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03:06 pm Arvados Feature #8333: [SDKs] `arv keep docker` supports `repo:tag` image name scheme
Jeff Jasper from q^2 bumped into this problem. Can we fix this?


02:22 pm Arvados Task #12066 (Resolved): Review 12055-nodemanager-ec2-tags


04:13 pm Arvados Bug #9223 (In Progress): [Node manager] Uses huge amount of RAM on AWS
resolved in #12163
04:10 pm Arvados Bug #12212 (Resolved): [arvados-node-manager] Instance-profile ARN request


03:22 pm Arvados Bug #12212 (Resolved): [arvados-node-manager] Instance-profile ARN request
When creating a instance, is good to have the option of an instance-profile ARN so some policies con be applied ( for...
03:15 pm Arvados Bug #12055: [node manager] ec2 set tags on create
review @ commit:b13876638cf57b400bd59513a0a1811b3d2993a1

we have to be able to package the libcloud and check ...


07:40 pm Arvados Story #4305: [Node Manager] Investigate and try to address RAM use
see #12163
05:32 pm Arvados Feature #12167 (New): [SDKs] [API] [keepstore] [keepproxy] Facilitate request tracing for arv-put
h2. Background
When an arv-put process is slow or broken, it is useful to grep logs for related server-side activi...


07:09 pm Arvados Bug #6651: "This website is under heavy load" error makes a parsing error
this is a duplicate


09:53 pm Arvados Story #11167: [Workbench] Remove arv-get file download fallback
"workbench should refuse start if keep-web is not configured" <- that's a bad idea. we have all sort of restarts and...

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