Idea #20688

Updated by Peter Amstutz 8 months ago

No more "Workbench 1" and "Workbench 2" distinction, now there is only "Workbench" 
 * Assumes Workbench 1 is fully retired and no longer available 
 * Workbench2 domain should continue to work since things may now link to it 

 Nginx rewrites paths destined for Workbench 1 and automatically redirects user to equivalent location in Workbench 2 
 * Identify "potentially bookmarked URLs" (not every single possible route but things the user might have copied and pasted or otherwise saved). 
 * Need to go through the routes.rb in Workbench1 and make a list 
 * Look at all the things the "/actions?uuid=..." Workbench 1 endpoint does and make sure those redirects work? 
 * Redirects to keep that include Workbench in the link, e.g. /collections/PDH/file-in-collection.txt 

 Remove the "Go to Workbench 1" link on Workbench 2