Feature #14199

Updated by Peter Amstutz 12 months ago

API to instruct keepstore to fetch a remote block, save it, and return signed locator (variation on "proxy a block read request" with the added feature of saving the block).

Proposed API:

Add "X-Locator-Keep: true"
(Is this implies the block will be retained triggered by keepstore. a query flag? Basically an explicit "cache block" operation)

The response includes the header "X-Keep-Locator: abc+123+Aabc" Proposed API:

Do a HEAD request (equivalent to the GET request) on remote signed locator and look for a response header that has a new locator with local block signature.

This header should be called "X-Keep-Locator" (?).

All keepstore GET and HEAD responses for block requests should support include this new header/response header.