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02:55 pm Arvados Revision fe446e10 (arvados): updated documentation about the docker 1.9 migration process
refs #11305
02:12 pm Arvados Feature #7709: [API] Upgrade API server to Rails 4.2
some extra info:
we should do 4.2.5 because of Ubuntu16's defau...


06:20 pm Arvados Feature #10766: [Docs] [arvados-ws] make the arvados-ws documentation official, remove all mentio...
review commit:e8cc0d73309236d6efc243371969f83808e42d30
some c&p issues I mention Tom
the documentation is fairl...
05:10 pm Arvados Task #11311 (Resolved): Review 11221-always-restart-services
05:10 pm Arvados Bug #11221: [systemd] Always restart exited services, even after 3 startup failures
review at commit:273a233818ae39e843fab0276f9e381da6645d28
Ready to merge
04:48 pm Arvados Task #11311 (In Progress): Review 11221-always-restart-services


05:31 pm Arvados Revision 6498c775 (arvados): 11305: expanded documentation for docker migration
refs #11305


01:31 pm Arvados Bug #11071: [Workbench] qr1hi performance tests are broken
I updated the table above:...


01:57 pm Arvados Bug #11283 (New): duplicate key value violates unique constraint "index_nodes_on_slot_number"
this is part of a 2.6G log file: ...


07:43 pm Arvados Feature #11255: [Crunchv2] Option to use host networking for containers
summon Nico before discussing implementing

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