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08:03 PM Arvados Bug #13804: [Node manager] Cancel shutdowns when there is a wishlist for same size nodes
this is a node detected as down: ...


05:41 PM Arvados Bug #13767: ReserveExtraRam missing from c-d-s install docs
review @ commit:951c8a79bca7224fdf8c50463d0c9a60b43ce930
If there is a default value is good to know (if it's zer...
05:35 PM Arvados Bug #13690: [Composer] Document install & use of Composer
review at commit:8ae6680ebae91af9b0aafd6c9cfe5e5fb97f8b12


08:55 PM Arvados Wiki edit: Installing_controller_service (#5)


05:01 PM Arvados Bug #13649: c-d-s doesn't request a preemptible instance when it should
review at commit:e9e440847c574d1152b128cfd508cf473f49121b
the phrase
"If attempting to use this feature with an ...


07:28 PM Arvados Bug #13668 (Resolved): [VERSION] add a human readable version as Default
after #13667 is done /var/www/arvados-api/current/package-build.version will be available
making simple changes ...
06:55 PM Arvados Bug #13543: [Workbench][API Server] Version reporting broken
Tom Clegg wrote:
> qr1hi configuration (/etc/arvados/api/application.yml) has
> [...]
> This probably work...
02:35 PM Arvados Bug #13644 (New): [STORAGE-CLASES] Report the storage classes used by a pipeline
Storage classes are being implemented.
Pipeline will use inputs with several storage classes and will be good to ...


10:42 PM Arvados Story #13579: Document storage classes for sysadmin
added commit:d9c1f53cd 13579-keepstore-config-doc for Peter to improve.
10:40 PM Arvados Revision d9c1f53c (arvados): 13579: Admin documentation setting up Azure resources
Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Nico Cesar <>

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