Feature #19885

Updated by Peter Amstutz over 1 year ago

When the window is too narrow to show even just the breadcrumb icons, the breadcrumbs in the middle should collapse into an ellipse item. It should start with the middle or middle 2 breadcrumb items then include the next adjacent from the middle items as the window shrinks. 


 TBD: Should the collapsed items be interactive / have any UI to show the missing items?: 


 h3. Additional breadcrumbs feedback 

 * At one point this was spilling over to multiple lines, but then we stopped doing that.    Should we start doing that again?    It starts to feel crowded crammed on a single line with even only 3-4 items. 
 * Some uses have workflows that launch other workflows, so they actually have multiple levels of nesting, but it only shows the last 2 levels and not all 4 levels that are actually there.