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07:29 PM Arvados Task #17652 (In Progress): Review 17651-sso-deprecated,
07:28 PM Arvados Bug #17651: [documentation] move SSO to a deprecated state in the documentation
commit:0b2e597b99b2094fd84a8cd9f439a2fb586d3585 17651-sso-deprecated
06:11 PM Arvados Bug #17651 (In Progress): [documentation] move SSO to a deprecated state in the documentation
Currently has SSO in the description
we should duplicate this page an...


08:02 PM Arvados Story #17296: Singularity proof of concept
e587495bf 17296-singularity-take2


01:57 PM Arvados Bug #17507: [keep-web] [s3] Implement NextContinuationToken per ListObjectsV2 API
review @ commit:c2d2234ce0da91881fc63459a30c5efcfbe29a26
Not much to object here, TestS3ListObjectsV2EncodingTypeU...


08:12 PM Arvados Task #17567 (Resolved): Review 17566-max-request-size
08:12 PM Arvados Bug #17204: [keep-web] Avoid red-herring error log on 304 Not Modified responses
review @ commit:17a35d4e667e2c38b5c00c174bd9a76e784ebaef
07:53 PM Arvados Bug #17566: [controller] Request body size incorrectly limited to 10M when content-type is x-www-form-urlencoded
Good points.
I think is Ready to merge.
03:37 PM Arvados Task #17571 (In Progress): review #17570 remove extra example Vagrantfile
03:08 PM Arvados Bug #17570: [deployment][salt] remove extra example Vagrantfile
review @ commit:69b739e3428907392746f91fd14e77a94bb4a8ce 17570-remove-extra-example-agrantfile
I notice this add i...

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