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05:45 pm Arvados Bug #12593: Unable to resolve localhost in GATK4 log4j setup
I see that the current version of log4j does a try/catch on that particular line (look like android devices fail too)...


09:01 pm Arvados Bug #12510 (New): [API] Don't create an index if it exists already. Will break install if we manu...
if the index is already there, we should have some logic to avoid the upgrade of the package to fail. also in postgre...


08:12 pm Arvados Bug #12199: Don't schedule jobs on nodes which are bigger than requested
I think we need a configuration that matches arvados-node-manager available sizes. this should be a centralized confi...


09:35 pm Arvados Feature #10666: All Arvados components should report their version
is hard to tell from *the logs* if deploys are using the correct version


08:00 pm Arvados Bug #9279: [Ops] Create an "arvados" provider for terraform
Switching to Arvados Project because there is no sensitive information and is a good thing to share


02:24 pm Arvados Revision 2838bf45 (arvados-dev): Merge branch '11878-separate-centos-repositories'
refs #11878
Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Nico Cesar <>


07:21 pm Arvados Bug #12390 (New): [OPS][keepstore][puppet] migrate all keepstores configuration to systemd unit +...
acceptance criteria
* create config file for keepstore (default location: /etc/arvados/keepstore/keepstore.yml mak...


05:42 pm Arvados Story #12383: [Nodemanager] Explicit node record states
checkout commit:dc060ea2f05e3266562c449fff39b3e867041f84
we have .dot files to play with. I added some pngs attach...
05:40 pm Arvados Revision dc060ea2 (arvados): initial diagrams to discuss
refs #12383


03:06 pm Arvados Feature #8333: [SDKs] `arv keep docker` supports `repo:tag` image name scheme
Jeff Jasper from q^2 bumped into this problem. Can we fix this?

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