost
Tom Clegg wrote in #note-8:
> *Part 2* is to have crunch-run periodically update the price while the container is ru...
Brett Smith
08:26 PM Arvados Task #20189 (In Progress): Review 19967-crunch-run-cost-updates
Brett Smith
08:21 PM Arvados Bug #20252 (In Progress): Subprocesses pane forgets your place if you refresh
Steps to reproduce:
# Open a process with many subprocesses
# In the subprocess pane, use the arrow to page forwa...
Brett Smith
07:52 PM Arvados Revision d1dcb64a (arvados): 19967: Update container cost when crunch-run receives SIGUSR2
The Crunch dispatcher sends this signal periodically, so this provides
regular cost updates for running containers.
Brett Smith

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